The VIRAJ : not a human, not a soul!

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If you've a great business empire with yearly turnover of $10,000millon,with a happy family. A beautiful wife, 1 son and a truest friend.

But because of your single past mistake you lost everything! Your business empire, your family, your friends trust... Everything!
And now, when you try to save everyone then you kept in prison! And finally you know that 'who is responsible for this? You got only a name-VIRAJ!'
Now what you have to do?
Let's see...
Let's walk with this same condition,with a man, and with a lord-VIRAJ!
You've to forget your present amd move in past.

Submitted: October 06, 2018

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Submitted: October 06, 2018



THE VIRAJ: Not a Human, Not a Soul


1st JANUARY 1998, The Day of Celebration, New Year. Sydney, Australia At Sydney Harbour, with Opera House the great night is celebrated by vast fireworks. I’m still enjoying this occasion at my friend’s House. The cocktail Party. Total 12 friends, including 5 girls. This was 01:30 AM of 1st January. Now, we plan to move towards a pub or any restaurant to celebrate. At winery, Huntery valley , we stop. Give orders and enjoying the occasion celebrated there… Everything looks good… Suddenly, I saw a little girl (12) , sitting outside at a bench. Alone, pale face. Her face said something. I have some curiosity about her! So, I think to talk with her… I excuse with everyone. Move outside. I went outside, and sit beside her. She can’t give me any attention. So, I was start conversation… ? Who are you? No response…. I again asked… Who are you? (A very funny answer came) “””BOY””” I want to laugh but I can’t... Again asked – ? I mean, why are you so sad? And tell me your name. Where are your parents? Are you alone here? Why you can’t enjoy the occasion? (Again a funny answer, with some anger) ? “””Are you my school teacher? Why you asked me these questions?””” Now, I think, the girl is frustrated. I was done my job…I placed my hand on her head, and Then asked… ? Tell me your name? ? ’Rajag’ (dull voice) ? Where are your parents? ? Lost!!! ? Anyone else? ? One brother!! ? Where is he? ? At a safe place… Now, I pull out my hand. I want to do something for her, but what? Suddenly, my friends call me. I stand up, ready to go. ‘Someone kidnap them!!!’ – She says (Silence) I still stand there. ‘I don’t know what they want’ – she says (Crying) Then, I sit again. Don’t worry- I said and why you don’t call police? Wait I inform them... (Stop me) No! Police can’t do anything…” I’ll do…” –she said, (I can’t understand her) Suddenly my friends came and said that this is 05:00 AM, now we have to leave. I agreed She said-I again want to meet you Mr. ….? (Asked my name) ”Mr. George”- I said, I gave my card to her, and said to call me, if she will ever in problem. Then I left out this place. After this incident she never call me, never meet me… I don’t know any further thing about her. [Actually, what you read above about is a flashback of George that he recalls with his wife!] ?

2. Tower of London

At present time… 20th SEPTEMBER 2014 07:33 PM Goulburn Street, The house of George. George spent time to solve some case mysteries. (Actually, He is not a police man, he has his own business, but he has a great passion to solve mysteries, involving in cases etc.) He talks about RAJAG, with his wife- Jansie. (A fashion designer).she spent 16 years from marriage with George. So, help George in everything. Both have one son (18 Years),””CHARLES KELVIN’’” [Yaaa…!!You think that how his age is 18. Actually, both George and Jansie have in relationship about 23 Years ago, but they get married after the birth of Charles. i.e., they get married in 1998, when Charles is of 2 year old].- Charles is a young boy. He found a job or a part-time job between his regular studies. He said that, he was done a Reporter Job! But, his original profession was hidden from George and Jansie! Now everything seems good. They both live their lives very comfortably. 22nd SEPTEMBER, 06:30 AM George has to go LONDON, due to his Business Deal. [George have its own jewelry company, includes Resorts. He starts his branch in 23 countries. Now, he wants to begin in LONDON]. Before leaving, he hugs Jansie and says- I’ll returns soon. 23rd SEPTEMBER, Evening 05:25 PM The flight lands at Heathrow Airport. 2 people are stand at airport for welcome of George. They shake hand with George, and said that they are the company advisor &, come here to receiving him. They are sending by –””EVANS WATSON”” He is the 3rd biggest Diamond merchant in LONDON. [Actually, Evans is the man by whom George has to fix his deal. He is also his earliest and truest friend. They start their Business 8 years ago in AUSTRALIA. Now, they are the biggest...] George sit in the car and move towards ‘’The Grosvenor Hotel’’, booked by Evans, for George. At 07:00 PM They are at Hotel. George takes the key, move towards his room. Advisers tell that,’ they come tomorrow morning, to pick up home’. Now they are gone. At 09:00PM George receives his dinner. Start the TV, and watch….. Turn to news channel… ....SHOCKED….!! A news comes,’ there is a robbery at TOWER OF LONDON’!! No, No, this is not big news... Shocking thing is that- Robbery is done by a single one, and stolen thing is –“the gemencrusted CROWN JEWELS of British monarchy, including the-‘ KOHINOOR DIAMOND ‘, mounted at crown jewels. This news was shocking for everyone, even for Evans… Well, George never went to Tower of London, so he only hear the news and close the TV. (Not give more attention) Alternatively, his phone ring…. George pick up the line, (there is information about his deal). The deal is delayed 1 hour later. (At 10:00 AM) NEXT DAY, 24TH SEPTEMBER 08:00 AM Phone rings… (George room) George pickup the line. ‘Evans’ – man says Hey! George, get ready, my workers wait for you at the door of Hotel. George: but, this is 08:00 AM and the deal is at… (Stop by Evans) Evans: No! Get ready, come on! Hurry up! ] George: Yaa!! Ok. At 08:30 AM George sits in the car, and move towards Evans’ office. At 09:00 AM The car stops in front of a vast building. Workers inform or advice George to sit in his (Evans) office, until he will comes. After 10 minutes later, the door opens… Here is “Evans”!! (A tall height, big bully boy, heavy muscles, French dark beard, & black goggles!) Evans: Heyyy!! George, after a very long time… George: yaaa! You are looking great. Now tell me how is your business? Evans: better then better…. (Smiling) (Now both sit in front of each other) Evans: So, my friend... I think, you hear the news, news about Robbery. George: yaa! Off course! I must heads-off that guy, who done this… Evans: oh! Forget that, we talk about this later… let’s talk about our deal. Suddenly, Evans’ phone rings…excuse with George and move outside. 5 minutes…. 15 minutes… 30 minutes… About 40 minutes of call, Evans returns… And sit in front of George… [Something happy and somewhere nervous] George: what happen Evans? What is the matter?? ‘There was a deal‘-said Evans! So what? What is wrong in this…? - George asked Evans: the deal is of – “1000cr. Or more than it!!! George: (standup) WHAT???!!! This is …I can’t believe this …who was he?? Evans: He can’t tell his name. Only give me his meeting address… tomorrow, at 4:00 PM, at Edward beach. He tell that, ‘a man with a suitcase (yellow suitcase), with his red Mercedes, will stand there. I’ve to meet with him. I can’t abort the deal… and, final the deal!! George: No problem! Brother. This will great for our self… OK! Now sit and start our deal procedure. Finally, the conclusion of their deal is that – “Evans will give George, to open in resorts in London, or establish his jewelry branch. Evans: OK! George. I have transferred this amount to your bank lock up! George: what?? How you transfer this large amount by bank? Evans: No! No! I mean, in your personal lock up. My worker (send by me) delivers the cheque at your lock up. George: But, how you find my personal lock up key? Evans: Oh! My friend, you don’t know, I’m Evans the lock breaker? (Smiling) (Both one laughed) George: OK! At tomorrow evening I will take out the money! And yaa!! You don’t forget your biggest deal tomorrow…. Evans: off-course…never… (Smiling) (George exit) ?


