Where Were You the Day the World Ended?

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Rowan was no more than 18 when the world met its end. 10 years later, she has no home and little way of surviving. However, she's well known as the best hunter, survivor and soldier that has ever crossed the Ruins and would do anything to protect her 13-year-old tag along, Gara.
The catch?
She has to make it back to the fallen city of New York one last time to fulfill a promise before radiation sets in and it's too late.

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"Where Were You the Day the Nukes Fell?"

Submitted: October 02, 2018

Set 10 years after the world ended, Rowan and her adopted 'sister,' Gara, have found a temporary safe haven where they've found themselves living peacefully for some time. That is, until Gara asks
the question that Rowan had always seen coming.
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"Tonight, We Die."

Submitted: October 02, 2018

Starting Rowan's tale about how she came to meet Gara, she delves into the past that she'd sworn away, starting with the very moment the bombs first met American soil.
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