The Mirror Part 6 - Life Rekindled

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The young man is rescued once again ...

Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



THE MIRROR: Part 6 - Life Rekindled: As though pity had heard my pleading,

I swore an Angel had passed me by.

Her skin was dark like purest copper,

And a smile lit up her bright eyes.

She stopped and looked about her,

Until at last she did see

The place where I sat on my own,

And like an Angel, she came to me.


I was amazed that one so pure

Could be found in this place of evil.

I asked her: “How came you to be here?”

And she replied: “Of my own free will.

I am from the realm of the Morning Star,

And have seen your suffering from afar.

Twas my desire to come to thee,

And - by the power of love - to set your spirit free.”


She was as a ray of sunshine

That shone in this my darkest hour.

Her words, her smile, her perfume

Came to me as a summer shower.

They quenched my parched soul,

Like water from a stream.

Her love did revive me,

And awake me from this tormenting dream.


For a moment we said nothing,

For none could find a voice

To express the peace we now could feel,

And yet therein did our hearts rejoice.

Together we did offer prayers

To the one that flew on high.

“My lord, my lord, to us grace afford!

Or else our souls shall surely die!”


Lo, the darkness was rent in two,

As on mighty wings he did descend.

A horde of demons did then attack,

As he scooped us up again.

I grasped hold of his outstretched leg,

And his talons held me fast.

My beloved Angel clung to me

As once more we began to ascend at last.


From the fiends that did attack me,

Many a wound did I receive.

But the injuries that did smite the most

Were from the Lord whose heart I had grieved.

Those mighty claws into my flesh tore,

And from the pain I did swoon.

But I did not care, for I knew that from there,

I would be free, and none too soon.








For now did Frena Patyes’s hatred

With fire rekindled burn.

She swore that she would have revenge,

And attack me at every turn.

The flames that leapt in her eyes

Warned me that she had spoken true.

She would with all her strength

Our souls to death pursue.


Though I knew that we were safe

As we returned to higher ground.

Those words of venom and gall

Their place in my heart had found.

I trembled and was sore afraid

That I could not stand once more,

If she came in the night

As she had so many times before.


The eagle again did speak.

His voice soothed away my fears.

His solemn warnings and admonishment

Filled my heart with grief, my eyes with tears.

He said that he was still my Guide,

And that Grace was yet o’er me.

Then he said that ne’er again

Was I to squander my liberty.


“Now you have a help-meet”, said he,

“One with whom you shall walk life’s road.

Your partner she will surely be.

She shall assist you with your load.

No more should you have need

Of that sordid companion of thine.

Waste not the gift that I have given thee,

As one would casting pearls before swine.


‘Tis for freedom that you have been rescued,

Walk now no more as a slave

To all that your senses would have you follow,

Nor to every lust for which your flesh doth crave.

Yea, your foe shall again attack thee,

And many a times will seem to win.

But remain in Love, and abide in Grace,

And by the Truth that dwells within.’


Many a time have I fought,

And many a battle won and lost.

In victories have I oft rejoiced,

And of each defeat, I count the cost.

Thus, though I am oft despondent,

I know that the time will surely come

When the Eagle will at last call me to take flight

To the place of my eternal home.

© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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