Mere Mortal

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018





I accept life, therefore I am the definition of power

I unchain myself from the concept of your created hour

The only time that is allowed to exist is my own

In my world, in my moment, in my dreams, I am home


I am ready for love, but has love prepared for me?

Open, trusting, caring, ready, all things that I have dared to be

Attempting to cope with the past has been a never ending hole

Letting go has never been so hard, I guess resentment successfully played its role


Looking within is the action of a god

Holding yourself accountable to the normal human being is something so odd

Self reflection after wrong doings could be beneficial

Even though the depths of our ego can be deeply abyssal


I once tried a forbidden fruit, I refuse to deny its taste

The taste of richness, angst, anxiety, and haste

I have taken orders like a soldier, a waiter

At times, I have even saved myself for later


On this mountain, I ground myself in its stillness

To become better and greater, attached must be willingness

Like the mountain itself, a ladder can be so challenging to climb

So, in this moment, I am aware that the challenge is mine


This jump will be my last, the destination is forever

In a room full of calm, we must learn to be the aggressor

I close my eyes before a leap of faith, I still see light at the end

With every breath that we've taken, it confirms that life has always been our friend

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