A Year Without You

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Dedicated in memory of my mother, Laurie. You are still my favorite writer.

Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



A Year Without You


At first, I wanted to collapse

Or cry, perhaps

But I stood as a skyscraper

For those around me


Hid the fact that the loss of you

Created a bullet wound

Although now everyone can see right through me


I notice leaves fall

Time passes slowly

I stood still although

I felt my body moving constantly


I am the definition of loneliness

I depend on glimpses of the past in my memories

I can only know you through your old, unfinished writings

Snow wraps my body in the cold that my heart felt this past fall


Forced to leave you behind

Until now I would pretend

that you were on a trip or lost maybe

Forced to acknowledge that you're gone indefinitely


Refill my heart with love

It leaks out through the cracks

I tried to fix with glitter glue


I broke one of my final promises to you

Spring passes in one quick wave

10 years ago you promised I wouldn't be here

I stand like a soldier - tall and brave

As my world continuously concaves


I act my age

Making happy not-so mistakes

Knowing all I wish I could do is tell you what I've been up to

Just like that, my sunshine is taken away


I visit where you were last laid

My final promised finally fufilled

The breeze is a welcoming embrace

A sign that says, "I've been waiting for you."


Am I allowed?

To take what you taught

Create something to make you proud

Keep my head high and live the rest of my life

© Copyright 2019 Jessica Emery. All rights reserved.

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