A Witch in a Wolf

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I must admit, this story was written just to explain a drawing, (see Cover Pic).

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018






This story takes place in Shadow-land where there is seldom any color, only black, white, and various shades of gray.

There is a queen in Shadow-land and a princess too, but like everything else in Shadow-land they are of the shadowy side of perfection.

The Queen is Shadow-lands ruling Witch, and in this case she is called a "Conjurer".

The Queen's daughter is Princess and she is known as "Mist".

Now Mist has a protector, friend, and constant companion; it is a Dark-Wolf with an odd sense of humor; he is known as "Eclipse".

And with this little bit of information offered, we shall start our story.


One day the little Princess, Mist, was playing in the forest of Cotton-ball Trees. Soon she grew hungry and very parched while playing Hide-and-Go-Seek with her best friend, Eclipse, and a local Unicorn named "Stark".

Now there is only one thing in the forest of Cotton-ball Trees that can stifle hunger and reduce a thirst, all at the same time, and that is the berries from a Prickle-bush.

So the little Princess, who is soon to be conjurer of the beginners class, conjured up a "Finder-bird" to lead her to a Prickle-bush; and so it did.

Just as Princess Mist began gathering the little berries she pricked her finger on one of the bushes thorns.

"Owe," Mist stated before sticking her finger in her mouth, "that hurt!

And as the young princess pulled her finger from her mouth, she saw blood for the very first time.

"That liquid stuff coming out of me is not black, white, or any shade of gray. It is, ah, ah, I don't know what it is."

Well wouldn't you know? At that moment Eclipse, the Dark-Wolf, appeared at her side.

Mist showed the wolf her wound and the liquid stuff that was coming out of it. "Look at this," Mist said to the Dark-Wolf. This stuff that is coming out of me isn't black, white, or various shades of gray. What do you think it is?"

The Dark-Wolf licked the wound and said, "Umm, tastes like chicken.

"Oh you're no help at all!" Mist replied, "I should have known that you can't be serious about much of anything. I guess I'll have to ask someone who knows something."

So Mist turned to the Unicorn and said, "Look Stark, look at this liquid stuff coming out of me. It isn't black, white, or various shades of gray, so what do you think it is?"

Stark looked at the wound very carefully and then licked it.

"It tastes like chicken," the Unicorn replied, and then she whinnied and snorted. Obviously this was a Unicorn's way of laughing. 

Mist was not amused. So she stated, "Don't be ridiculous, Unicorns don't eat chicken!

Now, if you two comedians won't give me a serious answer then I'll find someone who will!" And that is when she stormed off in the direction of home.

"Perhaps mother can explain this oddity." Mist thought as she ran, then hopped, and finally skipped her way back to the castle. 


Mist knew that her mother would be in the receiving room at that hour of the day. So as soon as Mist arrived at the castle she removed her mini-wand from her coat, waved it in the air, and then floated up to the Queen's receiving room.

It was a slow day in the receiving room and the Queen had few visitors, which was a good thing for Mist.

"Look Mother, Look! What is that liquid stuff and why isn't it black, white, or various shades of gray?" Mist asked her mother with drama accenting every word.

The Queen looked at the tiny wound with all the seriousness that a mother can muster, and replied, "That is just Blood, Sweetie, it won't hurt you. See, it is drying and will seal your wound."

Mist got the oddest look on her round little face and asked the burning question that was stuck in her mind, "But Mother! It is Not black, white, or any shade of gray. It has an alarming look, rather scary. --- What's it called?"

The Queen smiled and said, "It is a Color, dear, and that alarming color is called, Red."

"Are black, white, and various shades of gray, colors?" Mist asked with great interest.

Her mother thought for a time and replied, "I don't think so. But it really doesn't matter because everything gets done nicely with just black, white, and various shades of gray. Don't you think?"

Mist had her curiosity stoked, so the answer was, "Now that I have seen Red I don't know if black, white, and various shades of gray, get things done nicely."

And that thought prompted the next question by Mist, "How many other colors are there and where are they hiding?"

The Queen thought this to be an excellent question, one she had never asked her father or mother, so she called for the Queensland historians to be summoned.

It took the two historians some time to get to the receiving room because they didn't know where it was.

Why? Well because they had never been summoned by the Queen before. You see, history was never the Queen's favorite subject.


By the time the historian's arrived the Queen was involved with making a Judgment involving two farmers.

One farmer presented his case as this, "My dear Queen, my neighbor is a speckled-hog farmer and I grow white-corn.

Every year, after I harvest my crop, my neighbor lets his hogs roam free and they devour what remains of my corn; all that is left on the ground. They also do a nice job of clearing weeds and grasses that happen to be infesting my fields.

Until this very year we have had no problem with this arrangement, my fields are cleared and his hogs are well fed for free."

patients was growing thin with these long winded people.

My neighbor sold his farm and the new neighbor is going to grow corn, just like me.

