Zombie cocktail: a moment with friends

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A night with my friends of laughter and love

Submitted: October 05, 2018

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Submitted: October 05, 2018



A night We will laugh

A picture

The moment passed

Driving home drunk

Pass out in ronnys trunk

Uber at a late hour

Moments feeling sour

"You sleep around alot"

"Come to a party with this thot"

It was a let down of a drink

40 dollars we will sink

60 dollars of youre not alone

Your girlfriends on the phone

Why keep cheating on her

The zombie digging through the Earth

To uncover hidden truth

"Ive never had that spark with you"

Laugh and joke and love

Keep the night going it is just us

"Kossettes why go to that town"

"Let the right one in the play is on now"

Laughter drinks and zombies are eating you

We are staying out until our livers rot and split in two

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