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Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



Narrator: Scene one. We begin in a musty room.

[Lights flicker on]

[Justice is tied to chair, sack on face]

Justice: Where am I?

[Shadowy figure walks in, mask on face]

Janessa: That information is classified.

Justice: What do you want with me?

Janessa: Stop asking questions or else.

Justice: Or else what?

Janessa: Since this is your last day on Earth, I will tell you.

Justice: What?!

Janessa: I am Janessa Hawkins, and you are about to die.

[Justice screams]

Janessa: No one can hear you. {Wicked laugh}


Narrator: Wow! The suspense! Scene two. We open in a girl’s bedroom.

[Saylor gets up and answers the phone.]

Saylor: Hello?


[Saylor’s smile dissipates]

Saylor: No!

[Saylor drops phone]

Narrator: You better pick that back up! Someone’s calling you!

Saylor: Oh. Sorry.

[Saylor picks up phone]

Saylor: Hello?

Brooke: Hi Saylor!

Saylor: I can’t hang out right now, Brooke.

Brooke: Why not?

Saylor: Justice was murdered.

[Brooke gasps]

Saylor: We’re looking into it.

Brooke: You must be traumatized! I’ll be right over!

Narrator: What a twist! Oh. Sorry. Interruption. Go on.

Brooke: {Sigh, eye roll} See you in a few minutes.


Narrator: As Saylor and Brooke talk about their misfortune, they call for a detective.

Brooke: I’m so sad right now.

Saylor: Me too.


Brooke: Oh yeah. Right.

[Saylor grabs phone]

Narrator: {Ring ring} Sorry, I’ve got to get that. Hello?

Saylor: Hi. Since you’re the narrator and you know my future, can you send me a really good detective?

Narrator: Well, I’m not supposed to interfere or get involved, but okay. Good luck.

Saylor: Thanks.

[Narrator pushes Janessa into Saylor’s room.]

Saylor: That was fast!

Janessa: Hello. I’m Janessa Hawkins, a detective. What’s your case?

Brooke: Saylor’s twin sister Justice was murdered!

Janessa (slouching slightly): Oh. I see.

Saylor: Can you help us?

Janessa: I think so.

Narrator: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Brooke: You’re just a narrator. Like you said yourself, don’t interfere.

Narrator: Oh yeah. Sorry.

Janessa: Take me to the crime scene.


Narrator: Scene Three. Things are moving so fast! Did you know that the murderer is really-

Brooke: Shush!

Narrator: Sorry.

Janessa: Is this the crime scene?

Brooke: Saylor said this is where the body was found.

Saylor: It was right over here.

[Saylor points to a corner of the room]

Janessa: And where is the body now?

Saylor: It’s right here, in this closet.

[Saylor opens closet to find no body]

Brooke: What? She showed me! It was right here!

Janessa: Hmm. Interesting. Very interesting. Very very interesting. Very very VERY interesting. Very-

Brooke: I think that’s enough.

Janessa: Very well.

Saylor: You know, the narrator sent you to us, but you’re not really doing your job.

Janessa: Was that a threat?

Narrator: You guys are so dramatic!

Brooke, Saylor and Janessa: Quiet!

Narrator: Sorry.

[Janessa throws a knife on the ground]

Janessa: Look! A knife!

Brooke: Ahhh!

Saylor: Wait… that wasn’t there a minute ago.

Janessa: Um… Yes it was.

Brooke: No, she’s right. It just appeared.

Janessa: No! No! NO!

Saylor: Hey, hey, sheesh. Stop freaking out.

Narrator: Like I said, dramatic!

Janessa: You need to not get involved. Just tell the story.

Narrator: Well OK. As Saylor touches her toes for no reason, Janessa reaches down and stabs her in the back.

Saylor: Bleh.

Brooke: What?!

Narrator: Oh. Sorry. Spoiler alert!

Janessa: Well since my cover was blown, goodbye Brooke.

[Brooke gets stabbed]

Brooke: Bleh.

Narrator: So Janessa Hawkins the murderer gets away and lives a long, eventful life.

Janessa: You know too much!

[Janessa stabs narrator]

Narrator: Bleh.


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