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It's very important to take your every meal with family because this not only good for health but also make a healthy relationship and strong bonding among family members.

Submitted: October 05, 2018

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Submitted: October 05, 2018



We all know why family is so important to us. And family is important, then it is obvious that the meal eaten with the family is equally important. The people of family most important to us- those who accept us unconditionally and are essentially non- judgemental- or at least love us despite the judging.

A strong family unit takes care of our basic need to belong, and our meal that is so important and strengthens our capacity to be individuals in our own right and take considered decisions. All family take three meals every day that are most important for our body that’s: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I always take my every meal with my family and it’s my daily routine. Because taking meal with family makes strong bonding and healthy relationship.

But today this bonding is fading out, because nowadays, the trend of NUCLEAR FAMILY is growing. Like before, the affinity is no longer in relationships. Everyone has to live solitary. We need to belong almost as much as we need food and water.

Its parent’s responsibility if their children want to eat alone then they should not give this permission. Children are at their most vulnerable because their need for acceptance is so much deeper, unable to stand on their own as they are. Family is the greatest prop for them at this stage.

Parents play an important role in encouraging their children to eat a variety of healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables, and limiting the intake of sugary foods and beverages. This is where families and the values they inculcate in us become so important. The first ever relationship a child has with parents and family. They protect him, discipline him and cater to his needs. It is within the family structure that a child learns how to deal with outer world.

In a family structure, we learn to communicate effectively, to support and make time for each other, and build positive relationships. And when we taking our every meal with our family then we will learn how to communicate with others and also what is the meaning of love. We learn new skills like how to make cooking, ingredients that is in food, nutrition and taste of food.

Bill Gates, founder of Micresoft, who daily intake his dinner with family and not only this he also do wash dishes because using this daily routine he gets a chance to spend more time with the family. 

When we intake our meal with other, we know about each other’s likes or dislikes and this saves our money and time, when we prepare our meal at home. It relieves from stress because if you have a demanding job with tight schedule and you cannot take your breakfast and lunch with family, having a less time. But you can do carry out this lack of time reduce by taking dinner with family and finding time toeat with your family may actually leave you feeling less stressed. For working Mom, family meal actually reduce the tension and strain from long hours at the office. 

 You all know that Kids are today taking unhealthy meals, chips and more fat, more carbohydrate, less protein, less vitamin etc. By this there is increasing obesity in children. What is healthy and nutritious food, they don't know. Because their parents, both are working. So they don't have time for kids to tell them about healthy food. It's possicle only then when family eat together, then kids will be healthy. There will be no obesity or overweight in them.

Homemade food contains rich protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. And on the other side restaurant meal has so much calories and fats. 

Having dinner with family, Children are teach many things like table manners, chopping salad and how to decorate food on the table. How to decorate plates and cutleries? Which type of food we should take first? How to take soups in bowl? etc. 

A child's first school is his/her home. So it'sparents' responsibility to teach them that we should eat food with each-other and sharing with each-other. The child's growth is better with all these things and he/she always reamains healthy and relationship with their friends are also better.

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