SMRITI-why this happened

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Submitted: October 03, 2018




This story about a girl who is a happy go lucky but a sudden demise changed her life completely.

HI simu what's your next plan after schooling. I want to prepare for IIFD institute. You know that it's always my dream that I will be a fashion designer. So I'm going to admission in IIFD. And after 2 weeks IIFD is going to conduct entrance test. So I will be there. And what about you. Dude mine is simply B. A. Arts. OK will meet. Bye.

After paased entrance exam she went to institute for GD and PI. She did her best and got admission in IIFD. She was so happy and excited about college life.

It was her first day in college. She reached on time. Excuse me, Are you a fresher? asked a boy. Yes I'm. She replied. Come with me. Where? In principle's office. Why? Because he wants to meet freshers to tell them about rules and regulations and want to take introduction to all of you. OK. Let's go. It was a room. Have all fresher came? Yes boss. Good. Come all fresher. Do your intro one by one. Smiriti understood that somebody taking their ragging. It was her turn that time she gave her intro. And also all fresher did anarkali act. All seniors were mocking and laughing on them. She remained silent that time. But she had thought that I have to do something. So she complained all about to principle.

Next day, who did ragging to fresher's. While it is completely ban in colleges then did this nonsense. Sir I know who is after these? She said, Boss. All were astound and also whispering. Now she gonna kill.

Raj, Raj come here. Ordered Principle. I know that you are behind of this. You are being rusticate for one week. By Going he said to Smriti , I'll see you.

Wow, unbelievable you are such a daring girl. All praised her. Thanks but I just want to say that don't be afraid to anyone. 

Boss she insulted you in front of college. Tell us what we have to do. If you say that we kidnap her and throw in yours feet. No,no it's my challenge and I will solve it alone.

Fifteen days later, Smriti, Raj called her name. You. Yes. I'm. I'm so sorry Smriti. First time somebody open my eyes. You know I had proud on myself but you broke it. Thank you so much. I just only want to say that you are a strong girl who do not afraid of anybody. I had done many faults in my life. But now I want to be change. If you do friendship with me. Listen Mr. Raj I don't do friendship to anyone easily. And I don't know about you. Who knows whatever you saying is truth or not. And if you're really say sorry then say sorry to every fresher who hurted by you. Then I'll thought about it. OK. Bye. I have to attend my class.

He clinched his fist. Boss this is over. Order us so that we remind that girl her status. No, it's my problem I'll solve it my way. Anyway there is an equal competitor. Will enjoy to play. Both of you see.

Next day Raj was saying sorry to anyone.  I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I'll never do this again. Smriti entered in college. She saw this. Raj also saw her. But he turned his eyes. She came to him. Are you out of your mind? What are you doing this? I'm doing what you said. Now what's my fault in it. I said that say sorry to those fresher who were with me that day not to everyone. I know but my heart says to me to say sorry everyone for everything that I was doing for one year back. You know Smriti I'm feeling better now. Thanks to you. OK bye. It's my class.

Smriti smiled. Raj saw her smile and he thought in mind, fish trapped in the trap.

After class he invited her to coffee. One coffee with me please. She said OK let's go. In canteen they talked about themselves and hobbies.

So friends. Ya, friends. She said. He started to help her in everything. She got impressed with him.

You know Raj first I was thinking that you are a wicked person who has no heart. But I was wrong about you that you are so nice. Don't mind me. No, no you carry on. I thought that somebody didn't tell you how to respect others? And you need a good company. And this is you, he said. No, no it's not me. You are always a good person but you choose that gang of friends is not type of yours. Ya, you are right Smriti. I'm sorry Raj I mind you wrong. You are a nice person and best friend.

Are you talking to me by the way or I'm a special person for you. How is this type of question? I want just an answer. You have two days about to thought it.

She was thinking about it whole day. Why he asked to me this?

After two days later he asked the same question. You, you............. You are special for me, she blushed and run away. Yesssss.

