Remembering to Remember

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How could you forget?

Submitted: October 05, 2018

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Submitted: October 05, 2018



Remember in the beginning how tough it was?
Two fucked up fools that were really bad with love.
Remember the makeshift dates they were so funny.
 We were so busy without any money.
Remember the birthday gift I gave you after you said no? 
You've worn it every day and when you look at it, just a little, you glow.
Remember the time you hurt yourself and thought youd be dead?
 For 3 weeks I took care of you in the bed.
 Remember the lazy Sundays we spent loafing around? 
We couldn't have a cat so we adopted a hound.
We're never getting married we quickly laid that one to rest.
 It brought tears to my eyes seeing you in that dress.
 Remember how was kinda flabby and soft?
Now I'm much stronger and can carry you off. 
Remember all the trips and vacations you earned it. 
Much better than your past life as a hermit.
I remember dying happy as you laid me to rest.
 This life that we had, it was the best.
You say you can't remember? 
That's quite a shame.
 I know you'll remember if you just give me your name.

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