25th September 03:45 PM Evans stands at the Edward beach, at place where “HE” decides. 04:00 PM A red Mercedes stops in front of Evans, door opens… (A man wearing black suit, black shoes, and a goggle, holding a yellow suitcase in hand). Man: you are….. Evans: Yaa! I’m Evans! (Shake hands) Are we talking, while sitting? Man: No! I only talk about deal. Evans: Yes, tell me! Man: My Boss tells you about the profit, you will go after this deal. Evans: But, what your boss need against the money… Man: “A LIFE”!! Life of your friend… Evans: what? What do you mean?? Man: I meant by - “George”...!! Suddenly Evans’ phone rings… Evans: yaa! Who is this?? (A man speaks) He says - “RAJAG” My man explain you everything about your money, about our deal and you know very well what you should do.!! – Speaker says (Evans never hears this name and don’t know who is Rajag) (Phone line end). Man: So, Evans (given him the suitcase), this is your first step, take this and complete the deal. (Silence) Evans thinking about deal and don’t reply! Man: Think Evans! If you say ‘Yes’ at this moment, about 500cr. transfer in your account, and if you say ‘No’, then we have many other ways for you… “You must have to done this.” Evans: (after thinking allot) ‘Yes’…. Suddenly a message delivers to Evans’ mobile…he open his mobile and shocked total 500cr. are transferred to his account. (A cruel smile at his face) Man: start your work Evans… (Sit in the car) (Move out) Evans also moves towards his house with the suitcase… Now, this was 05:00 PM The Halifax Ban Building society George is going to withdrawal his amount (given by Evans) from his personal lock up. He takes the key… Move towards 3 floor… There are 2 security guards at the floor, while seeing George they move from there... George opens his lock up. A ‘BLACK BOX’ stayed at his lock up, with a letter… (George confused) (Where is money?) Box contains a screen, containing a key board. He can’t understand anything… At once, he open the letter...Read… …..“ SHOCKED”….. His mind was starting to chocked. He starts shivering with fear….with fear…with some anger, and confused… Suddenly, he closes the letter….. Place the box in his bag!! Now, he again sees a piece of paper, inside the lock up. Look to paper... - “Time to run, the game is starting my friend! - VIRAJ!!” (Now a question arises, ‘who is VIRAJ??) Same question arises in George’s mind… George takes this paper in his pocket and move out from Bank. Same day (25th September) 08:30 PM The Grosvenor Hotel George at his room. Sit besides bed, box placed at table, in a furious thinking. There are many question arises in his mind… • What is in that box? • How this box be placed in his lock up? • Who is VIRAJ? • How he open the box? • And where is the money? Suddenly, he thought about Evans! He takes his mobile and call Evans. No answer!! George feels distress… (He thinks to fresh his mind and then thinks about this) He opens the door of bathroom, enter… Suddenly, a hammer attack towards his shoulder… His shoulder bleeds… A man in front of him, wearing a mask, until George do something, and the man escaped!! George falls at the surface. After 5 minutes, he standup and sit at a chair. After covering the wound, sit at the bed. At once, his phone rings… (Pick up the line) “This is the startup of game” – man says. George: hey! You are VIRAJ, I’m sure! I don’t know what you want from me, but you were done your biggest mistake. You don’t know who I am? Man: No! No! Really you don’t know who are you? Let me introduce yourself… “You are the thief of crown jewels “ Can’t understand? OK! Let me help you…! You want to open the box? Then, put your BLOOD as its password!! (Laughing) (Line end) George can’t understand anything. He has a ‘headache of VIRAJ’. He opens his laptop, and busy in this… Whole night he was unable to sleep!!


