anastasia almighty

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the angels and demons have been fighting for millenia. then anastasia happened. the first grey demon has appeared. all her infinite life she hasn't been able to groom the world for souls. born as the the 5th legions queen she has high expectations to meet. but every day she isn't able to groom she scales grow brighter. nervous of what is happening she flee's the demon castle and gets messed up with angels. her enemy......

Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018





DOOOONNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The toll echoed throughout the entire castle. I sit upright in my bed immediately greeted by the face of a nightmare, black tendrils snaking across my

scalp, blazing red eyes and fangs and skin dark as a void. The mirror. I push back my covers to reveal more pitch black scaly skin. It was going to be a very hard day trying to survive, again. I opened the door of my room just as all my other sisters did, millions of clicks echoing throughout the hall, I opened my mouth to yawn just as my thousands of sisters did. The collective noise would have destroyed the skull of any human, but alas they were not here. We walked single file to the center of the castle. I was the head of the line being the Queen of my sector. I reached the gates to the center hall where we would be released. I took a scale from my skin and placed it on the lock of the gate it opened and I stepped into the hall. The other Queens lead their battalions out into the hall as I did, the monotony was awful

“Fly my daughters!” a powerful raspy voice resounded through the chamber

We spread our Smoky wings and took off into the sky through the black glass-domed ceiling of the hall. I’m free from my life temporarily, I can be whatever as I look at the expanse that lies before me. Black everywhere with minor interruptions of purple and gold every mile or so. Then sensing our presence a massive swirling obelisk  and platform appears before us. It’s mostly black with bands of magnificent blues and silvers streaking upwards towards the pinnacle. Then, off in the distances, we see a marble obelisk appear identical to the one that lies before my legions but with golds and green bands. Angels. I sprinted toward the pinnacle I turned around to begin chanting to my sisters:

Ad eundum Terra enim, quod essentia sit inter nos perdere in tenebris, ut veniant et regnabit iterum, Ad eundum Terra enim, quod essentia sit inter nos perdere in tenebris, ut veniant et regnabit iterum

The spire starts glowing and the expanse of darkness dissipates. When reality comes back into its comprehensible lense. The view is very different from the prior. There are nine massive spheres and a fiery ball that is 10 times as big as the biggest sphere. In the distance, there are dusty clouds of purple and red and blue very similar to the ones of gold and purple back at the castle. But we are here for one reason and one reason only. The third sphere. We shot towards it’s green and blue surface. Then a burst behind us the legions of angels were gaining on us. I exerted all my power and didn’t let my mind wander just get there before they get there before they get you. We entered the atmosphere and my legions changed form. My sisters around me started dissolving. I waited for them to dissolve then I followed suit, turning into grey mist so that we would not be seen by humans. We were now a “thunderhead” as the people below called us, we descended lower so we could freely graze. Then angels entered the picture wind tossing about, I knew it was them trying to scatter us. I ignored them trying to go lower. Finally, we are in range all around me my sisters lash out at the ground and water trying to find some source of life to devour. I start to cry

No, I can’t cry, I am a demon this is my job it is helping the balance of life.

No, I can’t cry, I am a demon this is my job it is helping us……….

The toll of a bell rings around me. The clicks of the doors opening scream at me. The finality of the opening of the gate, the descent of death to everywhere there is life. The destruction that lashes out everywhere I go. The fear of children that follows in my wake. Tick…… Tick…… Tick……. Tick………. Tick…………. stop

I emerge from the cloud knowing that I can’t bring myself to lash out at the people below. I look down and the scales of my legs are turning grey. I panic, this can’t be happening. I fly up as I hear my sisters screaming at me.

“Weakling Queen, You couldn’t even eat, what's wrong with you,” They all just make the tears fall more heavily. I flew and flew and flew and flew until anything that was before was nothing now. I felt a pull the rest of the demons had gone home. I couldn’t do that, that place was evil. I flew over to a small little space rock and sat down to rest my wings. I stared at all the nebula around me and tried to figure out what to do next. Out of the corner of my, I saw something move. I swirled around, my vapor sword at the ready.

“Don’t worry Anastasia It’s just me, a nebula,” it said

“Oh, yeah cause you know that's really common for a Nebula to go up to you and start talking.” I shot  back.

“But does that really have to be the case. You're a Demon how is that any less normal than a talking nebula. Why do inanimate things such as myself have to be inanimate and nothing else. Does that really make sense to you Anastasia.”

“What do you want?” I couldn’t think of any other conversation starters with a nebula.

“You. Come with me.”

I could see the nebula more clearly now. It had now taken an angelic form. Luscious Black hair with silver circlets tied into his braids. An all too perfect face with dark blue eyes and a black robe heavily dusted with blues reds and light magentas making it very easy to misconceive him as a cluster of space dust. He looked disgusting such perfection should not have existed. I followed him through clouds of space dust and every time we go through one the nebula moves and another “nebula” almost identical to him joins us. We all stop when there are ten. I look at each of them carefully trying to find differences between them. One has bronze circlets in his hair, the next has gold, then rose gold, then platinum, polished obsidian, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, ivory. I picked out the first one I had met.

“What is going on here?”

“These are my brothers, and we are going to take you somewhere where your sisters cannot go and you will be safe and loved.”

As he finished they formed a circle around me and started chanting:

Eamus ad locum quietis aeternae perducat ut implerent denuo pacis.

Eamus ad locum quietis aeternae perducat ut implerent denuo pacis.

Eamus ad locum quietis aeternae perducat ut implerent denuo pacis.

Eamus ad locum quietis aeternae perducat ut implerent denuo pacis.

