The New Revolutionary War

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Words instead of weapons

Submitted: October 05, 2018

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Submitted: October 05, 2018



“Men, women, take up your rights and vote!

American democracy is under attack,


and the monster's inside the house.

Forget the foreign, it's domestic we have to fear.


They look like you and I, but believe me, they're not.

Neighbor fighting neighbor, house to house, soul to soul.


Desperate fighting with word as weapons,

sharp and lethal, they're fighting nasty, to lose is too


terrible to conceive. Lose, and the consequences

are dire. Education? We'll return to he new dark ages.


The right for a woman to choose their coat hanger.

All men are created equal, except minorities.


Environment? Strain your air and water through money.


Separation of church and state? Only one God allowed,

and the state will tell us which, you know, like Iran.


Sexual harassment, rape, are matter of opinion, 'cause after all,

boys will be boys. Women? Return to staying home,


subservient to men, you know, like in days of old.

Crime and punishment? Lock 'em up, stone them later.


And the shadow list of rights taken away grows into the darkness,

So you see, failure is not an option, not if you want to live in free.


We need to break the chains they want around our necks,

for if they're allowed, that's want they aim to do.


So rise up, men and women of good will,

with our backs against the wall, be resolute, stand tall.”














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