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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 03, 2018

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Submitted: October 03, 2018



[Scene One: Darwin enters, carrying a silver tray. ]

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Thank you.

Darwin: It is a butler’s job to serve with full heart and soul.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Again, I thank you. Also, Darwin, please fetch me my shawl.

Darwin: Yes my lady.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Why do you cower so in my presence?

Darwin: I humble myself in your presence.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: You tremble and speak sparingly. You may pour out your soul to me. I don’t mind.

Darwin: It is not polite to speak in such tongues to my superior.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: You spoke to me when we were younger, when you weren’t as proper.

Darwin: I do not know what you mean.

[Darwin leaves the room, a slight scowl on his face.]

[Princess Victoria T. Hector sighs.]

Princess Victoria T. Hector: I wish the sun had not set on that relationship. He’s changed tremendously.

Darwin: Princess, I am still in range of hearing.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: I know.

[Darwin shakes his head and slowly descends down the north corridor towards the king’s chambers, forgetting about delivering the princess’s shawl.]


[Scene two: Princess Victoria attends a fancy ball in her honor.]

Princess Victoria T. Hector: What is this about, Mother?

Queen Maleena V. Hector: It is time.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Time for what?

King Bruntston M. Hector: Vicci, darling, it is time for you to be wed. You have come of age.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: What?! No! I…

King Bruntston M. Hector: You what?

Princess Victoria T. Hector: I am in love.

Queen Maleena V. Hector: With who? We shall have them hanged immediately for distracting my royal daughter.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: No, mother! You don’t understand! I love him, and I wish to marry him! Betrothal is irrational to my heart.

King Bruntston M. Hector: Since when has your heart mattered? Your duties come first! Who is it? Have you been talking with Prince Herald again?

Princess Victoria T. Hector: No.

King Bruntston M. Hector: Well you are too late, I’m afraid. We’ve just made a deal and promised your hand to Prince Furr of the Kingdom of Tennatiss.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: What… I … I don’t understand. I can’t understand! I love Darwin!

King Bruntston M. Hector: Darwin the butler? Thank you, darling, I will get a noose ready for the morning.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: No! Father, please! I love him, and I intend to marry him if he will have me! I can’t live without him! I’ll… I’ll… I’ll kill myself! I’ll run away! I’ll hang my own body next to his!

King Bruntston M. Hector: So be it.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: You don’t care? You want me to die? But… I thought you were my father, but you’re just a… a… an evil king!

[King Bruntston looks shocked for a moment, then runs his hand across his wife’s cheek before falling to the ground, dead.]

[Victoria gasps, unable to comprehend what has happened.]

Queen Maleena V. Hector: Bruntston… my husband… sweet husband…

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Mother, I-

Queen Maleena V. Hector: Get out! Leave me to my peace and my sorrow! What you have committed is a great crime.Get out!

Princess Victoria T. Hector: But mother, I am the crown princess…

Queen Maleena V. Hector: I don’t have a care for that! You killed my husband, your father, the king! You don’t deserve the title crown princess.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: You are being irrational, mother. I didn’t…

Queen Maleena V. Hector: Get out or your body with hang on the west wall next to your love’s.

[Victoria’s eyes widen as she realizes that her mother does not care about her, only her husband. Victoria runs out of the ballroom.]

[Darwin watches this unfold from a dark corner, an evil sneer spread across his face.]

[Darwin waits a few seconds, then follows Victoria silently.]

Queen Maleena V. Hector: Oh, my sweet husband, I am so sorry.


[Scene Three: Darwin enters Victoria’s room, where she is sobbing noisily.]

Darwin: Oh, Vicci, it’s not your fault.

[Victoria looks up, sees him, and smiles.]

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Darwin, you heard?

Darwin: I was too far to hear. I saw.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: But it what if it was my fault?

Darwin: I know it isn’t, because it’s mine.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: What?

Darwin: I killed your father, as I intend to do to you.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Darwin, you would never. I know you.

Darwin: Do you?

[Victoria smiles.]

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Stop messing around, Darry. You know it couldn’t have been you. Now, there’s an important question for me to ask you.

Darwin: Yes?

Princess Victoria T. Hector: I love you. Will you-

Darwin: No.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: No to what?

Darwin: Your question.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: I haven’t finished it yet. Will you-

Darwin: You were going to ask me to marry you, which I shan’t do for I do not love you or your family. Your father was not dear to me, otherwise I would not have put the poison in his silver goblet. If I loved you, I wouldn’t have let you pretend to be my friend all these years. If I loved you, I wouldn’t be hiring an assassin to kill the queen in the morning. And if I loved you, I would be saving you, not killing you. I do not love you, Vicci, or I would kiss you now. I would hug you and hold you. I despise you and your royal family, Vicci. I hate you. Do you understand?

[Victoria sat, her mouth open in surprise.]

Darwin: Do you understand? Answer me, woman!

Princess Victoria T. Hector: No.

Darwin: You don’t understand? Well then let me explain it-

Princess Victoria T. Hector: No. It can’t be true. I loved you with all my heart! I did, Darry.

Darwin: Do not call me that. That was my schoolboy name. That is no longer me.

Princess Victoria T. Hector: Darry is who you are, and I refuse to call you otherwise. It is wrong how you tricked me so, so I shall put my affection behind me and order you punished.

Darwin: You took the words right out of my mouth.

[Darwin grabs Victoria and runs.]


© Copyright 2020 Cecily Lessa. All rights reserved.

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