I was in pain, it felt like white-hot knives were cutting me open and ripping me apart limb by limb. I tried to plunge my sword through my heart to end the agony, but my arms were too heavy and my sword was gone. My wings I tried flying but as I painfully held back, I looked back, they were gone. The world was white and gold, to bright. Then it was over I still ache in every inch of my bones and could feel the wounds still healing as they dripped hot crimson blood. I was on the ground of a marble courtyard. Fountains peacefully producing magenta water. Beautiful flowers and trees in neat and organized rows. I tried to stand up but I couldn’t, I was in too much pain. The nebuli still stood in a circle around me. They saw me crippled on the ground and immediately lifted me up onto a nearby benched. I looked around and realized that one, there were tall beautiful buildings in a circle around this little park and two, that where I had just been laying had turned black while everywhere else and the floor was white. Once a was laid down the bench also immediately turned black from my touch. The silver Nebula ran off screaming for a medic and soon enough I was on a cot headed toward the shortest building circling a square. As the nebula opened the doors and made room for me. The doors were pretty, black, blue, magenta………..sleep……………………………….

Blue, gold, afternoon, children playing, no ominous voice ordering me to kill, safe. I drowsily opened my eyes. Not thinking to scan the room. Pretty guy. There was a man sitting next to me. He had beautiful teal eyes a tan face and raven black hair. He was wearing a silver trimmed blue tunic with a blood stain on the side of his chest where his heart was.

“Hey, beautiful,” I said

He chuckled, a deep silky sound. What just came out of my mouth. Maybe I was drugged to help me heal from my big booboo.

“Would you look at that, I have big booboo, you have big booboo, that's very muchly coincidental.” Why? Was this coming out of me?

“I guess it is a big coincidental,” he said with a grin.

I pushed myself up and leaned against the headrest of my bed. Then he looked at me, got up and went into a room that had a little mens room sign at the doorway. While he was gone I looked around my surroundings. It looked like a hospital. It seemed that we were in a tree with green leaves all around us and sunlight streaming through the leaves casting beautiful shadows and colors on the ground. But something told me that wasn’t right. I tried to remember how I got here. I was in the middle of nowhere after a grooming and then a big spirit thing came got a bunch of friends and…. Mugged me? That would explain why I was in a hospital with knife marks in my arms legs and wings. That didn’t seem right though. The spirit thing seemed nice so why would mug me. That would have to wait right now I had to figure out how to get back to the castle. If my sisters didn’t have my scale they couldn’t get out of the castle or groom. My scale…. I looked down at my body. Where my scales had been I now had pale skin. And on my scalp. I felt my head. There were thousands of silky strands wrapped tightly in a network of braids wrapped in balls and woven into jewels. I tugged on one of the balls and felt the strands come loose, falling over my face. It was deep crimson. Why had all my previous scales wisps disappeared and been replaced with hair and skin. I remembered how the last time I had failed to groom earth while I was crying and my legs had turned grey. Could this be what was happening to me? Was I turning into an angel? I had seen angels before. They all had hair and skin instead of scales. I guess I had always envied their carefree grace when they fought and how beautiful the women where. Could this be my own fault? Before I could answer my own question the man that I had woken up too was back with a pitcher of amber-colored liquid.

“Drink.” He said

“You are really delicious looking.” I had to be on some weird medication, laughing gas maybe? I took a glass of it and we both took a sip at the same time. It hit my pallet and immediately started reacting oddly to my saliva. It got less dense until it was smoother than water and froze my jaw together. I started gasping for air and tried to breathe through my nose but I was too panicked. The man came over to my bedside and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Just relax, it’s just reacting with you being a demon at birth. Breathe. Just breathe.”

I followed his instructions and tried to breathe and made my whole body relax. The drink unfroze and smoothly glided down my throat leaving a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. I looked up at him. For the first time in a long time, I said something that actually made relative sense.

“Are you my doctor or something?” I asked

“No, if I was you would definitely already be dead” he paused and grinned which made me smile too.”I’m just another patient that just happened to be in the bunk next to you.”

Another person entered the room. It was the big spirit thing with the silver circlets.

“You! Don’t take another step towards me!” I said as a scrambled to the corner of my bed and drew my vapor sword. The man next to me stepped back, stunned at the sight of my sword

“Wh…. n...what are you doing?” He stuttered

The spirit just kept walking toward me

“Why are you afraid of me?’ It asked

I laughed

“So you’re going to play dumb are you? Either way, you aren’t excused from saying that you’re here to help me then torture me and bring me to this godforsaken place so that I can at least die in a comfortable bed

“What does she mean, Sviet Care?” the man asked

“I know nothing of her torture or abduction” Sviet Care responded to my new friend, then he turned his attention to me.

“My love, I am the one who brought you here but not to die. I found you weeping for your life so I decided to intervene and bring you here, for away from the voice that you were tormented by. Though what I did not know was that bringing a demon to a place of light would partially decompose said demons essence and nearly kill them. So any harm done to you was not intentional.” he explained

I let my brain decide whether or not to believe him. It did make sense that he wouldn’t try to hurt me based on his demeanor. Also, why would he show up to see to my recovery if he had left me here to rot? But he did look fully capable of beating me up.  I decided to go with what he was saying for the time being and if I ever found any evidence against this theory I would kill him. And that was that. He left and the man next to me settled back down into his bed and I followed suite

“What’s your name?” I asked

“Vespel” He replied “You best go to bed now if you want to actually heal”

And so I did. I slept on and off for what must have been weeks but there wasn’t a clock or a calendar in this hospital place. Sometimes Sviet Care would come to give us both the amber liquid and sometimes other patients would come and go. One day they let me go outside for an hour but they rushed me back in after I fell to the ground just because I tripped on a twig. I was starting to notice that all the nurses and doctors there never ate or slept or took a brake. Ever since the first encounter with Sviet Care, Vespel became a lot more distant.


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