Angel In The Tree

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Not far from his home, Terrell and his family were in a discussion over an angel.

Submitted: October 07, 2018

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



Terrell wasn't far from his home. He was driving his car with his wife beside him, and the two girls, 8 and 6 years old were in the back seat They had a good week's holiday. Everyone was happy. About 250 meters from their house, the youngest girl said, ''I see an angel up in the tree.''
The older girl said, ''Where? Show it to me!''
The mum said, ''What's it doing, love?''
Terrell said, ''She's into her fancy world again. There is no angel up in any tree here.''.
''Yes, dad, he's up there. He's wearing a white suit, something like a uniforn.'' The youngest girl replied.
''Has he got wings?'' The mother asked.
''No, he hasn't'' the girl answered.
The father said, ''See, I told you, she's off again, dreaming.''
''Dad, he's up there in the tree, and he has no wings.''
''How could he fly if he has no wings?'' The mother asked
''They just do,'' the youngest girl said.
The oldest girl said, ''Surely, he'll fall down to the ground if he tries to fly without wings.''
The youngest girl said, ''This one doesn't, he's very clever.''

A few minutes later Terrell turned into his drive, the family got out and went to the house. Inside, and busy unpacking, the doorbell rang. Terrell went and opened the door. A man stood there in a white suit. ''I'm the guardian  angel for this house,'' he told Terrell.

The End.

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