28th September Morning, 07:00 AM Room of George, he has still busy at his laptop. Black box placed in front of him. Suddenly, door bell rings… (With fearless voice) ‘Who is there..?’ – George shouted! ‘I’m Evans, open the door George’! (George relaxed) Stand and open the door…and suddenly pull Evans inside the room, close the door. (Trembling) Evans: hey! What happens with you? And how your shoulder damaged? George: I’ll tell you everything, first tell me, how was your deal yesterday? (panting) Evans: (shouting) I’m sorry to say, but this was the worst deal I’ve ever seen! George: just tell me what happened? Evans: A man gave me a yellow suitcase, and he …. (Stop by George) George: forget that!! first tell me where is my 500cr.,that you promise to gave me, and you said that you placed the amount at my personal lockup? There was no any cash, any cheque, only a BLACK BOX with a threatening letter, and a name“VIRAJ”!!! Evans: (confusing) wait! Wait! What rubbish?? I was sent my worker to deliver the amount in your lockup! George: than, how I found this black box! (Silence) (Thinking) Evans: listen George, first listen me carefully. I think this is a trap. Anyone want to destroy ‘you’!! George: what you mean? Evans: at Edward beach, the man gave me a yellow box, I still can’t open it. (Showing him the box) he tell his name “”RAJAG””, and he signed a deal with me… George: what? You mean – RAJAG. She is a girl met me, in 1998, at New Year! Evans: oh! Forget that. That was a co-incidence. Many boys & girls have same names. Forget that. George: OK! Then, what you said? Evans: I said ‘YES’, and suddenly whole amount transfer in my account, I receive a message. George: wait! Wait! He gave you 500cr. and in my personal lock up, the money sent by you 500cr. were missed! Is there any relation between these 2 things? Same amount i.e.; 500cr. missed in my lock up & I found a mystery box and the dealer gave you same amount for his deal. Evans: It means that, this is my own money that I send you by my worker. Someone steal the amount and finally the dealer again returns the same amount to me! Oh George do you know what deal Rajag done from me? The deal of your life, he wants to kill you. He gave me 500cr. to kill you… (But, now a question arises, what is in these 2 mystery boxes?) George: the man Viraj, call me and tell that my blood is the password. And I got it… Evans: what? George: the password is “pool9”! Evans: how you got this? George: just turn the word, ’blood?pool9’. The name of my first resort in Sydney. (George takes box and writes the password- pool9) Password match It means he know everything about me – George says (And he open the box) Their mind rebound, and shocked…!!1 (It is the same thing that you think…) Yes, “the crown jewels with Kohinoor”!!And a letter with a KEY.” In which- “I said that you are the thief of crown jewels. Now, hear tomorrow news headlines- ‘the thief of crown jewels is found’. This is the startup of game. Yaa, there is a key with box of 2nd box, just open it and enjoy your time...” Suddenly Evans pick up the key, close the box… Evans: hey George! This is really a trap. You have to abort everything. Leave this place. Leave this country, return to Sydney. I will manage everything… George: No! Evans. The man VIRAJ is not a common man. He know everything about me, he play a very big game with me. I never forgive him… (At once he snatches the key from Evans and move to open the yellow box.) 1st turn… 2nd turn… (Lock opens) Nothing big in box, only a CARD, with a message. Evans picks up the card. ‘A business card’ – Evans says. (George ignores the card, and read the message) -- “save your family. The time to help” Evans: listen! He knows that I’ll give this to you that’s why he write this... He wants to destroy your family. Just save them... While hearing this, George packs his bag, place the box in it, put that card in his wallet and move towards Sydney. ?


