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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

Submitted: October 16, 2018

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Submitted: October 16, 2018



Being pressured to be the leader, was sometimes- quite unpleasant. If people find the situation hard and sad, and- seems-like-it’s-not-possible-to-solve, everyone looks for you and questions for what they should do. Being a leader is always hard. Oh of course Cinder didn’t want to give it and pass it on to the others, and make them hard, but- it was just so stressful at times.

Cinder looks at the others, walking away some with silence like Wolf and Scarlet, and some while chatting a bit with their partners like Winter and Jacin. Well- Winter was the only who was actually talking but, they were having a conversation right? She hated seeing their faces, full with worry and sadness and shame looking at her, hoping for an answer, a solution. But she couldn’t smile and spit out a well planned way to figure all this out, and end the conflicts.

And she was ashamed of herself, and sorry for them.

And that was why she couldn’t bare to say anything more, one problem when Kai asked for more. He had looked at her with disappointment- at least that was what Cinder saw in his expression. And after that, her crew mates, her friends and helpers had started to walk away. And now the ones left in the living room was herself and Kai. She turned herself to face Kai. He was scrolling the pod with a serious expression about the news about the fight that happened recently between the Lunars and Earthens, and the- Solars. It was a new kind of people that we just figured out about when they attacked a little town in Luna. The people that saw the fight, said that they controlled the objects around and threw rocks, beds, phones, and every object they could find at the Lunars. And the Lunars of course tried to grasp some bioelectricity around them in order to brainwash them, but it didn’t work. Well at least as well as the earthens and other lunars. They said it was as if they were weak shells- with powers.

Kai suddenly looked up at Cinder from his pod with the worried expression.

“It’s the same as when the Lunars attacked and Letumosis spread- this is a disaster.” Cinder looked down, not knowing what to say. “We have to fix this, I have to see how bad it is on my own.” Cinder panics.

“Wait what- NO! You could die out there- are you crazy?” Her voice breaks and her shout turns into a worried and sad whisper.

“But I have to- billions are going to die if we don’t solve this.” Cinder opened her mouth to argue back, and convince him not to go and kill himself out there.

“That’s sui-“




A loud sound cut her off. And it was followed by shouts and… large huge ear splitting sounds. Cinder’s eyes shot up, and with one part of her brain began to think about getting all of the crew out, and the other searching desperately for news feeds about tornadoes or any any kind of natural disaster.


Her eyes start to look at the ceiling- where the sound came from.

“K-k-Kai get t-the others.” She says, her eyes on the ceiling. Distinct shouts kept growing louder and louder. A warm hand touches her’s. Cinder looks at Kai who was holding her hand.

“Calm down.. everything is going to be fine.” He says calmly, with a determined but calm voice. Cinder musters her might, and speaks. “I k-know.”

Kai nods firmly. Sounds of doors opening and screaming, followed by footsteps were heard from the hall. All of the crew members started to come to the  living room one by one.

Cress, Thorne, Winter, Scarlet, Wolf, Jacin, Iko,-


That’s everyone right? Her eyes shoot back to the ceiling and desperately look for any sign of trouble. Kai starts to calm then down when all of them are asking questions and everything. Thank you Kai.


“CALM DOWN EVERYONE! We got this in control, we’re gonna be fine.” She could heat Kai shouting distinctively, when she founds a crack in the ceiling that was beginning to grow bigger every second. And at the same time, a news feed come up to her vision. She quickly skims through it.

No no no no.

“The Earthen government has discovered a Solar ship approaching-“ No.


“Guys! Get downstairs! To room 602! Wait there, this building is going to crash!” Cinder shouts putting the newsfeed back, and starts to quickly run and go in lead herself. All of them follow without question, even Throne or Jacin.

Crack. Grumble.

“ATTACK!” A shout was heard, and it was very close. Cinder goes in first, and runs downstairs, while Kai whispers “go go go!” And shuts the door after he went in. Cinder opens the door to 602 when she reaches the bottom. She opens the door for them, waiting for everyone to go in, and shutting the door, after she shoves herself inside, she shirts the door, and locks it.

“Is everyone ok?” She says, catching her breathe sitting in the tiny room- one they made for emergency but never knew was actually going to be used. They all nod. “Let’s rest, everyone sit on the beds, wherever you like.” The room was a size of a square shaped bedroom, with nine small bunks, two one each wall and one small one- meant for our Iko, and a table one the center with a lot of dried food and water. And on the side, between the bunks, a small door which led to a bathroom.

When everyone was settled, and Cinder herself has catching her breath, Cinder sits on Iko’s bed. The mood was starting to ease, and the crew started chatting a bit starting from Winter and Jacin.

Kai suddenly speaks up.

“Guys is anyone in the bathroom?” He asks with worry in his voice only Cinder didn’t know why.

“No.” Everyone replies. Everyone looks at Kai in question.

“Then- why, is there a empty bunk above me?” Everyone’s eyes moves to the bunk above Kai in silence. Scarlet speaks up.

“Nine beds, meant for everyone, and eight people, someone is missing.“ Cinder could feel the chill going around the room.

“Oh no.” Cress says softly. Then Throne says.

“But who?” Cinder looked around the room. Throne Cress Scarlet Wolf Me Kai- Oh no. Goosebumps went through her skin. She gulped.



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