Returning Home- Flash Fiction Challenge

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day three of my 30 day flash fiction challenge. i didn't have much time to work on this piece and it isn't as finished as i would like it to be but that is all part of the challenge. here is the prompt i used for today's story.

prompt: you attempt to pronounce the names of furniture at ikea. in doing so, you transport to a mysterious forest. after wandering for what seems like an eternity, you reach an ancient oak at the heart. carved in the bark is the name of an old forgotten god. the name is your name.

Submitted: October 04, 2018

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Submitted: October 04, 2018



30 Day Flash Fiction Challenge

Day 3

Prompt: You attempt to pronounce the names of furniture at IKEA. In doing so, you transport to a mysterious forest. After wandering for what seems like an eternity, you reach an ancient oak at the heart. Carved in the bark is the name of an old forgotten god. The name is your name.


“Tarva, Trysil, Selje,” said Adrian under his breath. He didn’t understand why IKEA named their furniture such odd names, “Askvoll, Tyssedal, Nordli, Mathopen.” Adrian stopped walking. He thought he felt the ground shake. He read the names of the end tables one more time. Again, the earth shook. the first thing Adrian thought was earthquake, but he soon realized the earth wasn’t shaking he was. He felt as if he was being squeezed from every direction. The shaking got so bad he fell to his knees unable to keep his balance. He clenched his eyes shut praying the episode would pass.

It worked. Everything went still. Adrian let out a sigh of relief and opened his eyes. He felt the prickle of pine needles on his arms and saw a green fern a foot from his face. He looked around confused by his surroundings. He wasn’t in the bedroom section of IKEA, he wasn’t even in the city anymore. Instead he was completely surrounded by tall pines and aspens separated by groupings of ferns on the forest floor. Adrian stood up. A light fog seemed to hang low in the trees.

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” he yelled into the trees. There was no reply.

Adrian decided he was better off trying to walk out, he didn’t know why but something about the forest was familiar, almost welcoming. After walking for what felt like eternity he noticed the trees beginning to thin. He picked up his pace hoping to have reached the forests edge. He stopped at the tree line and stared in amazement. The forest gave way to a large field, completely empty of trees except for the biggest oak tree Adrian had ever seen. Taking in the sight of the tree he moved slowly. The trunk was easily ten feet in diameter. Chills ran down his back as he noticed a hangman’s noose hanging from a low branch. At the base of the tree, between a bundle of thick roots, was a collection of rocks. When he got closer he noticed it wasn’t just rocks but a small natural spring with crystal clear water.

A blemish on the trunk of the tree caught Adrian’s eye. He moved closer and climbed onto a large root to get a better view. The bark was scraped away revealing the white wood of the tree. In tiny letters thousands of names were carved into the wood. The last name on the list made Adrian feel sick. It was his name. More confused than ever Adrian stepped backwards falling from the root onto his back. He groaned and rolled over before picking himself up. He was dusting off his jeans when he heard a rustling from across the field. A small strange creature burst from the thick ferns that covered the forest floor. It was running right at Adrian. Looking around for a weapon or a place to hide Adrian jumped and grabbed a branch pulling himself into the tree.

The small creature stopped at the base of the tree. Adrian cocked his head to one side as he looked the creature over. It looked like a buffalo, but it stood on two legs like a man. A minotaur? Thought Adrian. The creature stood two feet tall with two small horns curling out of the top of its head. The creature was looking up at Adrian, a look of shock and awe clearly visible through its buffalo features.

“Is it really you?” asked the minotaur in a low tone.

“What are you? Where am I? Why is my name carved into the tree?” asked Adrian.

The little buffalo fell to his knees and began to weep tears of joy, “Two thousand years I have waited for your return, and now here you are.”

“I don’t know who you think I am but I can assure you that you have made a mistake,” said Adrian.

The buffalo shook his head, “There is no mistake, it is you, Grimnir the all father. You don’t remember because you died on earth two thousand years ago and when you were reincarnated you couldn’t remember the words to bring yourself back.”

Slowly Adrian lowered himself down. He couldn’t explain it but something inside him knew the creature was right. He looked at the names carved into the tree, “Where these my past lives?” he asked.

The buffalo minotaur nodded, “I’m so excited to tell everyone you’re here, please follow me. Your wives will be especially happy to learn of your return.”

Adrian coughed, choking on a knot in his throat, “My wives?” Adrian asked.

“Yes, Frigg, Grydur, and Rinda have been waiting in Asgard. They will be so happy to see you my lord,” the creature repeated.

Adrian couldn’t believe what was happening. He was certain that he had fallen down in Ikea and hit his head. He would wake up in the hospital with a concussion and realize this was all a dream. He looked around, he couldn’t shake the feeling deep inside that told him this was home, this is where he belongs.

“Who are you?” Adrian asked.

“I am Gard, I am your friend, I will explain everything on the way to the feast,” said Gard as he walked in the direction he had come from.

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