A Dragonborns Ambition

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
Farideh goes on a rather short adventure, that flips her life on its head

Submitted: October 03, 2018

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Submitted: October 03, 2018



Hethress, Farideh’s mother was dragging the little Dragonborn home.

“Mommy, I don’t want to go home”

“Shut up Farideh. We are going”

The adult was annoyed. farideh never wanted to go anywhere. She would resist with all her strength (which for the little girl was quite much) and never wanted to go to her tutor. hethress sighed. If only Farideh were a little smarter. She was so beautiful. her daughter would have a god future. While she dragged the frowning girl through the busy streets of Shraki, Hethress started to get tired. She let go of Farideh for a moment to stretch her aching muscles and rest her arms. When she turned around, wanting to once again grab Farideh’s arm, she found her daughter to be gone.

Hethress started to panic.

“Farideh, Farideh where are you?”

She called out frantically, looking around hectically. In the meantime though, the small Dragonborn had taken the opportunity to slip away, entering the closest building. Which just so happened to be a tavern. Farideh had never been to a tavern in her entire life, so she simply sat down at the next best table.

“What do you want?”

One of the humans at the table asked her, clearly drunk.

Farideh thought about the question for a few seconds, then answered, like it had been a serious question.

“I wanna fight bad guys and go on adventure”

The response was loud laughter from all around, even the neighboring table.

“You won’t get that here, so now fuck off”

The dragonborn had been oblivious to the fact that it was her who triggered the laughter. Yet that direct of an order she noticed and it only increased her resilience to stay. she frowned at the harsh response and crossed her arms, staying put.

“Want me to kick you out?”

The Tiefling at the table asks, clearly drunk as well. Farideh simply kept her arms crossed and looked at the stranger with defiance. When the human got up and tried to grasp her by the arm to drag her out, Farideh got angry. She punched his outstretched arm and broke every single one of his fingers. A unknown power surged through her body and unable to control it more or less accidently sweeps his legs out from under him as she jumps up and delivers a well aimed hit at his head, knocking him out in an instant.

The Tiefling jumps up to help, yet quickly learns how painful it is to have someone bite his tail, with the sharp teeth of a dragon.

She jumps to his eyeheight, completely surprising him and quickly knocking him out.

In the background sits Kriv, a promoter for a Gladiator pit. While drinking out the ale in front of him he hears another man go down. he knows that he will take her in and he also knows that he is leading down her onto a path splattered with blood. He chuckles, as he sees four men finally able to stop the girl’s rampage. He crosses his arms, while he waits for them to carry Farideh to him.


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