The ballad of an American bandit.

Driving through the city 

Counting ill gotten stacks of fifties 

Ski masks on 

Ready to execute before the dawn 

Fears of dying poor 

Got us kicking in the door 

Rifles up into the house 

Victim waking up with a barrel in his mouth 

Yelling wake up and turn around 

One false move and you're going six feet underground 

Safe cracker having a hard time 

We need to finish the crime 

Demand the safe code 

So I picture us off into the sunset we rode 

But that ain't the reality 

Our man doesn't understand the situation's gravity 

Tells us he'll have men on the way 

He doesn't think I'd made this his final day 

I make one final demand 

Yet on he makes his stand 

I shoot him in his chest 

Enjoy your final rest 

We make off with the safe in the back 

I'm hot thinking about all those racks 

This beast we'll crack 

But someone in the house heard my lone attack 

Our info was wrong 

He wasn't alone and that shot was a gong 

Sirens wail in the distant air 

Up stands my neck's hair 

We got to move 

Back into the plan's grove 

Ready with the safety off 

Tap them if they even cough 

We are a unit of death 

Dealing out a last breath 

We're out fast I figure 

But I sense a pulled trigger 

Shots slam into our truck 

Piercing sheet and burrowing into the ruck 

Marshals and state on our back 

They're on the attack 

Despite our skills 

We face the feds with orders to shoot to kill 

Speeding down the empty road 

Tailed by wailing vehicles of justice's abode 

Our drive catches a shot to the neck 

Off we speed into a ditch truck a wreck 

This is it gents 

Make sure every round is spent 

The gang knows what must be done 

None of us will be alive to see the next sun 

But we'll make some bastards fall 

We heed the valkyries call 

I'll go to robber's Valhalla without fear 

I'm fierce as a Viking in combat gear 

Soon the bullets fly 

All around my friends fall and die 

Bloodshed on both sides 

No time to run and hide 

My rifle up aiming for chest and head 

I take one to leg and fall over thinking I'm dead 

I'm the last alive 

The sole survivor of the gang of five 

The marshals put me in cuffs 

Now they think I'm not so tough 

Distraught I follow them in 

Surviving I feel was a sin 

My court date signed and sealed 

Life sentence was the deal 

Gone was my days of roaming far 

Now I tell my story behind bars

Submitted: October 06, 2018

© Copyright 2023 The Palest Rider. All rights reserved.

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This is very nice. Something a little different on your end I see.

Love and Hugs,

Sun, October 7th, 2018 2:09pm


Thanks for the read. Needed a change of pace in some areas.

Sun, October 7th, 2018 8:58am

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