The Bench

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Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



“Siya come on yr you are taking too much time”, said Siya’s roommate Sheetal while watching the time in the watch tied to her hand. Siya comes running out of the room and said I am really sorry, let’s go. So now they have started from their house and waiting for an auto. “Bhaiya metro station chalogey kya?”, Sheetal asked.  Autowala firmly said NO and off course NO means NO, no one other than a girl can understand this better.

On one hand Sheetal was trying to convince the autowalas and on the other hand Siya just sat on a bench nearby while she was on phone with someone. Suddenly, a boy comes and sits beside her. The boy looked very upset. He puts his head on his hands. Watching this Siya was uncomfortable firstly but then her motherly instincts came up and she asked him, “What happened? Are you alright?” Hearing this he stood up his head. He looked upon Siya and Siya looked at him. The boy had eyes in which you can just drown in. Eyes were very much teary and those tears could have fallen down anytime.  The boy was really in a huge trouble and Siya was so curious to know his trouble that she could not take her eyes off.  As he was about to speak, Sheetal comes in shouts at Siya, “Abey Chal na kabsey auto khada h ” Siya just shook her head as if she came out of some dream sequence and said yeah yeah let’s go. While sitting in the auto Siya was just looking at the boy. Somehow, Sheetal dragged her and both of them went from there.

Throughout the party Siya was just curious to know about the boy’s issue. She was unable to enjoy the party. So when they came back she just ran out of the auto towards the bench as if she had left something over there. Off course there was no one there. She went back home. The next morning as she woke up she went out of the house to see if the boy again visited the bench or not. This started happening every day. In the evening when she used to come back from the office she will just sit on the bench for a while and wait for him. But all her efforts were futile because it was one month and still there was no sign of the boy. So gradually she lost her interest and curiosity.

After a week ,“I am doing yoga Ma!!! Don’t worry about that”, Siya said while speaking on the phone. While talking to her Mom she entered her flat and to her surprise the lost boy was sitting on the couch. Siya just hung up the phone and said, “hiiiiiiii remember me”. The boy responded, “Hi , I am sorry did not recognize you”. Siya wasted no time and made him remember that day when they were sitting on the bench. She was not at all interested in how that boy came in her flat; she just wanted to know his issue that’s it. As he was about to speak again Sheetal comes in. What is wrong with you Sheetal  you always come at the wrong time. Will you let him say something ever, last time also you interrupted when we were going to the party and I was sitting on the bench. Sheetal  had a very shocking look at her face and with a frowning face she asked, ”Who are you talking about. Who won’t be able to speak? Siya there is no one in the room and there was no one sitting beside you on that day on that bench……………………………………………………………………….” 


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