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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: October 03, 2018

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Submitted: October 03, 2018



Scarlet was enjoying her moment with Wolf, right in his muscular arms, and talking with him. Sudden romantic silence came. She gazed into his eyes. Wolf moved in closer and she closed her eyes and smiled and waited for it to happen- yet.


"Scarle-!" A large squeaky shout was heard, followed by a sound of a door opening.


She opened her eyes and sighed as she looks to her left. Wolf moves back into his original spot. Iko.

"Yeah?" She says blushing with embarrassment.

Iko backs away a bit, and makes a sorry face.

"We need both of you- something weird happened, and Cinder told me to get both of you so that we can talk about it." Iko says quietly.

Scarlet glances at Wolf and Wolf looks back at her. Then Scarlet looks back to Iko and nods.

"Sure. Just a second."


Iko walks back outside of the room, and Scarlet hears her scolding herself for being so rude shutting the door.

"Maybe later. Right now they need us." She says softly and smiles to Wolf and walks out to the hallway and waits for Wolf to catch up on her. Wolf nods and stands up and follows her to the hallway.

Scarlet arrives at the living room and finds all the others surrounding Cinder, looking at the port screen. Cinder was talking with Kai with a serious face, but worried face, and Thorne was flirting with Cress, and Winter was laughing with Jacin. She walks towards them, holding Wolf's hand.

"Hey." She says. They all turn to greet them. "Hey!" They all reply saying Wolf and I have came quickly. She catches Iko in the corner of her eye blushing of embarrassment in the edge of the room. She smiles to everyone and motions Iko to come over and join them. Iko nods and slowly walks to the group and joins them and stands next to Scarlet.

"Sorry.." She whispers.

"It's ok." Scarlet whispers back and smiles. She looked at the pod with the others.

"So what's so important you guys had to call us when we were having a nice date outside?" Thorne says half joking half annoyed. Cress blushes next to him.


"Just listen Thorne." Cinder says annoyed. "Ok so the thing is I just got a message from the lab that a new disease was discovered- and it's lethal as much as the letumosis. Five from northern Europe, and three from Southern Asia died this week. And-"

Kai Interrupts. "And it might be even more dangerous than Letumosis because the dying happens instantly but nothing weird or different happens before they die. We don't know where it came from, or where it started. And the lunars are not resistant- a gifted one died from the same disease today at Luna."




A dead scary mood went across the room. Everyone was still from this shocking and terrifying discovery. The only sound that was hearable was the stirring of the electricity. This could mean the end of everything. It was silent for a few full seconds and Winter was the first to break the silence.

"It's been only a week since the disease started, so we do have a possibility of finding a cure right?" She asks with hopefulness in her voice- almost as if she were trying to convince herself. All of our heads turn to Cinder for some hope.


Cinder slowly nods. "Yeah- although it will be hard the lab doctors will find a cure." The mood slightly eases and people started to move again.


"Hopefully." Jacin adds, making the mood worse. Scarlet facepalmed wishing Jacin didn't say that. She felt Wolf hold her hand firmly and she looked back up releasing her hand. She glances at the other side of the room and sees Cress starting to sniff, then leans on Thorne and digs her face into his shoulder and tucks her arm between his, making her blonde hair tangle up. Winter softly nudges Jacin scolding him about why did he say that and all. Cinder makes a annoyed face at him.


But she knew, even if everyone is ashamed of Jacin saying that, it's never going to change that the whole world is in danger, and once again billions will be in pain- Again.

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