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Just my thoughts on my writing so I can remember them. :p You can answer the same questions if you choose!

Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



Note: HAS SPOILERS. Don't recommend this as a read if you haven't read at least some parts of the fantasy series. I'm just posting this basically as a diary of my thoughts as I edit it for the next eternity . Yours welcome, same tune, different rhymes. 

Who was my favorite protagonist(s):

Adeline! Definitely. I loved her character development. I also really liked Nane, especially her fight with the creature. I also really like Deserek, as brief as his appearance was lol! 

Least Favorite protagonist: Kela, because I consider her cowardice on par with Victor's and despise cowardice. 

Who was my favorite antagonist (s) : I gotta give it to Fa-mu. Rhazi was also a distasteful favorite bad guy. I also greatly enjoyed the Prince of Torro's dramatic irony before he got Sadco murder-y, because I like Sadco.  


Least Favorite  antagonist(s): Victor by far! I hate him! He's a pathetic person and I do believe my hate bled through my rough writing haha! And then of course, the king of Gald was a pain, but I'd still take him over Victor any day.


Favorite static characters: Rula was a fun write, as was Belle in the tavern of Dirk! Also, I enjoyed the dark knight (the moment Fa-mu passes him by for his shadow to be released is a 'dang' moment for me). RIP. 

Least Favorite static character: Dane! He's nice before but ugh. (He needs more development throughout). Pan warned him, and he didn't listen. Also really didn't like Jyki in Rosin and Ice . 

Most difficult plot: Hmmm... I'd have to say Victor's plot was the hardest, (even though it's kinda of written out by Shelly, shhh). And I think that's because it lacks many  fantastical elements, as it is mostly an internal conflict what with the monster's creation and destructive nature/ Victor's guilt being the greatest vice (though he wasn't guilty in this version). Certainly a plot I need to strengthen to be more external and not so internal. 

ALSO can we do a shout to Blood and Bone's action scene because that was actually the hardest thing I've ever written in my life lol! 

Kela/Pan's backstory was also hard for me to think out for whatever reason- the Mother's motive needs to be fleshed out and exposed more. 

Easiest section to write: Hmmm, Iron and Ember was very easy to write. The ideas just came to me, and I feel the pacing was excellent in that section- a transitioning not reproduced in another section (though in Shade & Cider, perhaps). 


Easiest Development(s) : Actually the idea of the realms came so easily to me, the idea of 'winds of change,' and 'sands of time,' came right before I fell asleep one night and I immediately wrote it down.

The development of tying the King of Gald to Fa-mu's terrors was also an ah-ha! moment for least, I thought it was clever. 


Most difficult development: Deciding plots actually! And timing really gave me a run for my money. There are lots of things I wish I could've foreshadowed sooner, but oh well.

As far as deciding which plots, I had l several ends for Kela (one stabbed by the Prince of Torro after Sadco and Ariel flee the convent- glad that got scrapped lol, another in which she and Victor fall in love and she ends up killed by the monster- ew, gross and unbelievable! and then another where she's killed by the monster because it hates her basically) and Adeline (had to fight the King and Fa-mu!) and Sadco (killed immediately after helping kill Queen Aura by the Prince of Torro).

I also had to muse for what seemed an eternity to reveal Rose's role. 

Another  scary monster hiding in the closet is geography. Magic was also hard, I don't have all the details of solar worked out. Either way, I wouldn't want to go into specifics for the story but I'd like to know at least! 

Oldest characters: In my 2016 Nano, Kela, Pan, and the Reverend Mother made the most striking appearances. No one else existed (not even Victor and this entire plot was based off of him in the second in my head draft). 

Most surprising new characters: Fa-mu was all surprises. She's certainly cruel but I feel she has some heart. Heart, but no soul. :)

Favorite Scenery: Loved the descriptions of the tundra by Deserek in Life & Limb. I also enjoyed Fa-mu's visit to the old hut and the beautiful imagery of an orb room. 

Most challenging scenery: Boat battle imagery was hard, only because who has time for imagery in a battle? 


Favorite Backstory: Ooh, this is a hard one. I'd have to say Sadco's. His journey from the Ra river to the streets of Dirk was familiar somehow. 


Favorite Enchanted Item: Violin! No questions about that. Snow's hammer is a favorite, too! 


Favorite Town: Dirk in its gloomy character and muckfish lol! 


Favorite monster: Had to think for this one but I'd say the creature that captured Nane,  also liked Pan's shadow. 

Favorite Kingdom: Gald! I appreciate their dedication to undoing curses. 


Least Favorite Kingdom: has poor leaders! 

Favorite Battle: Snow and Locke's fight was too funny for me, though I really did enjoy the fight with ghouls in Iron & Ember. 

Least Favorite Battle: Do I have to say the boat battle that scrambled my brain like an egg, nothing sunny side up.

Favorite Feast: Feast of Gathering in Norafer held in Briar & Crow sounds too enjoyable. 


Favorite Death: King Hete's death was pretty cool as far as descriptions and was a murder scene that sat for a while on my computer waiting to shine . As far as plot wise...the Beast of Torro is tied with the wendigo of Jortec's end. 


Least Favorite Death: Secilia. :( I love you friend. 

Favorite unrealized ship: Yes, Locke and Adeline, never happen in a million years lol, he's very much in love with Zara. Also, Pan and Kela but I'm pretty sure Pan is old enough to be Kela's dad without the super not aging from traversing the past (ew). 


Biggest Blooper: I had several thousand (6k actually x)) words devoted to Rose and Kela helping children escape the mines and it went absolutely nowhere. :)

Also a plot with Rose working with Victor to revive a deceased child from the Velohein but that was scrapped (Read the Grimm story The Rose and you'll know what I'm talking about. Yet, an intriguing idea though!) 


Also, I knew there was a Pan but I wasn't sure where- at first the dark knight was Pan but Pan would never kill a girl so that was scrapped. 

Also scrapped: Deserek confessing to Will's murder- out of character as Victor's murderous confidence. 

Favorite Time keeper : Ooh, another hard one. Locke as far as character, Snow as far as writing interest and powers. Her hammer and evil apples are very cool! 


Favorite Comic Relief: put into so many embarrassing and awkward situations it tickles my brain. The moment the King of Gald spits in his face and he stutters an awkward bow is Sadco gold. XD 

Favorite plot twist: Ariel stabbing the Prince in the back was an uh oh moment for me, but that's not really a plot twist. Oh! How An-ra's maps were used to invade Norafer. 

Favorite Cover: Iron and Ember's.

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