Pools in all Schools

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Submitted: October 03, 2018

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Submitted: October 03, 2018



I would like to persuade you to build a pool in every school. This addition would benefit schools greatly because swimming teaches life skills that are valuable for all students. In addition to building life skills, easy access to a pool would help to train the school swim team and would increase the popularity of our school throughout the community.


First of all, being able to swim is an important life skill. Children sometimes drown because they lack experience in the water and learning to swim will help to build skills that could help to save a life someday. Swimming is also a physical education skill that could expose students to a different option for of physical exercise and could help to develop students through the challenge of swimming. Furthermore, when students swim, they learn endurance. In swimming, energy is needed. When you are swimming for long periods of time, you learn to spare your energy. Endurance will help them be able to withstand long exercises and be able to pace themselves.  Including swimming in the elementary’s weekly physical education class would teach students many new and necessary skills. Students could swim about once a month, improving their skills in treading water, diving, and other water-included activities. Adding this element of fun from learning new techniques would entice the students to explore other forms of exercise and would both enrich their lives and provide a fun source of exercise.


To add to this, sports programs would expand by having a pool on location. Having a pool would encourage more students to join the swim team because the practices would be easier to schedule and could be held more frequently. For instance, practices could be held before, during, or after school. This could help schools gain recognition in the sports program as they build a winning team, which would consequently allow for other options to be added, such as a water polo team and a diving team.


In addition, the purchasing of a pool would provide enticing options to parents of the community. Not many public schools have swim training in their routine, so schools with pools would stand out. Teaching students to swim, along with the strong elements of academics, fine arts, and sports, will attract many newcomers. Some may argue that a pool costs too much money, but that opposition is not credible. Have you ever thought how many parents would send their children to a school where they learn the proper skills of swimming along with academics? Adding monthly swim lessons to the many other activities that some schools offer will quickly help to regenerate the money that was lost from the purchase of the pool. Another way to gain more income is to offer community swim lessons or open pool. We could offer part-time jobs to high schoolers as life guards,which would keep the participants safe. With the new income, we would be able to add new programs to our school, repeating the whole process over again. Schools will thrive, teaching and improving the generation of the future.


In conclusion, each school needs a pool to improve the status of the school. With a pool, we could teach life skills necessary to students, improve the size and skill of our swim team, and attract more students, thus benefiting the school as a whole.


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