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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

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Submitted: October 30, 2018



Beau chuckled as he looked at the weird girl, so foolish to walk into is abandoned palace, his place of his own, a secret pathwy to his podship- with her own feet. He, had knocked her out when he was confirmed this girl was a solar, a gifted one not a pearl- and a powerful one.


She had golden sparks in her eyes when he shifted his looks to himself instead of the beast. And that indicated

she was a gifted solar.

and it also had a spark of red when it ended, and that indicated.

she had solar royal blood.

If he just took her back to Luna and handed her off to the queen, he can get out of trouble and start a new life again. He fidgeted with a glass cilinder, that had a rose in it. It was given by his girfriend, well more like a best friend before she died. She died quite a long time ago since it was when he was like ten, but this rose had the vase to help it keep living. Ever since she passed away, he kept it.

The more he thought of his friend that passed away, the more sadder he got- he decided to shift his thoughts. He turned around to see the girl sitting down, well half lying down in a silvery purple chair, with her hands tied and mouth taped, unconcious. She had brown silky hair with blonde streaks here and there. Her skin were a bit tanned, and round but pointy as it reaches the end. But he, was fascinated at the fact she isn't wearing fancy clothes, a dress, or even a proper outifit. She was just wearing training pants and a t-shirt. Like she wasn't royalty. 

He looked at her eyes which were stilled closed, but still showed a light layer of double eyelids. He was staring at her eyes, fascinated at how long her eyelashes were, until they fluttered open and he turned away. She suddenly woke up eyes widened and sitting up, only to notice her hands were tied and she couldn't speak.

"Mmmm-! Mhmrm! Yom-!" 

"Shhhhh. Your safe, you just have to travel to Luna in order to set me free." Beau says moving toward her. More mffled sounds come.

"Oh I know what you mean- I would love to be handed over to Luna as the first Solar prisoner to help you get free! Oh how kind." He cuckles as she shouts in muffled sounds.

"As a royal." He laughs. He turns back to the ship's control panels and checks how many minutes it takes to arrive at the Lunar station. Then he found it was odd how the muffling didn't continue, so he looked back. The girl was thankfully not dead, but was staring at one of the sofas legs? and seemed like she didn't understand.

"Well, before you are held prisoner, I will give you a chance to act like a good girl in this ship until we arrive, and eat and live like a normal person." She nods glumly, keeping her eye contact on the sofa's legs. 

"Ok then." Weird. Beau goes in front of the girl, and starts to untie her hands, and she stays perfectly still and calm still staring at the sofa. Then she slowly takes her hands up to her face and rips the tape off, letting out a soft grunt indicating it would have hurt. It takes a few moments for her to become normal again.

"So, uh.. about what you said about- Solars. I'm Solar?" Beau raises an eyebrow and stares at Bell for a long time. Bell fidgeted in uncomfortable silence.

"Your kidding right?" He finally said, breaking the silence.

"No- I mean. I didn't know. I'm really serious." Bell says.

"You didn't know you were a solar? All this time you lived in the palace?" He says certain that she is lying.

"Palace? What? Me? Solar? What are you talking about. I've never even visited the palace but stay up in the neighborhood with pathetic Jacey and her parents." She says, fursterated. Beau turns around and facepalms, confused. He rests one hand on the counter, and mutters.

"Nothing works out for me." 


"You know, but I'm lunar- maybe." She says hopefully.

"Nope- your a pure solar royal. I see it in you eyes." Beau says shouting and turning around. The girl looked pretty overwhelmed.

"I can prove it to you." He snatches a clear tube with a button on top, takes it to Bell and pins it into her arm. A needled quickle shot outward into her arm, and soon Beau took it back, the tube filling up with sparkling golden-red blood.

"Ow! What was that for!" Bell shouts rubbing her sore arm.

"Blood tests. I said I can prove it to you." He says plainly and walks to a computer with a box of tubes on the side, and puts the tube in a silvery container after putting the lid on. The container sucks the tube in. Bell growls.

"Watch the computer." He says. Bell walks over to the computer. The computer was like this:


With a 'bing' sound this came up:

Blood test 8B4: Pure Gifted Solar (Royal)

"See? Pure gifted Solar. Now watch the percentage." He says.


"Wha-" Beau started, but the 'bing' stopped her.

Pure Shell (Royal) 33% 

"Wait- wha" Beau started to say, but it was muffled out for Bell.

Me? Royal Solar- and Lunar?


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