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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



We have been told since we were kids that we can achieve all of our dreams

That the way we think and how we feel is important

When asked what we want to be when we grow up, we responded with a variety of things:






Nascar Driver

Football player

Not once did we have to think that we should have told them that what we really wanted to be was alive so that we could grow up

Maybe if we had thought of that, we wouldn’t be here

We wouldn’t be in a country where children have to cower in corners while principals bang on the doors and plead for help in order to “imitate a real school shooter”

We wouldn’t live in a world where there are instructional videos that show you how to use the blood of a victim and cover yourself in it so you look dead as well

Then you aren’t a target

Because in this country, survival is something that must be fought for within the four walls of a classroom where you are supposed to be learning algebra

Our lives exist in moments

Moments before, moments after, the moments themselves

As children, we thought that we would have infinite moments

College, marriage, jobs, high school, middle school.

Little did we know that our moments would be defined by other things

The moment before and after a ring

Before and after a smile from the person that means the most to you

Before and after a test

Before and after a gunshot

That moment is when the world is a blur and you think all is lost

Cowering in a corner and thinking about whether or not you told your mom that you loved her before you walked out the door

If your life ends here, then what was all of this for?

That college that just accepted you?

That boy who said that he thought you were cute too?

That fight with your sister the other day?

When he said he loved you and you didn’t know what to say?

What does any of that mean if this is your last moment?

They told you it could never happen here

A nonsensical way to ease all of your fears

As if violence can escape children in any state, in any place

Movie theaters, schools, hospitals, clubs, on the street, A struggle we will always have to face

And every single time it’s the same

Thoughts and prayers

My heart goes out to the victims…

This is a mental health issue that we need to fix

And the list just goes on and on and on

But when have we seen change?

Words without action mean nothing

Moments without people to live them mean nothing

The children, the people who have suffered at the hands of violence

Have to live every day knowing that it still hasn’t reached an end

Do the moments that these people could have lived mean nothing?

The people they could have loved

The lives they could have changed

The places they could have seen

The thoughts they could have had?

Out like the flicker of a candle

When will we get a handle on this problem?

How many more people have to die

How many more moments do we have to let lie

Before we unite and realize that there is a solution

There is a world that we can live in where our children don’t have to think about saying that the biggest thing they want to be when they grow up is alive


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