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Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



Bell forced to open her groggy eyes. With two tries she successfully managed to open them. “I didn’t have to open my stupid eyes if the whole world would be this blurry.” She mutters to herself as she reaches for her lens with her that were supposed to be on the table next to her bed. She groans. “Not again.” She says with a mix of an annoyed and lazy tone. She swims to the edge of her bed as usual and put her hand on the ground and waves it around. She waves it a couple times and the lens stick to her hand. She grabs it and shoved it into her eyes. After blinking a few times, she sighs in satisfaction and lies back onto the bed. She stays on the bed for a few seconds than sits up and puts on her yellow fur slippers and walks downstairs. When she was halfway through, she stops and peers between the gap of the upper staircase and the bar of the lower staircases. “Mother?” She says half-shouting with hopefulness in her voice.


“Mother?” She shouts a bit louder hoping for continued silence.


She sighs in relief and drags herself downstairs like usual. Then a sudden concern pops into her head. “Dad?”


She sighs in relief and walks to the grand kitchen that was clean and perfectly tidy. She walks to the golden fridge and opens it. There were some food in the fridge. She examines the almost-empty-fridge. She spots a single apple. Her neutral face filled with disappointment breaks into a slight smile. “Yes.” She whispers to herself. She takes it out and shuts the door, leaving nothing in the fridge.

She runs upstairs not minding to make as much sound she can make. No one’s here anyway. When she arrives at the second floor, she runs down the long hall to the last room on the end- her room. She opens the door revealing so-small-room-compared-to-the-other-rooms room only with a small cabinet which has all of her belongings, which is half filled with books and lyrics of the songs she made, and her decent set of pencils and erasers, and maybe a few clothes. She walks to the cabinet closing the door behind her and kneels down and opens the first drawer. Opening it reveals a small amount of clothes. Adidas training sports pants, long, medium, and short one each, and two t-shirts black and white, and one adidas hoddie. And finally one possibly stylish floral romper and a single adidas Jacket. She picked out the white t-shirt and middle length adidas training pants and tied her soft perfect brownish black hair into a high ponytail.

She he ran down the stairs hurriedly again, careful not wake up her stepsister. She silently tiptoe-ran through the floor with her adidas striped shoes. When she was halfway to the door, a creek of a door surprises her and Bell kicked the side of the chair. “Oh god.” She whispers her eyes wide with shock, looking down. She heard footsteps followed by a yawn. She feel the presence of someone and slowly looks upward.


Jacey her stepsister, who always was self-centered, and arrogant. Deep inside Bell despises her, but she always showed ‘faked respect’ towards her. Why? Well she can’t live here if she doesn’t. One cry or complain of Jacey, will make her opportunity of living in this house will be gone. She learned that the hard way.


“What are you doing in those dark clothes? Where are you going?” She asks half yawn half talking.


Why did it have to be her. I would’ve preferred it if it was her dog. She puts on a fake but real smile. If I did have glamour I wish it would work now. I think to myself knowing it’s impossible for it to work, I’ve never tried it before. And when I tried, it didn’t work- at all. I was put to this family somehow because I was dropped on their front door because- I’m Lunar. Well at least people say it. I’m worthless and dangerous. If I know how to use my wish-I-had powers I would be dangerous, but if I’m not.. I’m worthless. Less than a pearl. At least a Pearl is heat resistant, I’m not. That’s what they say.


“Just to the library- would you like to come with me?” I ask politely. She shakes her head roughly in reply. “Never go on. Go away girl.” She says and waves her hand.


“Ok then. Have a good day!” Bell half-shouts closing the door, and going outside. Of course you would never like to go to the library why would you. You’re just a dumb brained gifted Solar. She rolls her eyes knowing she can’t see her anymore- or at least her face. She walked down the streets continuing with her normal routine. She hummed as she goes a earthen song. Oh yes all the solars- well all of who she knows hates earthens and everything earthen, their books, their music, their- everything. But she was different. She believed Earth was beautiful and their books and music were marvelous. She hadn’t really seen Earth properly but she did hear their music she picked up one song ever since she heard it in the rare-music-section and hummed it practically all the time.


She walked passed the little children practicing their powers of telekinesis moving around rocks and pencils and all sorts of stuff. She sighed wishing she was a solar with powers. It would’ve been wonderful to not be needed to do something worthless. For instance… needing to give Jacey her hot chocolate by hand. Yes that was a great example. But then Jacey didn’t like hot chocolate-  she like cold chocolate. With ice. Hot chocolate was Bell’s favorite not hers. She chuckled as she thought of how stupid she was, debating this, and kept walking to the library. When she arrived, she didn’t go straight to the proper entrance. Instead, she went to the pathway Bell discovered years ago. She went through the abandoned sections and into the library. Well she will like usual, looking through the abandoned books. She wants to read all of these sometime, after reading the whole library perhaps. Bell traced the dusty books reading their titles. This place was something important to her.. something private.


“Wars of Earthens.. music of Earthens..” she murmurs to herself secretly excited that this section had a lot of Earth stuff.


That’s when she bumped into someone.


Fear. Surprisement. She wanted to run back outside and go back into her room, under the table. She gulped the fear back down and slowly looked up.


A terrifying looking beast.

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