stick em with the pointy end

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

stick em with the pointy end

get it because its an exclamation point 

"calm it down

take a hug or a deep breath or both

or two of either , whatever"

said life, to brain, signed with a kiss and a bm winky face

fuck you said brain 

harsh slap hit his face

he set himself back in line with one tear and a twitchy eye


why isnt everyone else the same

a slap into line from themself

why does everyone shift the blame

if youre hurt its your fault its your brain 

if you love someone your brain is not somebody who knows whats right

your brain has made it up your brain is you and

your past experiences

ultimately all your decisions were your own 

why cant EVERYONE come to terms with that


im really guilty of generalising

isnt everyone made of the same shit from the periodic table

why cant everyone just be good 

it fucking depresses me all the time


if you walk the same path as me you should end up the same place

and if you start on the same road theres not many other ways to go

so if you tread where i have trodden 

how can you expect to not fall in love

thats what i did


and if you cant hear my voice anymore will you cling to

to the moans you seem to claw for

or to the soft whispers on cds i edited for you

i hope you will realise that the moans were not worth clawing for

only makes your nails bleed and your head ache

cling to the things that are easy to cling to


so when i send atomic bomb skies

and tunes i made 

and things that i have shared with everyone

remember i only shared soft whispers on cds i edited for you

with you


love is rightly said

a cold and a broken hallelujah 

and its not what they write about mostly

because love is a stupid word 

its stupid because it has no definition and everyone assigns their own

and expects people to know it 

thats like walking up to someone youve never met and thinking theyll know your name

yeah maybe theres a chance theyll guess it

but probably not


-i had about 3 words i wanted to write for this and i blew them all really quick so

im just going to keep chatting shit about what i think

ill call it a plog

a personal log, i guess people did these for time in diaries

its nice but thats not what im aiming for 


what the fuck this is not a plog what the fuck

why would i even write that its 30 seconds later and i realised how much i hate that-


all my poems ive ever written as just comically over exetended metaphors 

but this one is just a bunch of mac

so to tie it off ill do as life does to us all

and stick em with the pointy end ! 






Submitted: October 01, 2018

© Copyright 2021 gonesoon. All rights reserved.

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