“Building in the woods”

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Submitted: October 02, 2018

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Submitted: October 02, 2018



My friend Sarah and I were both in seventeen. It was our junior year in high school. Our school had an old abandoned building in the back right in the middle of the woods kids would often go to to smoke during the long days. 

On this particular afternoon we had a fire drill so we had to exit the school mandatory. Me and Sarah had planned to go to the abandoned building to talk and just relax for a few minutes. Once we were outside we looked around, no teachers were looking in our direction or students so we ducked into the bushes and crept our way to the woods. 

It only took us about six minutes to get there. Once we had arrived the building was so old that the door had completely rotted away and off its hinges so we never worried about the building being locked. We entered the dark abandoned building. Sarah grabbed a couple flashlights and turned them on. 

We saw bats on the ceiling but nothing out of the ordinary so we sat down in the middle of the room. There was a couch and a table. The building was used as a teachers lounge back in the 1990’s. Anyway we were talking about life when I heard a dripping sound and something had dropped onto Sarah. 

She had a look of displeasure on her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. She told me something was dripping on her. I signed the flashlight on her first and noticed the liquid was red it looked like blood. I got chills and signed the flashlight up in the air. The building was two stories and right in the middle of the ceiling was a big stain coming from the floor of the second story. 

I walked over towards the stairs and slowly made my way to the top and the door was locked. I knocked and a voice said from the other side of the door “Go Away” I got nervous and ran back down the stairs and told Sarah. We ran out of the school and reported what we saw. 

The principal called the police who came right over and investigated the building. They found a freshly murdered young women in the room. It took a few weeks to identify the killer I can’t say who he was but he was one of the teachers at the school and this wasn’t the first time he ever killed someone either.

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