29th SEPTEMBER 11:00 AM Sydney George returns to Sydney. At Sydney Airport His son (Charles) stands there, to receiving him. George: hey! How you know that today I’m coming? Charles: your friend Evans calls me and inform. Let’s move. George: okay! Well how is your mom? Charles: Alright! Waiting for you… (At the house of George) George rings the doorbell. No response… Again ring…and call her name… (Loud voice) ……..Jensie……..Jensie……open the door…..!! George asked Charles, what happens? Is your mom not at home? Charles: No! No! She is at home; even I tell him that, I’m going to airport to receive you! George: than, why she can’t open the door... Charles: wait dad! I have a duplicate key. (They open the door) (Shouting) Jensie…Jensie…. Mom…where are you, mom? (No one in the house) Suddenly. George’s phone rings…he take the line… George: yaa! Who is there? Man: I said that this is the startup of game; you have to place the box at a safe place… George: (shouting) Hey! VIRAJ… Where is my wife? Just tell me… Man: No! No! Forget your wife; just think about your son, Charles! (Now, gorge confused) (Shouting for his son) ….Charles…….Charles……… Where are you? (No one)(Charles missed) Man: hey! Don’t shouting, only cry. Just do what I said, and yaa I think you forget that letter (letter with black box), just do that work! George: (trembling) Heeyyy… I’ll do everything, but promise that you will release my family. (Phone line end) 01:30 PM (same day) George house An old women ring the doorbell. (George opens the door) Women: someone call me for… (Stop by George) Yaa! Yaa! Just clean my black car, and wash it carefully – George ordered (Actually George call a car cleaner) After 1 hour 02:30 PM George picks a bag sit in his car and left his home. In front of Bendigo Bank, he stops. Take bag, and move inside the bank. A man stops him and tells that he is the man of VIRAJ! (He will help him to place the box at correct place) At 3rd floor, in last room, he has to place the box in lock-up number 24. (Informer left him alone & move out) George take out the black box and open lock-up 24, place the box in it. (Feel relax) Now, he thinks to exit from bank. Just he reaches at the exit door…. ……SHOCKED……!! A great BLAST… (in front of bank) Until he run… 20 police officers hang gun towards him! (Besides door, in front of him) (Can’t understand anything) A LADY OFFICER (wearing goggles) order George – ‘sit down at knees’ George sit down They kept George in a police van. The lady officer also sits with him. (There are many questions by George) (George shouting) Hey! Why you do this? What is my fault? Do you know who I’m? What’s happening? A great SLAP!!! – By officer to George. (Silence) Officer takes a tab in hand, open a video clip, and give to George. ‘Just see this’ – she said (This was a CCTV footage) In the video- “A man stops his car in front of the same bank, hold a bag and move inside the bank. After 5 minutes ‘his car blast” George: so, what? What is my mistake in this? What I …. (Stop surprisingly) (Revinne video clip) ___shocked___ “The man in video was no one, George himself! (Whose car was blasted?) Now, George was unable to explain to anything. He just thinks that. How this happens? After half an hour, he notices that his van is moving towards his own house. But he can’t question anything. Car stops in front of his house. George sees that, here is a police inquiry at his home, and an ambulance stand there. (Can’t understand) Lady Officer opens the door of van & move outside, George still in van. Officer goes inside the house. After 10 minutes, she returns… Officer: Nice planning George! George: what do you mean? Officer: OH! Mean?? ” You steal the Kohinoor& to hide this, you murdered your wife” Very well planned! George: No! Officer, I didn’t steal KOHINOOR. A man, VIRAJ gives me this in a black box and said that place this in Bendigo Bank, in lock-up 24. That’s why I come to this bank. I’m sure that this is his plan and where is my… (Stop by officer) Officer: wait! Wait! George. The bank manager tells me everything that you come here to place any precious thing, but now the lock-up 24 is empty. There is no any box or Kohinoor. So, what’s happening? (George confused) George: where is my wife? I don’t kill her… please tell me… (Shouting) (See outside the van from window, 2 men holding her dead body at stretcher to place in ambulance) (George shouting) --Noooooooo…!!! Run outside from van towards his wife’s dead body… George :( screaming) hey! Jensie…hey!! Get Up, Get Up please… (Holding her hand) see, see, I’m return. (Tears in eyes) it’s all right Jensie … I came back… see… I’m here. Please get up… (Crying) (Begins to weep) (Great silence) [2 police officers hold him and place dead body in ambulance, move. George continuously crying] Officer: move to police headquarter. (In dull sound) Hurry up!! (George grunting) [Now, George is in prison of Sydney. His wife was killing by anyone. George said that he was VIRAJ. ] Police start its inquiry. The lady police officer is – RAHNVI KHANNA. She was come at Sydney from London for crown jewels inquiry. There is no one in her life, only a boyfriend – “GK”! But in Sydney she has to take a new case, the case of George. Now she again starts her inquiry of crown jewels. 3rd NOVEMBER 11:20 AM Police headquarter, Sydney Rahnvi busy in her work, George in the prison. Suddenly, news comes. A police constable informs Rahnvi… (Rahnvi start the TV) “A man repose the crown jewels in the front of Nicolson museum in Sydney. He places a white box at the door of museum & writes his name on it- Evans…Evans Watson!! The face of man not shown clearly in CCTV footage because he wearing a black hood with goggles.” Now, the ‘crown with Kohinoor’ sends to the expert lab for checking, that it is original or not. George also hears this news and confuse extremely. Now, there are many questions in his mind, i. e; • Why Evans do this? • How he found the crown jewels? Because about 34 days ago he place the crown (in black box) in Bendigo bank lockup. After one day, Rahnvi hear a news- George escape from prison! Now the case of crown jewels is closed. Rahnvi has to start her 2nd case, the case of George and his wife’s murder. ?


