Love triangle

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This my first story I have written myself. Please give your feedback and do read it!

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



Love triangle "It's been very rough time for us. 1 year already passed, I still feel like yesterday! I can feel your pain uncle aunty! I am so sorry for your loss. I can't believe Abhinav is not with us anymore." Subhasish said. He went to his girlfriend Avani and hugged her. She was shedding tears. After few minutes memorial ceromony ended. Everybody went their own way. Relatives of Abhi(Abhinav)were crying and remaining people left as the big load has been removed off from their shoulders. Subhasish and Avani went to coffee shop where they used to hang out during school days. "Despite the situation, I feel very happy to meet you babe." Subh said. "Me too" she replied with sad smile. "Are you alright?" "Yes! I am fine." After few minutes of awkward silence she said,"I missed you so much!" "urggh! long distance relationship. Two more years and I will be back. I miss you too but you know studies and assignment. It sucks!" "When are you returning back to college?" Avani asked. "After two days. And how's your study going on, miss nurse?" "Don't call me that! Well you know without boys college sucks." she said with teasing smiling. She always does that. "I can suggest you some friends in facebook. My handsome classmates are always ready to date a girl." he replied as he didn't care but he was envied. She replied ,"You are handsome enough for me Mr.writer."

Abhinav and Subhashish were best friends back in school. They literally share everything with each other. Like in every love story, they were super cool until one beautiful girl came to their life,Kritika. Abhi and Subh were studying management in high school. They were friends since 4th standard. They studied in st.stephans. They used to see Kritika everyday while going to college. Kritika studied in Rosemary school Abhinav had huge crush on her. Her long curly hair, white fair skin tone and pretty blue eyes and small black bindi in forehead can make anyone fan of her. She was always with her gang, three of them were boys and one girl best friend Tanisha. Abhinav was little kishan kanaiya of his squad. He was tall, cute, glowing and always had perfect hair which was cute enough to get pretty girlfriends. He was chill type of a person. He was socialized and friendly with everyone. He always daydreamed of having family with Kritika. He had a brother named Kiran. His dad was a employee of Mercantile bank and mom housewife. Subhashish was a nerdy kid till grade 9.He had old fashioned haircut and squared frame glasses. Then he switched into contact lenses and stylish haircut like every teenagers. He was also fine looking but Abhi was always one step ahead in impressing girls. He was not a relationship kinda guy. He always enjoyed his solitude. He always wanted to be a writer. He used to write blogs. He was always busy in his netflix TV series. These two are the only things he enjoyed the most. He always write by observing people. His father was the business tycoon of a town. He had his business of wine and liquors. His parents were divorced when he was 6 years old. One day Subh was alone and working on his story. Suddenly Abhi came and asked ,"What are you doing buddy?" "oow!! You scared the shit out of me! You should have knocked."Subh replied. "I am sorry man." "Nah! It's ok. I just completed my story. It is the best story I have ever written." "I am thinking of uploading it on facebook too." "Why not?"Abhi gestured."I will also read it." The very next day he uploaded it on his website and shared it on facebook too. His story got viral in the town. Many people liked it. Best friend of Kritika, Tanisha suggested it to her. Kritika loved it. Subhashish got friend request of Kritika which was usually rare for boys. He told Abhinav about this. Subh could feel his jealousy. "Don't worry brother! Anyway I am not interest in her."Subh said with a fake smile. But he also liked her. Abhinav gestured with a sad smile. It was 12 P.M in the night. Subhashish was working on his article about feminism. [TEXT MESSAGE] kriti: Hey! Mr.writer subh: Hi! kritika. kriti: what are u doing this late? subh: Working on some articles. and u? don't u have to sleep? kriti: I am just about to go.I saw you online. so I thought I can talk to u subh: You go to rosemary, right? I always see you. kriti: yes! I have also noticed u some time but didn't know you are this... genious subh: haha! I write a lot but this story was written by my friend Abhinav. Its his first time so...he wanted me to publish it. kriti: oh! then I should be talking to Abhinav right subh: perhaps! haha kriti: he is always with u right? that white cute boy! subh: yeah! he is my best friend. I will create a group then. We can talk to each other,ok? kriti: yeah. cool! bye! Its almost 1P.M. I need some sleep. subh: Bye! [next day] "Hey! Abhinav. Yesterday I had a chat with Kritika. I told her that story was written by you to make you two friends." Subh said. "What? That was your masterpiece Subh!" "I can do that much for my brother." he replied. "Anyway thanks man! I appreciate it."Abhinav said. It was like a sacrifice from Subhashish. Giving credit of his work to Abhinav for a girl he liked too. Subhashish didn't wanted to come between them. So he started being busy in his own regular netflix, TV series, writing world. Kritika was more close to Subh in the starting but slowly Subh was getting out of the picture. Abhinav and Kritika were coming closer. They started to meet regularly. Three of them were rarely seen together. Sometimes they met at the cafeteria otherwise they were not together. After knowing each other for 6 months, Abhinav finally proposed Kritika and she accepted the proposal.

[After 1 month] ACP Dev: Miss.Tanisha Fernandez! Tanisha: Yes Sir. ACP Dev: Do you think this is done by Kritika? Tanisha: No sir! She once seemed like she was not happy with the relationship but I am sure she can't do murder of her own boyfriend. ACP Dev: Thank you! You may go now.

ACP Dev: Mr.Subhashish Sharma! Subh: Yes sir. ACP Dev: You were best friend of Abhinav, right? Subh: Yes sir. ACP Dev: Your friends said you were not close with Subhashish for last 6 7 months before he died? Why? Subh: He started being close to Kritika and I was busy on my own schedule, so...nothing personal! ACP Dev: Do you have any suspect who might have done this? What do you think about Kritika? Subh: Postmortem report didn't clarify whether it was a murder or suicide. So I don't think it was a murder. ACP Dev: You may go now.

ACP Dev: Miss.Kritika Avani Shah! Author:{Don't be shocked. Yeah! The girl I mentioned in the beginning of the story, Subhashish's girlfriend Avani. She is Kritika. Her full name is Kritika Avani Shah.} Kritika: Yes Sir. ACP Dev: You were the one who called the police after the death of Abhinav, right? Kritika: Yes Sir. I was with him. I forgot my purse in his room before I left. After 1 hour when I reached there to get my purse, he was dead. There was poison bottle on the table. ACP Dev: But there was not a bit of poison in his body according to postmortem. Do you thing Subhashish murdered him to get you? Kritika: I don't know Sir. But if he had done this, postmortem report would have been different. ACP Dev: He might have killed him by suffocating him with soft pillow in the mouth! It doesn't left any scar. And his father is the most powerful businessman in town, he can easily make this report changed! Kritika: I don't know sir! If this is the case anyone could have done this. But he had no enemy. He was friend with everyone I know. ACP Dev: Investigation will be going on! You have to come here whenever we call you. You can go now. Kritika: Thank you sir!

[Subhashish getting in a relationship with Kritika Avani just after 2 months of the investigation might be a coincidence. Subhashish sacrificing his story for Abhinav might be a coincidence. Kritika calling the police just after the death of Abhinav might be a coincidence Unclarified Postmortem report might be a coincidence. Death of Abhinav just after getting in a relationship with Kritika might be a coincidence. But all these coincidence occuring at the same time can't be the coincident] I will let you to decide whether it was a murder or a suicide. Was it Kritika Avani Shah who done this? Or Subhashish Sharma? Or it was just a suicidial coincidence? ???

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