My prayer

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Submitted: October 06, 2018

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Submitted: October 06, 2018



When your world seems to be falling apart, to God it is falling in to place. When your faith and trust is in Him your outlook on the storm changes. He didn't deliver me from the storm, but He is beside me as I go through it. When I am weak, His strength makes me courageous.

There are times my faith is weak, when I see no end in sight. At times I question if you are really there. Time and time again you have proven and shown that your by my side. The pain, of not knowing what lays ahead answers I seek in prayer.

My family has indured so much, is it because of the life I lived? The sins I try to cover, the times I faced near death. The times you saved my family from total devastation. It is your mercy and grace that gives us breath.

Looking back and remembering the times of your deliverance. Times when we thought all was lost, yet you carried us through. This storm that we now face is greater than anything before. We have hope, we cry out in prayer, we believe and speak what is true.

If this is how it is to end, than it is my soul I ask you to keep. Bring peace, comfort and strength to my family. Watch over, protect and provide for them. Deliver them from the hurts of this world and gave them clarity.

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