Jerk Chicken

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



Jerk Chicken

Mi and mi uncle ah drive guh ah Negril,

Mi see ah rasta man ah turn chicken pon di grill,

Mi start rub mi belly and mi uncle catch say,

Mi want mi belly to be filled,

He stop one side pon di road and ask di rasta,

Yow, how much fi ah quarter ?

Ras say $450,

Mi say Rass, so much fi dat ?

Mi uncle pay di ras 900 dollar fi di both ah we,

Di ras give we two quarter and four piece ah bread,

Mi eat my quarter and two slice within the speed of light,

Mi say the Jerk Chicken sweet it sweet,

Mi ask mi uncle fi ah piece ah fi him meat,

Mi uncle say: piece ah wah! yuh eediat,

Mi tell di rass, best jerk chicken in ah Jamaica by far,

Its well seasoned, not even di molecules in di air can contain it,

Rasta say: Bless up mi bredda, Jah rastafari!!

Mi tell mi uncle say tomorrow mi ah come back fi more,

Mi uncle laugh and say: Orane, yuh nyam too much food.


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