Gallows Jack Adventures

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General: As well as a novelist, I am a budding comic book writer, but I do not have an artist. However I, with some encouragement from a friend of mine, want to see if my stories can actually make it, so I am posting a quick few snip-its of some stories I had planned for a character of mine. My friend has also made a piece of art to go along with the story/character and because he helped me to actually put my work out there, I'll leave his link in the description once I have it so you check out some of his work.

Story: An old undead cowboy came back from Hell to do some good under the name, Gallows Jack, in order to earn his way into heaven so he can see his long lost love again.

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



Gallows Jack vs. The Holy Trinity Pt.1-2


-If you really look at it, being an undead hell-spawn isn’t all that bad. It has its charms. Like having all of the crazy ass demon powers and shit to kick the ever living hell out of the hordes of undead that want you gone. But there is always one particular down side, there is always those people that want to drag your rotten carcass back to Hell even if it kills them-

-Christian Jacob Neuce  

 “I’ve got you now, Jack!” said Sheriff Lee, as he tightened the lasso he put around Jack’s neck. “Howdy Lee,” shouted Jack, as he spun around to look his captor in his eyes whilst he clasped the rope on his neck, “been a long time, hasn’t it?” Sheriff Lee pulled the lasso closer forcing Gallows to stumble forward slightly saying, “Not long enough it seems. Come quietly and we won’t have any trouble.” Gallows tried to force himself back with no avail, the sheriff’s grip around his neck was too tight. When he finally realized that he was surrounded by Sheriff Lee and ghostly army of the damned, Gallows started walking towards Lee and his forces as he formed a plan. At first his steps were heavy and hesitant, but once he came up with a plan Jack started walking faster towards Lee saying, “I knew it was only a matter of time before you got me, Lee. You always were the best.” Once he was within a few feet of Lee, who stood mounted on his horse, he pulled hard on the lasso urging him forward faster asking, “Were?!” “Yeah,” said Gallows, drawing his gun from its holster and pointing it at Lee who was now right above him, “but you never could pick up on a trick.” Before Lee could command his mindless hordes to attack, Jack pulled the trigger sending a brimstone bullet into Lee’s face, knocking him off of his horse and leaving him incapacitated for a moment. Jack then quickly used the lasso, still wrapped around his neck, to bring the horse down on top of Lee’s legs, leaving him pinned.

When Jack finally got the lasso off from around his neck, he whistled for his steed while Lee shot up looking at him with half of his face missing. As Jack started running and Lee pieced himself back together bit by bit, he shouted to his men, “After him! Drag the bastard back to Hell!” Lee’s men then charged towards Gallows as he fled whilst his horse, a steed made of ash as black as night with the fires of Hell in its stomach, ran past them towards his master. Without losing any speed, Gallows Jack hopped onto his steed and took his rifle out of his saddle holster, readying himself for a fight. Once he steadied himself, Jack spun around to face the band of poor souls Sheriff Lee roped into his hunt. Jack took aim with his rifle and started taking shots at the ungodly army bearing down on him. A few of them were slain before they could reach the back of his horse. However, a good few of them were able to get close enough to Jack to grab a hold of him. Acting quickly to ensure he won’t be taken down by these dull foot soldiers, Gallows swiftly reached into his boot and drew his knife. He started swinging and stabbing at the men until they let go. Once they did, Gallows kicked them away and hit his horse to get it to move faster.

Their chase through the desert continued for some time until they found themselves going down the Las Vegas strip. While his steed charged forward through whatever was in their way, Gallows Jack turned around and took back control of where they were going from his loyal steed. He kept going forward for a few hundred feet before he decided to look back and see where Lee and his army were now. He was surprised to find that Lee and his men had pulled back and were now on the outskirts of town looking in at Gallows as he rode away. When he saw Lee and his men fall back towards where they initially came from, Gallows Jack decided that he needed to hide in plain sight for a while and find a way for Lee to lose his trail. With this new plan in mind, Jack quickly turned into a dark and barren alley way to use his powers. Once he knew no one would see him, Jack dismounted from his horse and sent it off as he called down his fine feathered friend, his crow watchman. Jack whispered to the crow to spy on Lee and alert him when he makes his next move. The crow then flew off with his mission fresh in his mind, while Jack used some of his hellish powers to disguise himself. With his allies dispersed and his face unrecognizable to the average person, Jack left the alley looking for a place that he could hide out in for a while.

