The Magic of Angels

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



My heart pounced into my chest all over again when the eyes of the two beautiful angels met, And Heaven sang through the clouds, Into the winds whispers down to me.

I watched thier glazes of eternal ecstasy to feel an all over kind of happy, They were afloat six feet above me, I tried to look other where but my eyes were destined to see, They joined hands, And twisted, And twirled, And circled.

They became one, One tornado, Bright, silver, and rapid, With thier hands still tied.

Light and air flew out of thier swirling twister, But they never moved.

I stood there, Just watching, Its what my spirit wanted to do, A feeling new never known, A feeling of knowledge that my spirit has grown.

As they twisted, So fast, Became so slow, I could now see they angels clearly afloat.

Their eyes mirrored into a state, They were in heavenly bliss deeply, What I felt from them came sweetly, A feeling new and never known.

Once everything came back to my eyes clearly, And they still stood still, One last look at eachother dearly, It all began to go, Light ran through thier bodies again, Turning into just a dusty glow, Which; glittered down to me like snow, A feeling I thought I never know.

Left there with all they have given me, So graciously overwhelmed, As it took a minute to move my spirits new weight it has grown.

Gathering everything into a new me, Took two bits more than time, Left there with experience, Of a new piece of mind, Peace of mind, Peace in time.

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