Our Prayer

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Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



I have faith yet I am scared. Waiting on test results that are delayed. My health is declining rapidly each day. Falling hard to the ground, in pain I laid.

What do you do, when you fear the worst? Doctor said what he believed. I have to be strong, for my family. The storms we are in, you could not perceived.

Lord God why do things keep happening in our lives? We strive to be more like You, We trust in you and try to acknowledge all your blessings. Yes we do have things we struggle with the things that displease you. But Glory to God, it is not on our works, but our Faith in Your Son Jesus Christ that we are expressing.

People are praying, You said the prayers of a righteous man does much. You said if we faith of a mustered seed, we could move mountains or cast a fig tree in the depths of the sea. You said by His stripes we are healed. Oh our Lord and Savior hear our prayer answer our plea!

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