Into the Wild… Whatever that Color is, Yonder

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: NEWBIE NEW HOUSE
What happens when a redneck meets an alien, but isn't abducted?

Submitted: October 01, 2018

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Submitted: October 01, 2018




Shawn took a deep breath, felt his heartbeat slow. The cross hair of his scope found the animals shoulder then slid toward the animals rear and down to the crest of the sternum. The sweet spot, where the aft end of the heart extends a fraction of an inch beyond the scapula. A well placed shot here would be an instant kill and would leave all the meat intact. Hell of a shot from 300 yards. Shawn tightened his grip on his rifle, pressed it hard against his shoulder and exhaled. As he squeezed the trigger a blood chilling roar echoed from deep in the woods causing Shawn to flinch ever so slightly.


“Dammit!” at first all that registered was that he threw the shot low and the doe was long gone. Then it hit him, the sound that made him flinch. What the hell was it? He was out of his tree stand and moving in the direction of the sound before he even knew what he was doing. He made his way through the brush, rifle shouldered, finger on the trigger. It was probably a bear, he told himself. He knew it wasn’t a bear. He took a knee, eyes trained on every minute detail, ears focused on every little sound.


That’s when he heard… well he wasn’t really sure what he heard. Grunts, hisses and… clacks? Like two river stones being slammed together. The strange sounds were followed by static. More grunts, hisses and clacks followed by more static. When the noises cam again they were faster and the grunt was slightly higher pitched. Only to be followed by more static. Though he had never heard the sounds before, something about the sounds rang familiar.


Dirt and dust filled the air as an explosion rocked the stone wall Shawn was using for cover. Shaw and Morgan were five feet away, using the same stone wall for cover, a large man-sized hole in the wall separated them. Bullets whipped through the hole and slammed into the west wall of the small courtyard they had taken cover in. The scorching summer heat coupled with his heavy body armor and long sleeved fatigues caused sweat to pour from every pore on his body. Sweat rolled down his brow and into his eyes, stinging them and blurring his vision, but he could do his work blindfolded if need be.


In front of him Rodriguez sat with his back against the stone wall, his legs out flat in front of him. On the outside of his left thigh, Rodriguez had a deep gash, which bled profusely. Shawn ripped his pack off his shoulders and unclipped the top flap. Reaching in he produced a tampon and a roll of duct tape. Removing the tampon from its packing Shawn shoved it as deep as he could into the gash on Rodriguez’s thigh; Rodriguez bit his gloved hand to keep from screaming. Having seated the tampon as best he could to staunch the blood flow, Shawn wrapped the wound with duct tape.


Further back in the court yard Fisher slammed the receiver of his radio against the heel of his palm. “Able five, Able three six!” he called into the receiver, receiving nothing but static in reply. The enemy’s gun fire echoed all around. Desperation rose in fisher’s voice, his words coming faster and slightly higher pitched. “Able five, Able three six!” he called into the receiver again and again receiving only static as a reply. Dirt and dust filled the air again as another rpg explosion rocked the courtyard. “Comms are dead!” Fisher yelled over the gun fire, “We need to move, now!”


Shawn was on his feet again, moving towards the strange sounds, towards the desperation. Pushing through a small thicket Shawn nearly stepped on the strange creature. An elongated body covered in green scales bore three pairs of legs evenly spaced along its length. One end bore a rather long tail, on the other, sitting directly above the foremost pair of legs, was a torso, oddly reminiscent of a human torso. Its two thickly muscled, yet proportionally short, arms ended in hands with three thick digits. A wide komodo dragon-esque head sat atop a short thick neck. It lay on its left side, propped up on its elbow looking at him dumb-founded, its mouth slightly agape. Shawn’s face reflected the creatures confusion. “An alien?”


One of the creatures legs was clearly broken and a nasty looking laceration ran down the length of the right side of its body, oozing an orange-purple substance which was presumably blood. Before Shawn could look any closer, another, much larger creature came crashing through the trees. Shawn spun on his heels, rifle shouldered, only to find himself face to face with an even more frightening creature. It walked like a chicken, on its tow spindly, knobby kneed legs, thrusting its head forward with each step. That was about the only resemblance it held to a chicken though. Its beach ball shaped head sat on a long, thick neck which sprouted from the center of its likewise beach ball shaped body and curved upward. Its body, neck head and legs were covered in an odd combination of sickly looking green feathers and garish yellow scales. Its round body was flanked on either side by wing like appendages tipped with one scythe like claw, on of which was covered with the same orange-purple liquid that was oozing from the alien’s side.


The massive creatures one remaining eye stalk, which sat atop its head like a cliché alien antennae, rotated its bulbous eye to focus on Shawn and the wounded alien. It let out a blood chilling roar, the same one that had run off his doe. Shawn pulled the trigger of his rifle, pulled the lever up and back then forward and down to fire a second shot, then a third, then a fourth. The fifth round ricocheted off its head directly into its one remaining eye stalk sending the massive creature into a fit. The creature went berserk, shaking its head, stomping its feet and flailing its wing like appendages.


The injured alien clacked excitedly behind Shawn, prompting him to look at it. It was pointing a a device that could pass for a pistol had they been in an episode of star trek, which was on the ground a few feet away. Shawn quickly scooped up the contraption, pointed it at the creature, amazing with what he hoped were the sights and pulled the trigger. A sustained beam of purple energy radiated from the “barrel” and punched a hole in the creature’s head. A startled Shawn shook the device as if trying to put out a lighter, slicing through the creature several times and sending it to the ground in several large pieces and felling a few innocent trees in the process.


Seeing the steaming chunks of creature on the ground Shawn turned to the alien, “what the hell is that?” the alien grunted and hissed while gesturing for Shawn to hand over the weapon. He took a step back, “oh no, I'm keeping this.” Shawn’s eyes went once again to the steaming pile of creature meat then back to the alien that lie bleeding in front of him. “what the fuck is going on here!”


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