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His Only Daughter I Am

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Submitted: October 01, 2018

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Submitted: October 01, 2018



78 years ago yesterday
Samuel Barr was born into this world
He was a son, a brother, a father and a husband x 2
He was a carpenter by trade
A teacher well known b'cuz he was the one with a missing middle finger
An unfortunate accident when he was just 5
But to me ... he's just my Dad!
He's always been the ONLY one who I've ever sought approval from
For years we were estranged
Because of my own stubborn streak
I was the wild one; a rebel of sorts
Born with the well-known Irish trait of fiery red hair, just like him
There was never any doubt where I inherited it from
So many things come to mind when my thoughts drift to Dad
We often don't know how blessed we are
To have the parents we do
Until we've come full circle & we're parents ourselves
I know with me, that's when it began to sink in 
I love my Dad, I'm so proud of him; however,
Our relationship has taken many twists 'n turns along the way
I was blessed to observe the love 
That my Dad had for my Mom before she died
I grew up in homes that my Dad either built himself
Or that he had a hand in building
His home is littered with so many examples
Of his wooden handiwork ... of things he's made with love
Pieces that will live on, long after he's gone
There was a pool table that he made from scratch
Its b'cuz of his tricks he so willing shared with me
That I learned to play pool really well
I remember him saying 'Honey, it's ALL about Math'
Our house was full of books & each one lived on shelves he built
He built lamps that made crackling noises when they were turned on 'n off 
He built cottages & docks and taught me how to work hard
He loved sailboats & being on the water
Imagine ... now you know where I get it from!
We were the ONLY family on the lake with an Ice Tubing track in winter
We'd go up and down that hill for HOURS at a time
Never whining about the cold weather
We were having fun & enjoying the great outdoors 
When we were done, inside we'd go
To warm ourselves by the fire
Our only source of heat
In my eyes, my Dad will always be a REAL Canadian man
B'cuz on a weekly basis he's laced up his skates
Donned his equipment & helmet
And played hockey with some of the greats
When I sit quietly & reminisce of all the students he's mentored 
It blows me away ... he's really made a difference
In his own special way
I remember that day in 1983 
Where he would walk me down the aisle
I quietly was crying from within
If I had only been able to speak my truth back then
To vocalize the pain that my heart was in
I might not be here, where I am today
If I had a voice then
There wouldn't have been a wedding that day
There would still be children
But they would have come years later
And quite likely from a different man
My Dad will always be MY hero
The one Man in my life that will love me unconditionally & forever

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