8th NOVEMBER 08:45AM Pricelet Street, Spitalfields, London (Evans home) (Evans watching T.V.) At once door bell rings… Evans: who is this? (No reply) He again shouts Who is this? (No one) He opens the door… “George at the door” Suddenly Evans shocked and try to close the door, but George push the door and move inside then close the door. Now George in front of him (Silence)(Evans trembled) George look en Evans eyes with anger And suddenly Smile…!!! Both smiles Start laugh (Both laughing) They shake hand and hug each other George: hey! My friend, you are great…(laugh loudly) Evans: yaa! You too my friend. George: you did that work very perfectly. You put the crown jewels at museum because I said you to do this. Evans: off course! The crown was real bur real bur the Kohinoor was duplicate. (and suddenly take a small box in hands) Yaaaa.! This is the original one, “the real Kohinoor” (Showing the Kohinoor) George: yes Evans and I also know that who put the bomb in my car…VIRAJ! He plays a very big game with me. - He kills my wife. - He kidnap my son, Charles - He send me prison But he forgets that I’m still alive. Now this is my turn. Evans: yaa! Off course. But firstly, you have to complete a deal. George: what? What deal? Evans: listen- yesterday I sign a deal from a big billionaire, about Kohinoor. He will give a biggest price for this. So, only your sign I needed for confirmation. George: Ya! Ya! Off course. This is very good news for me. (He signs the papers and opens a Champaign for celebration) Suddenly, his phone ring, pickup the line… Man: do you remember me? George: ya! Off course, VIRAJ. I never forget you. (In drinking position) you are my biggest enemy. (Over dose of rum) Whenever I see you… whenever I find you… kill you that time. Viraj: OK! Let’s see – “tomorrow, 12:00 PM, Teddington Lock Footbridge, meet me, chance to kill me! Chance to ‘see’ me!!” and yaa! One more thing, we will do a deal tomorrow. George: what type of deal? (Glass in hand) Viraj: ‘deal of life’ I will return your son (Charles) to you safely and you will give me your life, ‘Evans’ and ‘Kohinoor’! George: No! No! I can’t do this. (Shouting) (Throw the glass) Viraj: OK! No problem, then I’ll send your son’s dead body at your home… OK! (In anger) George: hey! Wait! Wait! No you can’t do this. I’ll do everything.OK! We will surely meet tomorrow. (Line end) (now, George is something confused, but smile and wait for tomorrow) He tells Evans, that they will meet VIRAJ tomorrow. But he don’t tell him that what ‘Viraj wants against Charles ‘ 03:45 PM Evans home (George left his home) Evans calls someone… ‘Meet me at deal point’ – Evans says After half an hour, At Teddington Lock Footbridge Evans stands there with his car. (After 10 minutes) A black car stops near him. A man come out, wearing black suit with a hat and goggles. (Shake hand with Evans) Man was - RAJAG... Rajag: ya! Why you call me? Evans: good news for you. (Move towards his car and open the door of car) Rajag: (move towards car, look inside and smile) wow! I think you destroy this, but heads-off your thinking Evans. (Laugh) Evans: this is only for you… (Both laughing) (Do you know what is in the car?) Actually, in car, “this is the dead body of George’s wife (Jensie)!!” Rajag: ya! First tell me how you done this all? Evans: oh! It’s very easy for me. When Rahnvi sent her dead body for firing, then she sent only 2 men for this work. Then, I did this. I gave 10 lack to both of them, and agreed to give me the dead body. Rajag: well! Now, destroy this, and continue your work…and your price for this work, is deliver in your account. Evans: yaa! One more thing, what will happen tomorrow at Teddington Lock Footbridge? Rajag: “the end of George”!! (Evans smile and leave the place) Rajag stand there… Same day, At night, 08:30 PM Sydney Police headquarter Rahnvi is busy in her work, in case of George.(she think that George kill his wife , but she is not sure about this) Phone rings… Rahnvi: hello! …VIRAJ… - man says (on phone) Rahnvi: oh! George tells about you, that you is killer of his wife. Viraj: No! This is all his planning, Rahnvi. I call you to inform that my life is in danger. Please help me… Rahnvi: (can’t understand) what? I mean how? Or by whom? Viraj: by ‘George’. He calls me and warned that he want to kill me, he said that meet me tomorrow. I know that, he shoot me and kill me! Please help me Rahnvi… please… (Dull voice) Rahnvi: hey! Hey! Viraj, don’t panic. I’ll help you. Just send me your location; I left this place right now. Viraj: thanks!! Rahnvi, don’t forget to meet me… I’ll send you the location. Rahnvi: “don’t worry Viraj! We will definitely meet tomorrow”. I’ll stand in front of you tomorrow.


