The Bloody Handkerchief

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Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



Giovanna quickly shuffled down the street, glancing behind her occasionally. She had felt like she was being followed since she left the school on main street. The street light above her flickered and went out, leaving Giovanna in darkness. A crisp breeze rustled her coat and hair.

Giovanna shivered. She was almost home, but she felt isolated in the silence. This was her least favorite part of the day. She interned the night shift committee at Jonie Elementary School, and her parents wouldn’t pick her up afterward. As a result, she was forced to make the twenty minute trek back home.

In the dark.


Giovanna hurried across the street, making sure no cars were coming even though no one was even remotely close to where she was.

Suddenly, something small whipped past her in the wind. She couldn’t tell what it was, since all she saw was a flash of white.  

It wasn’t a leaf or a small wrapper of any sort . . .

Giovanna cautiously approached the mysterious item, which had quietly settled in the gutter. As she reached it, she gasped.

It was a handkerchief.

And it was soaked in crimson blood.  

Giovanna looked around. No one was there.





Giovanna broke into a sprint. She didn’t look back. A blood-curdling scream broke out from behind her, and it gave her the motivation to run faster than she ever had before. She lunged over a small boulder, but tripped on the curb and smashed into the pavement.

Just then, she realized her arm was bleeding. It wasn’t from the fall, though. It had been there before.

Another scream.

Giovanna reached up. Was her mouth . . . open?

She was the one screaming!

Her blood dripped onto the concrete below her. And that’s when she realized.

Her blood had soaked the handkerchief! Her screams had terrified her! She glanced around. Still, no one was there. Giovanna shakily got to her feet and stumbled into the road. Her vision blurred from confusion. The only thing she saw was a sudden flash of light.

No, two lights.


She stepped back, but it was too late.

This time, Giovanna would not be going home.


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