night echoes

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tribalims is something not to be scared of. its internal racism.

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



Night Echoes



In the heart of the darkness, whispers propagate themselves in a mythical way ghosts have never done. The tranquil night has no difference from a dead sea but only to be invaded with waves making water slap the sea shores.

Eyes get sleepy, body tired of daily chores and endless duties but the reason the night is thicker force you not to look at your eye lids. Nightmares visit in mortal styles like the practise of black magic. Horrific scenes in your eyes will be ceaseless as memories of a horror movie you watched a long time ago. Your mind will slip off your head and go about the height of the ceiling then you play a perpetual enigma the whole night. You combat with your senses and eyes to get to sleep but the feeling of fear of the night will be substantial in your mind. The fear will just augment when you think of lethal racism within your residence.

The Ndebele-Shona tentions are still living. The hatred of Shona people in the Ndebeles is just a frolic which has become an everyday custom in their hearts. Shonas living within the Ndebele vicinities are just as lost puppies as language is really considered in everyday living. No matter how intrepid or lastrous you are, racism is something that will never end in Zimbabwe.

This is just a living horror, a scary scene that is still played in minds as cinemas or movie houses of the living.


How melancholy it is for one not to have a sleep the whole night frightened of the living bombs within the racists. Racism is not about the fights, the pulling of triggers, exploitation of another tribes but also the mentality that another tribe is still a harm and a catastrophe.

You escape the tragedy brought by the dilemmas on whether to act like not from that tribe or you are from this only by the sweet memories of your girlfriend. When was the last time you saw her? Now its like months ago yet you saw her yesterday and you are filled with dread of being heart broken. Girls can do that.


Whether you are eminent in any form, love is love, fear is fear and hatred is hatred. All the abandoned souls of young boys are bruised for the pain is still vivacious, heart breaks are not that easy.

It may seem so wicked for one not to sleep during the night but the penetrating sharp memories of the day may not bring the tired body to sleep.

Here you think of racism, there you think of love then you find yourself alone in the dark expecting lights to come alive after a long period without no one taking care of them. You hold to cough as you imagine the dark night carrying echoes from your door go another through the empty dinning and sitting room where a stuffy smell hung in the air, then you think of someone way outside may be only waiting to feel the presence of life.


That is my life. Its more more like a contract to the infinite pain causing lethal headaches, dizziness and an agitation of a looser. When im alone I feel the pain that nobody else has felt before becaus I face the worst dreary misfortunes blaming myself for things that i had never done.

Im not saying im the right person to live on earth carrying this pain whether are you, but loneliness, racism and nightmares can make you a judge and a lawyer at the same time. You argue to yourself giving silly judgement to your analyses, and the scene that the world is reticent makes you hear your heart pounding and your nose heavily taking air in and out. Thats implying a credence that nightmares live.

You even think scenes in Scream or Saw horror movies are true and the same may happen to you in the heart of the night. I always imagine blood making streams on the floor, my body without the ability to shout for help even though I live in a racist community where nobody cares for my everyday lonely life.


Whether I try to be a righteous person but I always have that feeling not to judge others for we sin differently. My abode is a place of silence not because I dont have one to call my associate. I always say my girlfriend is my bestfriend bringing luxurianf thoughts yet my head will only hung low if I lately realise I left her in the City of Progress.

Here im in the City of Beautiful Queens, where smoke rise in streets everyday, where guns are somehow illegally exported from the Southen regions. Im not heartless but im scared to let out the truth because anytime my young and loving soul might bite dust. Not only from the naked truth of racism, also from the ladies of nights that are hungry to be pulled pants and enjoy the affection with you then take your money. Without paying them you are dead.


How long are we going to say stop to the Ndebele and Shona tensions when even leaders are giving their backs to that. Im not going deep with my heart but what I want is the inaccuracy of the long deceased kings to be mended.


My nights are hungry of sleep. My days are filled with endless sadness and fear. When I was about to fall asleep that night my phone rang. It was her. The one who is always on my mind, making me smile when in sad, picking me up when im flimsy. I cant escape the meditations whether its a misdemanour but a racist is a racist.

my hands started shacking and I felt my mascular heart in need for the voice on the other side. Only the reason that the night echoes made me close my eyes and shook my head in rejection.

It rang twice or thrice I cant remember. But when I closed my eyes I relinquished my heart to the night. I chose even im an alien the frrgrance of death is always there. I opened my eyes the  answered the call. Her voice was like the sweet melodies of angels singing Glory. After I answed I do not know if I was singing ballards or making some love bunches.

"I keep on being amazed at your patience, despite all the ups and downs of life, you still find a reason to always love me. I can’t imagine that you belong to me because I only dreamed that I can have a woman like you but today, in reality, you have become my own. You are my dream come..."

She then answered in a low and sad tone. "Hold up! Whats the rush for?"

"I miss you." I said in a voice that brought me to reality that I was alone and to speak in a low tone.


Well I dont really know how this ended. Even today Im still lonely. Scared to call her, scared to go out and the terror in my heart is making me sick.




Story by Isheunopa Masvimbo.





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