Feeling Bored

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I was so bored that day.

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



I remember the day well. It was in the depth of a long December holidays, when the joy of having finished school for the year was extinguished and the excitement – well, the thought, at least – of the next year wasn’t ignited. Although I remember the day well, I couldn’t tell you whether it was a Tuesday or a Friday, a Saturday or a Sunday. It was just a boring day.

My parents were out – possibly working, but they may have gone to visit relatives on a weekend. Or maybe they were having one of their endless mah-jong sessions. They certainly had given no thought to what I might do. They’d left me no money to go out with and I was broke. They had not sent me to any relatives.

My older sister was supposed to be in charge of me but we had a mutual agreement. I didn’t interrupt her or run to her to for nothing – possibly only to discover that she had gone out with her boyfriend, or boyfriends – and she did not check up on me. And neither of us was to get into trouble. Then we had perfect freedom. Of a kind.

Normally, the relationship worked. Usually, I had friends to go out with. But today happened to be the day that every boy of 14 seemed either to be out with their parents, away on holiday – or just not answering their mobile phones. Believe me, I had been sitting in my room for what seemed like hours going through every number I could think of.

There was nothing on television, it goes without saying. I had watched all the videos we had and, no, I didn’t want to see another re-run of ‘Star Wars’, thank you very much. There was no way I was going to pick up a book to read. I had spent day after day surfing the net and I was finding it tedious. I’d already set personal records in all my favourite games.

I no longer had any pets to annoy. My tortoises died years before. My hamsters ate each other or something in prehistoric times. My cat, Isobel – died a year ago and thinking of her still makes me sad, which did nothing to help the melancholy mood I was in.

That was how I felt at 9 in the morning. The monotony of the day stretched ahead of me, like a desert.

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