"So what would you have me do about that?" The Queen asked.

The farmer shot back with, "Make him raise speckled-hogs, just like the last farmer did."

“And what have you to say?” the Queen inquired of the second farmer.

The second farmer stepped forward and said, “My Queen, I am a crop farmer and have always been a crop farmer. I know nothing about Hogs and they would surely cause me great distress and hardship if I were to try to raise them.”

At that point the Princess butted in, as children sometimes do, and whispered something in her mother's ear.

The Queen laughed and shook her head in agreement.

Then the Queen stood to make her judgment, as is customary in Queensland, and she said to the complaining corn farmer, "From this day forward you shall never grow corn again. Find another crop to grow that has no need of a hog's help!"


Now all this silliness had prompted the Queen to forget her daughter's question regarding blood, so the Queen asked the Princess to explain.

Princess Mist presented the unanswered question to both the historians when she showed them her tiny dried blood spot and stated, "My mother tells me that this is a color. Now what I want to know is, how many other colors are there and where are they all hiding?"

The two historians huddled together for a time and stood conversing with each other, in whispering tones, of course. And when they had finished one of them replied, "Ages ago, the Duke of Drab's wife, "Blah-dara", didn't like colors.

Well it just so happened that a Sorcerer was in debt to the Drab family and sought to barter the debt away.

So Blah-dara made a deal with the Sorcerer and was given a potion instilling in her all the knowledge that she needed to become a witch.

Some time later Blah-dara cast a spell that sucked all the colors, colors that were not already hidden, into one magic wand. The color-wand, as it is called, is housed in the Queens Relics Showcase, next to the Freedom-Box and the Crown-Jewels."

"Blah-daria, was she a relative of mine?" asked the Queen in a very aggravated manner.

The other historian quickly replied, "Oh no my Queen! Blah-daria was a cousin by marriage.

But not anymore, now Blah-daria is a spirit that resides in the host body of a Dark-Wolf.

You see, when Blah-daria was old and about to die she cast a spell on a Dark-Wolf; now her spirit resides in that wolf."

Then the other historian continued by saying, "But unknown to Blah-daria, such a move had unforeseen consequences; it cost Blah-daria her knowledge of magic."

"Where is this she-wolf, you know, this spirit, now?" the Queen demanded to know.

"She roams our land with no more power than a Dark-Wolf should have," exclaimed both historians, at exactly the same time.

"Can someone release the colors, you know, let them out of the color-wand?" Mist asked excitedly.

"You or your mother could, but only in the presence of Blah-daria." said one historian.

The second historian attacked that idea by saying, "No, no, that would be impossible unless one of you had a way to keep Blah-daria from attacking. She may not be a witch today, but she is in the body of a Dark-Wolf. I'm sure she would kill anyone who tried to undo her greatest accomplishment."

The Queen stood, and as she moved across the room her stately robe moved from side to side. And as she turned, she stated, "If I were to free the colors, then I would take my guards with me. They would kill the wolf as soon as she was seen."

One historian chuckled under his breath and the other quickly told the Queen, "The spirit of Blah-daria cannot be killed.

If one of your guards kills the wolf, then Blah-daria’s spirit will take possession of the guard that killed the wolf."

Mist was noticeably confused and asked, "Then how in the world could the colors be set free? You are making stuff up!"

"Oh no, not at all!" exclaimed a historian.

Then the other chimed by saying, "It is something like the game of chess, you must limit your enemy's ability to move. If Blah-daria cannot attack, if she is held in Check, then the Color-wand can be opened and the colors set free. But I am afraid we do not know how to do that."


Months had passed and the Queen's guards had managed to locate Blah-daria.

Of all places, she had been living as short distance away, in the forest of Cotton-ball trees. But she was on the other side of the Reflective Stream, a place where only spirits can dwell.

Now it is true that the spirits can cross to either side of the stream, but people may not. So if anyone wanted to challenge Blah-daria then Blah-daria would have to come to them.


Late one night, Mist snuck into the room that housed the Queens Relics Showcase and took the Color-wand. Then she snuck out of the castle and went into the forest of Cotton-ball trees.

As Mist drew near the edge of the stream's crossing she called out with a challenge to Blah-daria.

At first Blah-daria did not answer, but when she saw that Mist had the Color-wand she was filled with anger and decided to kill the child. But when Blah-daria came to the edge of the stream she was confronted by Eclipse, Mist’s Dark-Wolf friend.

This presented a problem, if Blah-daria crossed the divide she would be held at bay by a force as great as her own. If she stayed where she was then Mist could release the colors. She was just like the King on the Chessboard who has run out of options, it was Check-mate.


As Mist opened the Color-Wand her hooded coat turned Red, her blouse became pink, and her dress turned burgundy. Then all the Colors from the Color-Wand, looking much like fireflies, flew back into Queensland, --- forever.



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