A Body Been Scarred

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Submitted: September 30, 2018

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Submitted: September 30, 2018



You use to tell me I was so beautiful
You use to hold me like you could never let go
Kiss me until you could no longer breathe
Think of me through the day and long after you fell asleep

You were my best friend
The one who kept me going
The one who kept me believing
The one who never let me stop hoping
Walked with me through my darkest days
You saw the worst of me and loved me anyway
The only one who ever really knew me
The only place I was ever truly happy

Now as the lies begin to fall a part
Then my mind is only black n blue shards
Nothings left but a body been scarred
So I guess I'll die of a broken heart

I was on a cloud where I thought Id never fall
I lived in a dream
A dream where I had it all
But dreams are so fragile and can easily break. ..
Just as we all are...just as I am, but you broke me just the same

I gave you all I had but you tossed it all away
Handed everything I owned but it didn't make you stay
And as these burning tears keep streaming down my face
You look as though you feel nothing
As if you have no shame

Now our life crumbles before my eyes
Pieces of my mind have met their demise
Now all that's left is this body that cries
I guess a broken heart is how I was meant to die

Now I only have a picture of a man I don't even know
He looks so familiar and it tears me to the core
I want him to tell me he loves me even though I can't believe it
I want him to hold me
Even though I know i wouldnt feel it
I want to hear he's sorry
Even though he doesn't mean it
Just want the pain to end
even just for a moment
Just to feel what 'happy' is again

I hate you with my every last breathe
One last lie to console me in death
Now I know theres no going back to the start
So I guess I'll die of a broken heart

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