LBAE Chapter 1

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Eliana’s life as a prince of Samecha is shattered when her grandfather sends assassins across the ocean to kill her. Now she must uncover the true meaning behind the forbidden blood magic she carries while seeking revenge on a grandfather she never knew for his many, horrible crimes. Her quest for vengeance will quickly spiral into a dangerous game of politics. In a country that has long since lost the sun, she will find few allies and fewer friends. Can she complete her mission and return to the only family and life she has ever known? Or will she be pulled into a sinister plot that would place her on the throne and plunge the world into darkness…

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Desert Dreams

Submitted: October 06, 2018

Eliana, the adopted 3rd prince of Samecha, is faced with the difficult task of convincing her older brother, Prince Kellan to choose a wife for his engagement in two days. If he doesn't she knows
he will face punishment from the king, but if he does she's afraid she will lose him.
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