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I do write a lot about love, the good and the bad.

Submitted: October 03, 2018

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Submitted: October 03, 2018



Verse 1: But I'm just a sunflower,and aint that so funny. But if maybe I were a rose then maybe you'd still want me. Theres something more than the words Its in everything you do. And if you dont ever heal from your wounds, Youll just only bleed out onto the ones who've never even hurt you.

Maybe all things are just difficult before they become easy. Its okay to not see it,you dont have to believe me.

Chrous: Boy lets cause a love, baby lets cause some emotion. See I was quite ready to be fallen in love, but seemed like everyone had a touch of some kind of poison. And I was never quite ready for you to leave me, I just wanted to love you in the best ways that I knew how. My love became a runaway now. Baby is just so far away from me now.

Verse 2: You were made of broken glass, Even though I knew if I touched you I'd get hurt, and maybe I liked that. I want you to feel me, But I just wanted my love back. Its hard to lose the love you hold, Especially when no one gives a fuck about where your mind has been at.


Baby how will I know,if you love me so. Maybe if it was just all a taste, you should of let me know.

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