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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



A man stood in front of him glaring down at her, charging. He was terrifying. Yes, of course he was terrifying as a beastly way, but he was also terrifying as a ugly way. He had a rather small face but the beards and hair around his face made it look much bigger. He had shaggy brown hair that looked like it hadn't been comed for at least a hundred years, and his eyes, big and brown but furious and alert, like he was on a mission or something. His mouth, was brown and bloody and- had fangs? coming out. His was really tall, compared Bell's height. He is over six feet- I think. But his muscular body made her look even bigger. He was wearing a worn out- royal outfit? covered with dirt and dusted and some parts of it ripped out.

Bell gulped. She was scared but she had to speak up and fight if she needed to. Bell cleared her throat for a second and spoke.

"Hello. What's your name? I'm Bell." She said confidently but shakingly. She cursed mentally at her shaking voice making her look weaker. The man did not reply, but only shifted his pose to a less dangerous position suggesting he isn't going to fight, and his alert and dangerous eyes loosened. Bell was secretly kind of relieved she didn't have to fight with this terrifying man but she hid it.

"If you're not going to talk, I guess I'll have no choice but to call the cops." She says and digs her pocket for her pod. The man's eyes widened, and he spoke.

"No- wait." He says rather quietly as if he's- shy? His voice was deep and rough but it was rather quiet that made it sound more like a grunt than a dialogue. Bell looked back up halfway through getting her phone out of her pockets.

"Yes?" She asked, her chin held up to look at the man.

"U-uh s-so I-i'll tell y-you my n-name but u-uh just d-don't call the c-cops..Please." He stammers out, making a sad face that makes Bell frown and start to open her heart and let him explain. I should be calling the cops right now- well let's listen first shall we?

"Ok then- tell me your name and why you are here." The guy exhales in relief and straightens himself. "You promised." He says and puts out his hand.

"Hi- I'm Beau." He says as something peculiar happens. His rusty hair starts to grow shorter and soon into a the same roughness but shorter and cleaner. Her hair was coffee brown with tints of blonde hair. The hair around his face has disappeared and a rather handsome face was revealed with a scar on his eyebrow. His fangs has disappeared and his height shrunk a bit more but was still tall. He had perfect tanned skin although it was hard to see through the dark.

“And- this is my place, where I live.” He says now his appearance fully changed. Bell slowly nods, then examines his movements then asks slowly.  He was not stuttering as before- as if he’s more relaxed.

“Explain- this. What you j-just did.” She says but accidently stuttered, quickly scolding her mentally for stuttering. Bell thought she saw a quick smirk on the Beau’s face, but it was gone as soon Bell thought she saw it.

“Oh- that’s just putting down my glamour.” He says. Bell immediately goes in shock as she realizes, she would have known, she would- have knew it right away. She should’ve reported it right now. She should’ve been calling the cops- no the soldiers to protect herself before he brainwashes her. But no, the soldiers wouldn’t help her- she’s a lunar. That's what people told her. And that’s why shes hated by many solars. She started to look up to face him and do something to make him afraid and she could’ve done that-

If he didn’t knock her out.

I am soooooo sorry for the short chapter but I reallly  wanted to oost it ahhhhh


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