Letter To Donald Trump

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



Letter to Donald Trump

I’m sorry, if this ain’t a formal letter that you’re a custom to

But clearly, it seems not many people have respect for you.

I wonder why?

Your destructive words are causing pain on us immigrants,

You have no idea what its like to migrate to a new country, to gain a new opportunity, and to strive in this slave mental society.

We immigrants came from abusive homes, low economic countries and war torn environments.

How dare you criticize and hurt our feelings because of our religious belief.

We immigrants are heart broken because of your executive order on Muslim Countries and disrespecting our faith.

You need to come listen thoroughly to the words of an immigrant soul, the hurt and pain we went through to have a better life.

Maybe, if you were to be stripped of your political power and money, and walk in the shoes of an immigrant soul, you will understand.

Banning and deporting will not stop our fighting spirit,

Because of you, we are going to fight until we reach our dying breath.

Immigrants, we stand as one!!


We are never going to give up!!


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