DARKNESS and Light

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a brief look within my soul..........

Darkness and Light




Iv'e BeenAround This Word, Yet I see No End

All shall fade to black, Again and Again, This Storm That"s  Broken  Me, My Only Friend

Withdrawn I step Away, Just to Find Myself, The Door Closes Again

I Watch As It Approaches, This Storm, My Only Friend

You Fall, You Rise, You Make Mistakes

Sometimes There's Sadness In Our Journey, But There's Also Lots Of Beauty

Pain Motivates to Move Forward, To Change

We Never Know What's Around The Next Bend

Never Regret Whats Done In This Life, Good or Bad, They Can't Be Undone or Forgotten

Learn and Move On, To The Next Bend


Consumed By Stress and Fear  We're Never Learning To Truely Live

We Expect Peace, But Find War, We Collect Memories and Wonder Why

Life Isn't About Waiting For Storms to Pass, It's About Learning to Dance In The Rain

We Learn From Our Pain

Don't Mistake Knowledge For Wisdom, Knowledge Gives Ways,  Wisdom Brings Truths

Me, I'm a Complicated Soul, Some words I speak Are For Many, Some For None

Some search For Their Meaning, But Miss The Truth

The Words Of Souls Spoken, Hidden Between The Lines, Between The Cries and Whines

Thinking Too Long About Our Problems, Becomes a Cancer, It Eats Silently, Find Some Joy, Find An Answer

The Happiest People Rarely Have Everything They Want, They Make The Best of What They Have

Until You Learn Who You Are and Get Comfortable Alone, You Will Never Know If Your Choosing Someone Out Of Love or Lonliness, Theres a Big Difference

Hollowness Can Never Be Filled, No matter What's Put  in It , It's Still Hollow

Self Love Is About Discovering Your Truths, It's Living In Integrity of Truth

We All Have Darkness Inside, But, We Also Have Light

Find Someone Who Is Light, When There's No Sun, A Wind That Whistles Your Name


Above All, Be Thankfull, Learn From Your Lessons Of Pain

Be Thankfull, If you Don't Know Something, It Gives You A Chance To Learn Something New

Be Thankfull When You're Tired and Weary, It's Likely Because You Have Made A Difference






Submitted: October 11, 2018

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