9th NOVEMBER Day to meet… Day to meet with Viraj. 11:40 PM Teddington Lock Footbridge. George and Evans stand there with their cars. Evans holding a bag containing “Kohinoor” George: this is a big day for you Evans. Evans: yaa! Also for you. Now, this is 11:50 PM (10 minutes left to meet Viraj) At once a voice comes… (Chopper sounding) (Sound enhance) And suddenly a man calls… “hey! George I’m here, are you ready to see me’ (shouting) (large echo) Now George is able to see chopper. (Front of him) Until Viraj comes out from chopper, George shoots towards the fuel tank of chopper. 1st shoot… 2nd shoot… And 3rd….. “”””BOOOOOOMMMM”””” (Chopper blast) (George smile) Again, voice comes- “Nice try. George!”-VIRAJ Suddenly, a black car comes towards them (from front) (Stop near them. Door opens, both Evans and George hang gun towards the car) A man comes out. George put down his gun. “He is Charles” (George smiles in sadness) George: come, come my son I’m here. (Charles don’t move) Evans: hey! What happen, hurry up! We are here come on Charles. (He can’t reply) George: (shouting) come on my son, you are safe now. Charles: where? Where is Charles? Dad! (Annoying George) George: Hey! You are disturbing my son… (Convenes Charles) Charles: ‘No! No! I’m not disturb’. (Smiling) I think you forget the deal. Today we have to complete a deal, deal of life. George: I can’t understand. Charles: oh! Yesterday you said that- whenever I ‘see you... Whenever I found you!! Kill u… (Annoying George). Now, I’m here… (Now, George confused.) Evans: how you know this Charles..?? Charles: “I always said you time to run George you never understand me!” George: what? Charles: I’m the man that you need…I’m--(shouting) – VIRAJ!! (Now, George & Evans mind fully corrupted, they can’t understand what going on?? George can’t speak any word.) Viraj (Charles): but George, I’ve done a deal with you that I gave you Charles and you…see, your son is in front of you. Now, give me Evans, give me Kohinoor!! George: I never think that you…(sigh)(emotional) that you do this. You kill your mom? Why? Why...why you do this? I can’t believe you.(disappointed) (Silence) (No reply by Charles) ok! You want Evans, you want Kohinoor, forget that. I will never give you these two precious things. (in anger) Viraj: ok! Well, take his mobile and call anyone. At call- [sir, I’m Evans. (Tell a lie) I’ve got An accident, anyone placed bomb in my car In this incident my friend George killed and I’m heavily injured. Please! Come here and help me. ] (end the line) Evans: Hey! Hey! What you do this? (Shouting) whom you call? Viraj: wait! Wait! You will understand.( Evans check his car and George’s car, no any bomb) Evans: hey! Where is bomb? Viraj: bomb? What type of bomb? I don’t place any bomb in your car (Suddenly hang his gun and shoot towards the fuel tank of George’s car) (a huge blast, both of them injured, but safe) Viraj: so this is the bomb blast Suddenly Viraj punch to George and hit Evans with his gun at his head. Both of them fall at ground. Evans head bleeds. Now Viraj starts walking around them, gun in hands. Viraj again punch George and snatch the bag from Evans, open it. “Here is Kohinoor”- Viraj (smiling) Viraj: hey! Dad you never understand your son. You only care about money, big deals… George standup, Evans still at ground. George: but when and why you stole the Kohinoor? Viraj: No! No! I don’t do this someone else. George: who? Viraj: this is not matter…matter is that now your Evans, your son, Kohinoor, your wife’s life, everything is mine and yaa! Your whole property also… George: what? My whole property? How is this possible? Viraj: wait! You understand everything. But, now I have a surprise for you… George: what do you mean? Suddenly four cars, two from both sides of bridge, come and stop near them. (George confused, Evans continuously grunting) George helps Evans to stand up. From three cars –door opens, two police officers come out and hang guns towards George and Evans. Then, from 4th one… Door opens … (Left leg come out, black boot, a girl) Here is- “Rahnvi Khanna”- red jeans, white shirt pin up inside with goggles, mouser in right hand, and moves towards Viraj. She stops near Viraj and hang gun towards George & Evans. Rahnvi: I don’t support Viraj, I just want to catch you George. This is a request from you, surrender yourself right now. George: I’ll never surrender, because I didn't do anything (In anger) Viraj: stop George, now your game is over.(hang gun towards him) ready to die… George: wait! Viraj, I think god is not ready to meet me.(smiling) my son, Charles you plan very well but you forget that ‘I’m your dad, after all’! Viraj: (confusing) what do you mean? Both George and Evans smiling. George: let’s change the game, my son! Suddenly Rahnvi press a button at his belt, all police cars blast… they dead… now Rahnvi move forward toward George and give her gun to George. Rahnvi: only for you, darling!(hug each other) George holds her right hand, move his hand at her waist and kiss her! Now Rahnvi is in front of Viraj. Viraj is now totally confused, Viraj: what’s happening Rahnvi? I call you to safe me, to protect me from George, but what are you doing? Rahnvi: oh! Charles, I mean Viraj. You know that, I have no one in my life, only a boyfriend – “GK”-GEORGE KELVIN! Viraj: I can’t believe this. Evans: oh! Yaa, Viraj what you think, that you play with me and George…no, never. What you think, I don’t know who is Rajag? He is your man, we always know this! Yaa, one more thing, you think that, I kill Jensie because your man(Rajag) said to me? NO! George ordered me to kill Jensie.(laugh) Rahnvi: whole police inquiry, George’s case of Jensie was a drama, in which you trap.(smile) I said you viraj, that “We will definitely meet today, I’m stand In front of you” see I’m really in front of you…(smiling) (annoying Viraj). Yaa! That car blast (George’s car in front of bank.) disturb our planning. But, by luck my senior officer was gave this case to me and then I help George to escape from prison. George moves 4 steps forward, towards viraj. George: very well plan my son! I really confused that who is viraj? But YOU..! In starting, I really think that I’m trapped in your plan…but, one day I call Rahnvi, and said you inquiry about you. Then, she informs me everything that, Rajag is the man of Viraj. He works for viraj. He comes to destroy my business empire. But, few days later, Jansie call me and said that she knew everything about Rahnvi, about me, about our relation, that’s why I said Evans to… You done best planning ever, but, you forget that, At last- “I’m your ‘DAD’!! I’m your ‘Father’!!” ‘And a son is never wins with his father’…(shouting) (punch at face) (viraj fall at ground) Viraj: (bleed from lips) I accept everything, but I can’t believe that, Rahnvi you do this??? (Over confused) Suddenly Rahnvi take the gun from George and… ‘SHOOT’… Viraj coined back..! Bullet sinks in his right chest (not bleeds) Rahnvi: “OK! Now you believe”! – (Viraj at knees) Rahnvi move toward him and take out the bullet proof jacket and again Shoot! (now it bleeds) Now, Evans move towards him and snatch the bag from him. (Viraj grunting with pain) Evans: Yaa! What you said, ‘Kohinoor is yours’? “OK let’s see” Take the Kohinoor from bag, pick up in right hand, and suddenly brake it, pieces fall at ground, viraj shocked… and fall down his head with anger. (George, Evans and Rahnvi laugh loudly.) Evans: we are always 2 steps up from you, viraj! (Move hand in pocket.) this one is the real ‘Kohinoor’(showing him) (Viraj continuously grunting.) George: OK! Viraj let we finish it…(Put gun point at his heart.) tell, why you do this? I never force you for anything. But, you made a plan against your own father. If you forget that I’m your father than I’m also forget that you’re my son.!! (Shouting) why? Why you do this?? Viraj: (laugh with pain, mouth fill with blood) (try to stand up, continuously laughing) “only because of my MOM!! (Shouting) you never love her, you never care her. One day, I hear you to talk with any girl! After inquiring, I knew that you have an affair, you only with mom because of her money… That day.. that day, I decide to destroy you, to give you your punishment. (Laugh) Suddenly Evans kick Viraj. He falls at ground; his head collides with pillar, boundary of bridge. George: OK viraj, nice to meet you! and Bye Charles, Happy journey…My son!! snatch gun to Rahnvi and fire… Now, bullet collides towards his heart (2nd fire) “””DIE””” George throw the gun. George: let’s move towards out biggest deal. Evans and Rahnvi throw the body, from bridge and everyone moves from there… ?


