We Survive.

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



My sweatpants are stained,

My face is a mess.

Projects and housework still wait,

But I survived this.

Maybe kicking, maybe screaming, maybe crying, maybe drinking,

But I survived this.


Sure I sat frozen in time,

Reliving nightmares and lashing out like a startled sleepwalker,

But only for a few hours this time.

And I survived.


It isn’t over, it might get much worse,

And I’ll hope I can stay standing if it does.

But even if I crash and sob into the floorboards,

I know now that I’ll survive.


Hell is woven through my life

Like the brand name on a sweater.

So if I’m going to suffer either way,

I might as well suffer through a fight.

And I know that we will win this time,

Because we know how to survive.


© Copyright 2019 Liz Nevrikos. All rights reserved.

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