The Story of Calm and Chaos

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Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



She was loud. Fiery. Red. Destructive. She was Chaos.

He was soft. Quiet. Orderly. Collected. He was Calm.

“That’s not ladylike.” She was told. “You’re too boyish. Too rough. Too loud. Too rowdy. Too energetic. Too much, too much, too much.” She didn’t like hearing this all day. She got angry She screamed. She yelled. She ripped the paper. She broke the vase. She ran outside. She slammed the door.

“That’s not manly.” He was told. “You’re too girly. Too small. Too quiet. Too shy. Too apathetic. Too little, too little, too little.” It hurt him to hear this all day. He got sad. He cried. He hid. He avoided people. He snuck outside. He quietly shut the door.

She ran. And ran. And ran and ran and ran. All the way to the park. Shoes stomping hard on the ground. She ran across the park, over to the swings. She held the chain too tightly in her anger, swinging hard and fast and shutting her eyes tight. It felt like she was flying away. Good. She didn’t want to be here.

He walked. Not enough energy to run. He just walked, wiping his eyes. He was lost in thought while walking, not even realising he was going to the park until he got there. He walked over to the swings and sat down, too lost to notice the girl beside him. He sighed, slowly swinging back and forth, keeping his feet on the ground as his head floated up to the clouds.
She heard someone next to her. She opened her eyes and slowed her swinging to a stop.

“Hello.” She greeted the boy.

He was startled, blinking at the girl before answering. “Hello…”

“Why are you crying?”

“...Because people tell me I’m not enough. I’m too...soft.”

She nodded in understanding. “People tell me I’m too much. Too...rough.”

They both sat there for a minute before realising.



“Just like me!”

She grinned. He smiled softly.

“...You wanna keep swinging together?”

And so they did. Chaos and Calm, swinging together in harmony. Friends from then, to now, to always.


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