Assault from marine

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Assault, set up by marine. Brain injury.

Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



A letter to a judge about a life changing assault I received from a US Marine-

To whom it may concern , These are my thoughts. I am starting out by saying thank you to the officer of the fine police force of Rochester that caught the suspect involved in the heinous act. Without your knowledge and awareness, this day would have never come. You are my new hero, for life. Thank you to the district attorney office and those who seek justice with me. Thank you to the jury and judge for trying to understand what exactly happened. And thank you to Kenneth Sinclair JR. On a cold night on February 2nd 2017, I was thoroughly enjoying my night with a great friend at JD Oxfords. She is a highly skilled nurse at Strong Hospital and saves people’s lives. When our night came to a close, I went home and was by myself debating my next move, which was most likely sleep. I had no idea, obviously, that my life was about to change for the worse in the next encounter. Female citizens climbed my emergency escape ladder for whatever reason, so as any male law-abiding human would have done, I walked outside and engaged in a normal friendly conversation with them while indulging in tobacco. I do no recall anything after this, alas, due to my own personal investigating and my best friend relaying to me the information based on him watching the surveillance video that caught this heinous act, the puzzle has become a little bit more finished. Kenneth Sinclair’s best pal told me I, for some reason, was a little irritated and wanted to know why females climbed my ladder to Kenneth? Why did I want to know this? Why was I confronting someone else about something that was fine? I’ll never know. But next thing I am aware of was I was blindsided attacked by Kenneth and a group of thugs for no legitimate reason and was left there with no medical personnel to help me, just a hope and a prayer that someone finds me to call for help. I can understand and wouldn’t be mad if I lost a fight, engaging in hand to hand combat if that ever happened. Alas, I was blindsided attacked by an active trained killer of the US Marines. I have been in physical confrontations before growing up, and I know what to do and what to protect to not be severely injured. The human body is not something that is created to be harmed, and I was wrongfully harmed in a way that I had no chance of defending. In my opinion, the idea of harming me in such a way and leaving me unconscious was the smartest thing you can do to not be caught. It reminds me of something a true terrorist would do, because what could Kenneth and his friends lose if they were caught? A lot. A US Marine, treating a civilian of the country he put his life on the line to fight for how he did, disgraced himself, his community, family, friends, and country. Even if I was “hot” in front of him demanding answers why females climbed my ladder, assault with intention to cause serious harm or possibly death is not how a US Marine should ever act. I just want to also say I have always had love for the US Marines and always will. Next thing I literally remember was waking up in Strong Hospital, not even thinking to myself why or how I was there. I woke up from the medically induced coma having to go potty, with my equilibrium not right and not moving right to use the potty with no idea why I wasn’t moving fine. I just understood I was there for a reason, and doing what I was supposed to do was number one, and that was to get better. I was confused with my family by my side every second possible, with no answers and a brief explanation with no suspects caught. Rehabbing and transferring to Unity Hospital’s brain injury trauma unit, which I must say changed my life for the better. I’ve never been a fan of hospitals, I didn’t think I ever would be, but let me praise how amazing and positively life changing that hospital and staff is. Information came that there was a suspect caught, and the story of how he was captured is mind blowing in itself. I don’t know the officer’s name, but I’m completely astounded and in disbelief of how it all went down and I have not yet had a chance to thank him personally as how I want. He and I have met but I don’t recall as I was still heavily medicated fighting for my life, so thank you officer for visiting us with information and a suspect. Kenneth was asked for his password to his phone for possible evidence and he declined. To this day, I don’t know what evidence he has but he has proof of that night’s disturbing behavior I’m assuming. His charge was, at first, assault in the 1st degree and later changed to felony assault in the 2nd degree. At this point I’m still rehabbing and following along. I worked hard at rehab. I have never liked hospitals so I did everything they told me to do to the best of my ability to be discharged in the shortest amount of time. I was diagnosed with a mild – severe brain bleed but I do not think I have equilibrium problems from the actual brain losing blood. I was a strong candidate of relearning how to talk, walk, etc. and fortunately that was no problem. I endured chronic traumatic encephalopathy which is repeated head trauma after his friends claim they had to drag him off me as he was punching me in my head as I was already unconscious. The event and injury was a life altering experience and I still have not seen the video evidence caught by my landlord’s just-installed video surveillance camera. I need to see this video with an open mind and that will maybe help me understand what and why this happened with possible memories that I don’t recall that could possibly be found. This injury I took somewhat negatively in the following few months with depression and continued drug and alcohol use. Thankfully I now understand that after receiving such a serious injury to the most complex part of the human body, I am now almost completely straight edge and am aware of how to treat my body and brain, with nothing but absolute love. Maybe this was a wake-up call, maybe I am more mature, but I do know I love my life and love being alive more than I ever have. Because I was never declared dead by my doctors, but I swear I experienced the feeling of death and it was the scariest feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. Realizing life is short, and can end at any time. I’ve never been afraid to die and still not afraid, I’m just afraid to have that occur at such a young age. Not to mention I was almost immediately back to work. This is a story about two grown men, but I have always said it has always and forever will be about my daughter. She is in kindergarten this year, knows dad has a boo-boo in his head, and I can wait to explain to her how a US Marine harmed me when she is older. With the above being my thoughts almost two years later, I just would like to thank you for reading and be safe, and be good.

Warm regards, Adam Strauss

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