At night, 9th NOVEMBER They celebrate the death of Viraj and the victory of real Kohinoor. Now, they have to sell Kohinoor at the biggest price ever, which change their lives. George & Rahnvi plan to marry after becomes the billionaire. Evans is ready to become London’s top diamond merchant. 18th NOVEMBER, 06:00 PM Both George and Evans are ready to deal. Rahnvi move to Sydney to close the case of George. 06:30 PM The port of Tilbury, Essex, London At the river Thames. Both one is present here, but no one. They park their car. Move towards a cruise. (Dark atmosphere). Evans holds a black suitcase, George move forward and shouting “Is anyone here”?? (No one) Evans: I think someone in that ship. Point towards a cruise in front of them. George: yaa! Let’s see… Both move towards cruise, enter in cruise. (In cruise) George’s phone rings... George: hello!! Man: this ship will reach you at the deal point. The journey is so long. Until this you enjoy the ride of this luxury cruise. (Line end) (Now they both move towards their past) this is 18 Th NOVEMBER 23rd DECEMBER Sydney harbor, Australia After 35 days, they reach at deal place. George phone rings Man:welcome to Sydney!! Relax for 1 week we will meet at the ‘day of celebration’… (Line end) A man pickup them and drop in a hotel, at Huntery Valley. 1st JANUARY 2015 George receives a message at his room. In message => today we will meet at ‘Sydney Harbour’, complete your deal. Give me Kohinoor and take your amount. 06:45 PM George and Evans are ready to leave the hotel and reach to harbour. 07:00PM They are at Sydney Harbour. Evans holds the suitcase. A man come near them, give a letter. In letter=> enter in ‘VASILIOUS CRUISE’ Both are excited. They enter in vasilious. Just they enter, a voice comes. Voice=> Place the Kohinoor at Red heart and taste the heaven of Kohinoor. Both confused but amazed because to see the royalty of cruise. It’s like the ‘ Red Beauty Queen’ with ‘white pearls’ Now, they have to find the ‘Red Heart’ and suddenly Evans shouting. I find it… I find it… “There is a pool with water under which a red light comes from its centre. George moves towards it and see that there is a ‘chase of heart’ by which this red light comes. (George confuse) suddenly, same voice comes… Voice=> you has to put a “living heart’ at this chase then give Kohinoor to this heart & enjoy your heaven. Both Evans and George now purely confused (with anger) (George shouting)- hey! Man who are you? We come here for Kohinoor deal, not to play any game. just come here and complete this. George phone rings… Man: you received a ‘Yellow suitcase’ that Evans gave you. A card in this, check it. You will find me. (Line end) At once George takes out his wallet and see the card. “””SHOCKED””’ (Confusing) (Trembling) George: It’s not possible!! Evans: what? What happening? This is my card I…I gave this, to that girl in 1998 at…. Ya at the same place- winery, Huntery Valley. Now I’m again at Huntery Valley. Evans: what you mean? George: I mean that, Girl told me her name, “RAJAG”. She comes again. Evans: but, Rajag is a man. How is this possible? I’m confusing… Voice comes… Voice=> just put the ‘Living Heart’ at the chase and complete “Red Heart”. Evans: it means he is Rajag, who plan this web for us. George: see at chase there are 2 knife is placed. Evans: now, what we have to do? George: Nothing, he want a living heart. OK! Then I will give him. Kick Evans and jump in pool to take the knife. (Evans shouting) I never believe to you George. Evans also jumps in pool for 2nd knife. George holds it first, Evans at path. Suddenly George swim near Evans and knob the knife at his shoulder (still knife in hand) and move up towards surface. Evans in bad condition, but anyhow he take knife and swim outside. George stands at ground and Evans crawling (gasp) and grunting heavily, Stand anyhow. Evans: I can’t believe this George that you ready to kill me, only for money. George: oh! Evans, I was kill Jensie for money than who are you? Evans: what? For money, not for Rahnvi. George: yaa.. Even I marry her only due to her property. Suddenly attack to his leg a hard cut at Evans knee. (Evans grunting). OK! Let’s play.(shouting Evans) and start attacking. George move backside, Evans attacking continuously and moves forward. George cut at hand, at stomach, at once Evans knob the knife at his left leg above knee. Now George heavily injured. His black jeans with, white shirt is fully red with blood. bleed with 2nd lip. Move backward, his left leg crawled. Evans is ready to attack again. George: (grunting) Wait! Wait!.. Just wait Evans. Why we fight like this? Let’s move from here, please… (George confessing Evans) Geroge: we are friends, and friends never fight. (George throw his knife) Evans relaxes and moves towards him, hold George’s hand, try to handle him. Evans: listen, I told you a truth. George pulls out the knife from his leg. Evans: papers that u signed for deal are… Forcedly knob the knife at Evans heart…(Evans shouting with pain) Knob again… Again… 4th time… them crush knife inside…(Evans fall at surface) “””DEATH””” Hand fill with blood than, tear his chest with knife. And finally, he find a “LIVING HEART” Run towards pool… dive… (Over excited) put heart at the chase. Suddenly a question arises in his mind “where is Kohinoor?” He swims to surface, come out from pool Evans body besides him. Take the suitcase, open it…(relax). Kohinoor is here...with the deal signed papers. (That George sign, when Evans told him about this deal.) He doesn’t saw papers clearly. Take papers in left hand and Kohinoor is right. (Shouting) Hey! Rajaggggg…. I know you are here, come on. I know this is your trap (No reply) (Seeing Kohinoor) Voice comes Voices=> Just see your signed papers. Move left hand up, read it.(after reading) Throw the papers in air. Hey! What you think you are winner. (Shouting) just tell me what you want from me? This is not a deal? (confusing) George: Evans give me these papers and said to sign. Why he do this? (Questioning many times)(Confusing) *Actually these are not the papers of Kohinoor deal; these are papers of ‘George’s Whole Property]. Voice=> if you do everything for money than how you forget that he is your friend after all. I give him money, and he did everything. George: no! Impossible, He was my friend, even he tell me the truth that you give him 500cr. to kill me. Voice=> because he was knew that it’s his own money, so he tell you truth. ( George thinking )( in anger ) George: then, how you get that card? Suddenly in front of him, a door opens. A huge brightness, huge light besides door, and a shadow come, a girl. Girl: because you gave me this for my help, Mr. George. George smiles… and says- let’s end this. but now smile convert in Confusion. Red boot, with black jeans, and white long t-shirt –“Rahnvi Khanna” George: are you joking…my…(stop) Rahnvi: