Snow White

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Her skin was white as snow, her hair was black as night and her lips as red as blood...
The story of Snow White as you have never seen before.

Submitted: October 07, 2018

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



The Stepmother, who was Queen, sat on her throne and addressed the woodsman kneeling before her.

“Take Snow White into the forest, kill her and bring me her heart, to show that the deed has been done.”

The woodsman nodded, took the offered purse of gold and slipped away.

However, when it came to it,the woodsman was bewitched by Snow Whites beauty and could not accomplish the task. He allowed her to escape and instead killed a deer and took the heart back to the Queen. The Queen, never one to waste protein, had it cooked and stuffed and ate it for dinner, accompanied with a deep, dark red wine.


The Huntsman died soon after in a suspicious accident, although no one could be found who was near the Huntsman at the time.


The Prince, who was riding through the forest, intent on the hunt, later found Snow White, encased in a glass coffin, guarded by a solitary sentinel of a diminutive man. The sentinel was asleep, and so did not challenge the Prince as he swept up to the coffin, raised the lid, and, enchanted by Snow Whites lovely visage, kissed her on the lips.

She stirred and then awoke. She embraced the Prince. He placed her on his horse and returned to his kingdom. They were married soon after. The Queen was invited, but declined to come, although she sent several fine presents, the most unusual of these was an intricately carved knife made solely out of white oak.


The married couple lived happily for a time in the Princes palace in the middle of the City. The Prince, who was next in line to the Throne, spent much of his time involved in affairs of State. He worked long hours but always returned to his bride in the evenings. His bride had much time to occupy herself.

The Prince perceived Snow White to be a gentle soul and so was concerned when he returned one evening to find her crying on the floor. Placing a hand on her shoulder, he saw she was crying over a dead bird. Being a keen hunter, he was able to discern the the little creatures neck had been broken.

“Do not worry my Love, it must have flown into the window. I will take it outside and bury it.”

Snow White smiled wanly and thanked him.

He took the tiny creature and made his way through the palace. He decided to go through the kitchens to the herb garden and ask the gardener to find a grave for the bird.

The kitchen was full of bustle and several cats.

“I don't know” Said one of the Cooks, “the cats are so hungry lately, you'd think there were no rats for them to eat.” Another Cook nodded and shooed a cat off of the table.

He found the Gardener doing something with some plants, and explained the situation. The Gardener, experienced with the expectations of noble ladies, nodded and took the small bundle and mentioned that this sort of thing was not uncommon and that there was a special part of the garden allocated to burying pets.

The Prince thanked him and returned to his gentle bride, who had begun to brush her black, black hair. Several people commented that there were fewer song birds in the trees that spring.


The summer was hot and many of the Ladies of court took to walking in the Gardens, however Snow White remained in the shade to protect her white, white skin.

The Prince was busy but did make time for hunting and would often take his kills to the kitchen to be cooked and feasted upon. In the heat, the doors were always left open although none of the castles cats could ever be found.


Autumn turned the leaves brown and the Gardener worked to keep the courtyard clear of debris. Many of the castles dogs were taken ill and passed away, although no one could say why. The Autumn light made Snow Whites' lips look redder than ever.


In winter the castle was subdued as several of the children were taken ill by fever, although no physician could say what it was or recommend a cure.


Spring crept quietly round and the Prince found his affairs of state took him close to his Mother in Laws' kingdom. He decided to pay his respects.

The Queen greeted him cordially and invited him to dine with her in her private rooms. A table was set laden with exquisite cutlery and fine glass. The room was panelled with finely carved white oak and hung with paintings of past rulers.

The Queen looked resplendent in a gown of crushed blue velvet.

The first course was cheese tarts sprinkled with nuts accompanied with a passable wine.

The talk was pleasantries.

The second course was meat so rare it was still bloody served with vegetables harvested from the gardens.

The conversation moved on to more serious issues.

“The mood in my kingdom has been so sombre of late. I am at a loss as to why.” Said the Prince.

The Queen pushed away her plate and sighed. “Tell me, you have missing animals in your castle? Children becoming ill for no reason?”

“Yes, we have that” Replied the Prince.

“I thought that it would come to this. It would have started small, with birds and mice. But it would have gotten bigger. ”

Again the Queen sighed. “I am not without magic, no women who has had three husbands is. It started innocently enough, I loved the King and was desperate to bond with his daughter. She was always fussing over her appearance so I taught her a few tricks. Simple things, 'take this flower to infuse my beauty'.” She plucked a rose from a nearby display and held it in her hand. Within a few seconds it had crumbled into dust. Her cheeks, in turn, had become more pink and the lines around her eyes had eased.

“As with all things, though, it is possible to take to extremes. The most potent and most forbidden of this magic, is to take the blood of another creature to use for your own ends. Though it is powerful, it takes a heavy price. It is addictive and none who has started has ever stopped.”

The Queen brushed the remains of the flower from her fingers.

“It is how it started here. By the time I realised what had happened the King had passed and Snow White was too powerful for me to stop. She is able to bewitch people to do her bidding. I was able to stall her with a poison apple but she gains her strength from the forest. Now she lives in a city, she will need to take ever more blood to keep her strength.”

“Is there a way to stop her?” The Prince asked, forlornly.

“As with everything, that from which we gain strength holds the secret of our downfall. She can be killed by a splinter of white oak to her heart.”

Dessert was a sweet sorbet but in the Princes mouth it tasted bitter, bitter.


The Prince returned to his kingdom. He knew what he had to do. He could lift the curse on his kingdom, but the price was a weight on his heart. The Stepmother had given him the tools necessary to do what the Huntsman had failed to do.


The steps to his chambers seemed ever long and his legs heavy. He opened the door silently and caught his unsuspecting bride barefoot, twirling in front of the mirror.

“Mirror, mirror” She giggled, “who is the fairest of them all?” All the windows were open and dead leaves skittered around the floor. Slumped on the floor in the corner, was the chambermaid, eyes staring into nothingness and a trickle of blood oozing from her neck.

“My bride” Said the Prince.

“My husband” Said Snow White. Skipping over the floor to embrace him. A smudge of red still at the edge of her mouth.

“You have been talking to my Stepmother.”

“Yes” Said the Prince, his hand closing on the white oak knife on the dresser.

“But do you not agree that I am the fairest of them all?”

“Beauty is not everything” Said the Prince, plunging the wooden knife into her heart.


The Stepmother was in her castle, watching through her crystal ball. “I will be blamed for this, no doubt.”


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