Hey hi Smriti. Hi. Today a special day. What? It's my birthday. What? It's your birthday. Happy birthday. No, no not saying you have to come to the party. What? Yes. No, no I can't come. Mummy papa will not allow me. I don't listen any excuses. You have to come. I will not celebrate and cut my cake if you not come. But...... Listen...... Hello........ Raj. This is just disgusting.

Smriti went to his party. I know you will come. Happy birthday Raj. Thank you. Where is your mom-dad? Here they are. Mom-dad meet my friend Smriti. Namestey Uncle-aunt. Namestey. Enjoy the party. Ya, sure. Hey Smriti I can't tell you how much I happy. Because of you. You come here for me. Thanks a lot. Come with me. Where? Come baby.

He taked her to his room. Wow so nice. Sit. You know I want to say something. He sat on his knees and said, I love you Smriti. You are my life. Without you I'm nothing. Where you there I'm. I'll not live without you. I'll die if.............ssshhhh and she kept her finger on his lips. Don't say this again. I love you to Raj. I'll never let you go. He came to her and hold her face in his hands and tried to kiss her. Stop. Control yourself Raj. It's not right, ok. OK. I'm sorry. He retreated. He angered but control himself. He took some cola to her. Take some cola you get tired. Ya. And she drank it. His mixed some wine in it. Strange taste. Ya, strange. She got unconscious. 

And that happened. He rapped her. Also made a clip. When she got in conscious, she saw herself naked. She frightened. Raj. As she turned she saw Raj other side. He was also naked. Raj, Raj wake up. What happened sweetheart? A shameful smile was on his face. Did you all this? Yes I did. And you know I just loved it. You looking so hot. Come baby. Don't touch me. How I was wrong? Shaming on myself that I trusted you. I'll complain about it. Hey babes listen. See and he saw that clip to her. She remains shocked. How could you do this? You love me. No, I don't. I was taking my revenge. What? I never forget my insult that you did in front of whole college. I wanna say also that I did this with other girls. Means I tasted them but you are so different from them. Your taste........... Stop, she screamed. Never say it again. I'll kill you. You kill already me Smriti. Don't take my name with your malign tongue. If you want that I don't say it to anyone then you've to come to me and........... No. Never. Then I will infamous you. I'll viral this clip on the internet. 

She went to her house. She had completely broken. She kept thinking the whole night. What will happen to Mummy-papa if they know all about this. Why did I believe on him? Is all my fault? And Shanu, (Shanu her younger sister) she is my loving sister. She took a decision. I have no way left now. So she decided to suicide. 

In the morning her mummy called her. Simu wake up. After passing an hour her mother started worrying. What happened? Listen Simu's Papa Simu didn't open the door. And he kicked the door. They screamed. She was hanging with fan. She had been died. They were crying. They hadn't know what happened to her. 

She left a note.
She wrotes,  Mummy- Papa I love you so much. I have lost. You know you are the best Parents in the world. Somebody did betrayal with me. I couldn't face this society, this world anymore. So I'm taking to end my life. I know both of you will not bear it but i have no option. Both of you can't even imagine what happened with me. He had rapped me and also have a clip of that incident. Do not know how many girls would be victim of his oppressor. I don't want that my Shanu also will....................
No, no I'll not let ih happen with Shanu. So both of you do promise to me that you'll leave this city. 
I want to say just that save my loving sister from vile people who have only malign thinkings.  Save my sister's life. 


Your loving daughter

Both scattered. Simu why did you do this? I'll complaint about this who is behind it, said her father. No, you don't see what she writes in her note. Save Shaun's life. We will leave this city, scared her mother. Why? I don't want to listen anything. I'll send my Shanu to her Nana. She will live there and complete her study. I don't want somebody bother to mu childs. I have lost my Simu but not lost Shanu

Now everyone must be thinking that Smriti will be wrong so that's all happened to her. She should have been in her limit. Shouldn't have cross her limits. Why she went to that party? Why she took liqueur?
All these questions are nonsense. She did true love. With no terms and condition. 
In our society there are so many Smriti who have to give up their lives when speaking truth and raising voice against someone. And people like Raj always survive. 


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