ssssshhhhhhh….. This celebrating day is come again, after 16 years; now don’t say anything let me celebrate it. she stand about 10 meter apart him. Suddenly, a long sword stabs in his back & tear his stomach. Kohinoor still in his hand, in right hand. (George shouting) and turn back to see the man, but no one. (Fall at knees) George: who do this? (Grunting heavily) Rahnvi: Rajag. George: where is he? Rahnvi: in front of you. Geroge: you? Nooo…(Rahnvi smiling) and suddenly her eyes blackening, her eyes balls becomes black. High air flews, lights blast, black atmosphere. Rahnvi move up….up in air (sigh) (feel the air). Open her hands, Join legs, her long hairs flews around. Says in male voice: now I’m RAJAG. (same that come before it) Geroge can’t understand anything. George: (shouting) who are you? “WE ARE VIRAJ” (in double voice, 2 sounds) ? RAHNVI? RAJAG = VIRAJ (Shouting loudly) (George at ground, at knees) Don’t able to speak anything. Viraj: (in-bivoice) You do everything that we want… ? You kill Jensie, only for me. ? You kill your own son, Charles. ? You kill your best friend, Evans. I don’t did anything, you done everything. (Annoying George) George: (grunting) why Charles call him viraj? Rahnvi becomes normal and come down at ground, Rajag voice comes. Rajag:because that time, I’m with Charles, I’m in Charles. I know that you kill Charles after seeing him like this, and I want the same. Rahnvi: you never beat me. What you think, how your car blast? Are you remember that old lady (car washer) yaa… I’m…. and yaa! That hammer thrower at your bathroom, he was Charles with Rajag. George: OK! (Grunting with pain) tell… tell me… why? Why you do this? And who are you? you both? And why are you stole the Kohinoor? Why you give this to me? Rahnvi: wait! George wait! (laugh). Are you talking about this? (Showing the Kohinoor, in her left hand). George shocked! Because he hold the Kohinoor in his hand, and now it is missing. When Rahnvi do this? George: how you got this? Rahnvi move up the Kohinoor and touch the tip of Kohinoor with her right hand finger, and close her eyes. Suddenly Kohinoor blast in hand. (Open eyes, Black again) George: (shouting) heeeyyy! What you do this? You destroy the Kohinoor. (Viraj laugh, bi-voice) Move forward , 1 meter far from George. George at knees. Viraj: didn’t understand? This is not a real Kohinoor. George: so, where is it? Viraj: (smiles) at “your home, in the same box in your bedroom.” George can’t speak a word. (Grunting heavily) & finally ask… George: please tell me why you do this? And who you are? (Viraj in anger) Viraj: we are viraj (shouting). Rahnvi’s body, Rajag’s soul, both combine and form “viraj”. Viraj is not a human ,not a soul. Viraj is………(shouting loudly) “The Soul Girl”. The soul of Rajag. George can’t understand (sign), viraj continue… racall that day, the day of celebration.. 1998. You talk with me (small girl) I said you that I’ve a brother. He is at a safe place. (Shouting). This safe place is “heaven”- Rajag (Gnash in anger), my big brother. I told you my name- Rajag it’s not my name…my brother’s name. (George shocked) want to questioning the reason. But can’t speak a word due to pain. (Grunting). Suddenly viraj put her hand at his George’s head and press… forcedly press… (George screaming loudly with pain.) Screaming continuously. Fumes from head, and Viraj move out her hand. Viraj: (smiling) nice pain… yaaa…(annoying) in the same way you placed your hand at my head ( in 1998.) George falls at surface. Viraj: recall that time George, when I said you that my parents was lost, someone kidnap them. No- one kidnap them…you kill them in 1997, very ruthlessly. Remember the day before New Year; at your farmhouse you destroy a family, my family, and my parents. You kill Rajag in front of my parents. You tear his chest; take out his heart (tears in eyes) in front my parents. They were shouting, request from you to forgive Rajag but you didn’t hear them and then you kill them too. Deduct their body parts.(gnash) You cross every limit of animalism. Do you know how I know this all ‘Rajag told me everything, when he was sit beside me at bench (at New Year). [Actually, George and Rajag was become best friends that time. George offered Rajag to start a new business in partnership. Business of children life, he wants to sell children internal body parts in market. But Rajag refuse his plan and said him to abort this idea, otherwise he tell this all to police. But George wants to start this business anyhow. To hear this Rajag move towards police headquarter. Then, George kidnap him. Call his parents and said that ‘they both got an accident come here and save them’. Just his parents came he catch them in box, kill rajag in front of them and finally kill his parents also.] No-one with me that time, but god with me. God give me Rajag, as a hope. I was saw rajag’s soul. When you sit beside me at bench (in 1998) there were 3 people sit at that bench- Me, you, and Rajag. Then he said me that time to tell you my name Rajag. That day I decide to destroy you, destroy your family. Now this is end. This is time to give relief to Rajag, and complete my revenge. Suddenly move hand towards George, in air turn her hand. Rahnvi: (in anger, shouting) you don’t know the power of a sister and brother. The sword that stabs in George’s stomach starts to melt. (George shouting, crying with pain). She turns her fingers and his whole body start to melt…. Melt… his hand start trickle, head melts. (Shouting) legs wholly drip, and suddenly blast. George destroyed. Viraj becomes normal, become Rahnvi. And a bright white shadow in front of her. (Rajag’s shadow) Rajag: thanks Rahnvi you complete your work. You kill your enemy. I’ll always your brother. I’ll always with you. (Rahnvi crying, tear in eyes, sad moment.) You show the power of a sister, the relation between a brother and a sister. Mom and dad make proud of you. Live your life. Now let’s me go. Rahnvi weeping…No… nooo..., please stay (crying). And the shadow become disappears. Rahnvi move out from cruise, and stand in front of cruise. Press a button and whole cruise blast. Rahnvi still stand there. After 5 minutes, she moves out from port. After 1 week 8th JANUARY 2015 New York City. ARES scientific lab. There is a robbery at ARES lab. Someone steal a formula, a formula of a chemical. He is in a black truck at big street. Police want to catch him, but he escape. Now truck stops man comes out, holding the formula. Move in an alone place read it, and start laugh. Yaa. I got this (laugh in joy). Now I’m the biggest… And suddenly a voice comes. Voice=> no you are wrong you can’t use this formula until I’m alive.(a girl says) Man: hey!! (Shouting) who are you? Heavy air flews, man see backside…shocked. In air, a girl says- “VIRAJ”… “REAL VIRAJ”!! TO BE CONTINUED…

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