It All Started At Gettysburg

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A timeline of events that happened starting with a visit to Gettysburg.

Submitted: October 07, 2018

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



Maybe you believe, maybe you don't, either way these are the events that have occurred ever since a visit to Gettysburg. It wasn't just a normal visit though. My aunt brought along an Ouija board. I was only around five or six years old at that time so I didn't know what it was. I don't remember much from that trip. The only memory I have is an old picture I found while digging through a box of photos. In this photo was my grandpa, grandma, aunt, and me. But if you look closer you can see ghostly figures in the background. Being the young and stupid kid that I was I decided to take this photo and put it on the Ouija board with my uncle in the room. That was when it all started.

Ever since I could remember I have always felt a presence with me. My mom would always joke about the ghost that follows me, but sometimes I don't think she was joking. From stories that have been told to me by my family I used to talk to someone in the room and when they asked who I was talking to I would say "the solider man". Looking back now I remember just standing there frozen looking at someone who wasn't there. "The solider man" hung around for some time until I got older. He was gone. Or was he?

My uncle, who was in the room with me when I messed around with the Ouija board started to get sick. No one really knew what was going on with him but he would always talk about the voices talking to him and telling him to harm himself. I was really close with him and we would always go down to this fishing spot near Gore Orphanage. One day while we were down there we found this kid wandering around. He looked dirty and like he hasn't ate in days. We gave him some food we packed and asked him where his dad was. He would never respond. Once we knew he was lost or ran away my uncle asked him if he wanted to go to the police station. He shook his head yes. We all got in the car and headed up to the local station. When we got there we all went inside and explained that we found him down by the old Gore Orphanage. There were a few officers in there and they all looked at us stunned. "Where is he?" one of the officers asked. They took my uncle in for questioning and called my mom to pick me up. There was never anyone with us.

A few years later I saw that same kid again standing outside our house. I heard a soft voice telling me to come out and play. When I got out there the only thing he said was sorry. At that moment I felt my stomach drop and I froze. The last thing I remember was hearing a loud bang coming from inside the house. I didn't want to go in there. I knew what had happened. I sat outside in the yard crying until my grandpa got home. He asked me what was wrong and I didn't move. A few moments later there were cops and ambulance at the house. My uncle had shot himself in the head in my grandparents room.

We lived in that house for a few more years before moving. I was always drawn my grandparents room. Sometimes I would just stand there for hours. Sometimes I would hear things moving around up there. During the last few weeks before we moved I felt something call to me to go up there. When I went up there I lost control of my body. There was a closet with a crawl space in the attic that has been boarded up ever since we lived there. Somehow I found myself in the attic holding a box. I took it down to my grandpa and asked what it was. His face turned pale like he seen a ghost. Asking where I found it all I could say was I was lead to it. He opened it up and it was pictures and medals and other things of my uncles when he served time in the Army. I knew then that he was still with me.

Years have passed and I forgot all about anything that has happened before. I am a teenager now. My mom met this guy and we lived in a house together with my brother and step brother. There was only two times while in the house that I had visits. One was during a dream. I had a dream that two guys pulled up when I was home alone at night and broke in the house and shot me in the chest as soon as I opened the door. The dream felt so real that I woke up in a panic. Two nights later I felt really strange. I couldn't stop looking out the window. I seen them. I saw that same car that was in my dream drive by. I thought nothing of it until I seen them drive back by again going slow. They pulled in our driveway and I felt sick. My mom and stepdad were home and I told them that we are in trouble. My step dad grabbed his shotgun while my mom called the police. He went out there pointing it at the car telling them they better turn around or get shot. The police came to our door once they left and told us they found them down the road with loaded guns in their car. I knew he was back. The other event that happened to me was one I will never forget. It was late, around 230am, and I heard my mom calling my name from the bathroom. I woke up but couldn't move. I glanced over the side of my bed and seen this face looking at me. Something of the likes that I have never seen before. I tired to yell but I couldn't move an inch. That is when I saw him. Coming from the bathroom I saw the figure of my uncle walking toward me. He came in my room and went right to that face I saw. After a bright flash of light I could move. I jumped up and went to the bathroom where my mom was and she asked if I was holding the door shut. I acted like I didn't know what she was talking about and she said she saw a shadow under the door holding it closed. To this day I still don't know if that was a demon or not.

Moving forward to my late teen years about to be out of high school. We moved in with my aunt and her family in this huge house they bought. They bought it from a group of people who openly admitted they practiced witchcraft and other satanic stuff in the house. That is when things really picked up.

Every time I would bring a girl over the stay with me they would wake up the next day saying they felt weird like someone was watching them sleep or they heard someone talking to them. We all joked that it was my uncle and he follows me. But we all knew it wasn't a joke. Sometimes lights would turn off and on, the tv would change channels, you would hear someone coming down the stairs when there wasn't. We all laughed and joked about it and we would all say hi to my uncle. I knew it was harmless and I wasn't afraid. I never actually saw him again since that night he fought the demon as I like to say. He was still strong and had a lot of energy to spend. One night my aunt came in to my room and asked me if I heard that noise. I didn't hear anything but we went in the upstairs family room and the TV was sitting on the floor unplugged. I put it back and went to sleep. When I woke up that morning I went in that room and the TV was sitting across the room on the couch. I asked my anyone if they moved the TV and they all said they thought I put it there after it fell.

I always knew I was being watched over but as the years went by and I got older the paranormal activity died down. I'm not sure if spirits have so much energy they can use before they can manifest anymore or what. The last time I felt anything must of took all the energy he had left. I got really depressed over a few months and kept having thoughts of killing myself. I attempted twice. One time I overdosed and I'm not sure how but I woke up in the hospital. They said I drank too much liquor, which I did, but they found no trace of any pills that I took. I was confused because I knew I took them. The last time I tried was when I knew he would use the last strength he had left to protect me. I took my moms gun and loaded it. It was a revolver so I could see each bullet load. I shot one shot in the ground, let the spinner move to the next bullet, put it to my head and fired. It didn't fire. I got mad and pointed it at the ground and fired all the bullets left into the ground. My mom came home from work right after the last bullet hit and asked what I was doing. The only thing I could say was I was bored. I never told anyone about that day but I knew what had happen. Its been years since that day and I haven't felt anything or seen anything ever since. I never had the urge to do that again. I knew he was watching over me and gave all his power he had left to save me from the same fate. 

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