As he scanned the strip for anything that would give him both sanctuary and good amount of cover should worst come to worst, then he saw it. Jack saw a group of loud already drunken men heading into a strip club named “The Promised Land.” He knew that his greatest adversary, the angelic bounty hunter, Persephone worked there, but Jack also knew that he had very few options left. Reluctantly Jack moved towards the group and moved with them as they entered into the club. When they were inside, Jack broke off from the group of men and stuck close to the shadows, trying to remain hidden from Persephone. However his plan was foiled when one of the woman dancing on stage called out to him saying, “Come on, mister! Join the party!” It was Persephone and she was playing up the crowd trying to get them to bring Jack towards her. Jack shook his head sternly saying, “No thank you ma’am! I’m not feeling myself as of late!” “Oh,” she said as she bent down in front of a group of entranced men, showing off her heavenly figure to them saying, “Would be a dear and help your friend out?” “Sure thing, sweetheart,” said one of the men, as he and a few other man began bearing down on Jack, pushing him ever closer towards Persephone. Once he was within reach Persephone brought him close into what seemed like a passionate hug. Whilst the men cheered believing that they did Jack a favor, Persephone said, “This is where you die, demon!” He looked her in the eyes inquisitively saying, “I knew a few men that would’ve loved to die between some angel’s breasts, but what would the big man think about your current change of occupation?” “He doesn’t need to know,” she snapped at him, as she wrapped her disguised holy chain around his neck, “so long as I do my job and kill you.” As she tightened the chain around his neck, burning him with holy magic, Jack croaked, “I had a noose around my neck once. I didn’t care for it.” “But,” he said this while he discreetly pressed his demonic sigil on her stomach, burning her, “I think this is far more painful to you than it is too me.” The two remained in their deadly game of close quarters cat and mouse for a while before Persephone finally let go and Jack stumbled backwards. After a few seconds to repair the damage they both suffered, their eyes locked and their fight began there and then in front of all of these people, masked and hidden in plain sight.  

Persephone went on performing her dance whilst taking a few shots at Jack with her chain when it was most advantageous for her to do so. The innocent souls in between the two powerful beings were blissfully unaware of the combat that was going on between them for they were too focused on Persephone’s seductive movements and centerfold-like body. After a few strikes from Persephone nearly hit him and the song that played before started repeating, Jack began shooting at her, using the deafening beat to mask his gunfire. The two’s fruitless struggle continued for some time until the song began to change from pop to country and they both had to change their plans on the fly. Without even giving it a second thought, Persephone used her chain to grab a hold on Jack’s knife and she began spinning and tossing it around the room to the excitement of the crowd of love-struck men around her and the dismay of Jack. Jack had no other choice, but to duck and dodge her attacks until he could figure out a new plan. With each passing second, Persephone’s strikes grew closer and closer until she was finally able to cut Jack slightly across his chest. The stinging pain was visible on Jack’s face and Persephone seemed pleased with herself as she continued her relentless barrage of slashes against Jack. Jack began to walk back in order to avoid her attacks, but he ended up tripping on something and fell backwards, hitting his head on a table in the process.

“Oh dear! Poor little demon,” said a mysterious and cockily condescending voice. “Uhh ssssshit,” said Jack, as he opened his eyes to stare at the priest standing over him, “How’s it going padre?” “Fine all things considered,” said Fr. Malcolm Petty, as he raised his foot up ready to stomp it down on Jack’s head, “I knew I’d find you here.” As he brought down his foot, Jack rolled out of the way and to one knee next to an overturned chair. Fr. Petty then proclaimed in his booming voice, “A sinner in a house of flesh. How quaint.” Once Jack noticed the chair, he took hold of it saying, “Well you know me, preacher man. Always liked the good old standards.” When he was finished talking, Jack charged at Fr. Malcolm with the chair, forcing the two of them out of the front door to the strip club and into the main strip once again. Before he was pushed forward any more, Fr. Malcolm pressed a crucifix to Jack’s face causing it to burn him and reveal his real face. Jack then threw down the chair and pulled his gun as Fr. Malcolm took off his shirt, readying himself to fight, proclaiming, “Yes. Quite a predictable heathen you are, Jack!” Sheriff Lee walked out of the crowd and to Fr. Petty’s left side saying, “Really quite moronic I’d say.” Gallows Jack drew his second gun and held it on him saying, “Leave, Lee! I don’t want to have to put another bullet in that pretty face of your’s!” “Oh, please do,” said Persephone as she took her place by Fr. Petty’s side, “it would mean less competition over your soul, Jack. And I would love to see that.” Jack then quickly snapped his sights between all three of them before he lowered his guns saying, “Ok. Who’s first?!”  THE END

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